Chapter 6

The smile on her face drop to be replace by a grimace. A caught in a headlight expression came over Natalieís face. Not far off, John leans on his desk, looking at her with mask emotion. Straightening her posture and keeping the hurt inside, she give them both a polite smile.

"Sorry to interrupt" and with that she turn and walk right back out. She ignore her name that he call out. Tears sting her eyes, but she blinks them away. Here she is all happy to see him out of her hectic schedule and heís with another woman. Walking blindly, she didnít notice when she bump into Nora.

"WhoaÖhey what wrong" concern in her voice when she see the wetness in her eyes. Nora grabs hold of Vangieís arm as she try to keep walking.


"The same thing that always wrong" her tone unkind and short.

"ahhh Natalie"

"Yeah" with a tug, Nora release her arm and she left the station.


(A few min. before Vangie knocks on his door)

John sits in his office, reviewing a case where an ex-girlfriend kills the manís wife because of jealously. It was pretty much an open-end case. They had the entire evidence stack against her and now itís up to the prosecutor to use it wisely.

He hear a knock on his close door before itís open. Glancing up he sees Natalie.

"Can I come in?" Natalie ask, waiting by the door.

"Sure" walking in his office, she close the door behind her. Sitting down on the seat across his des, she folds her hand on her lap. She drink in his face like a woman starve, a look of adoration and lust in her eyes. Looking around his office she could see difference in the paint. "I like the new color," she says sincerely, trying to keep her face neutral.

"Thanks" still flipping through paper and giving his watch a quick glance. When she hadnít said anything he glance at her. "Whatís up?"

"I um want to say thanks for always being there for me. I know Iím not easy and um kind of difficult to be around but thank you all the same" her voice nervous, she bite her bottom lip and look down.

"No problem Natalie. Like I said I just want to help." She raise her head with his soft words.

"Is that all you want to do?" she ask, her voice husky.

"Iím not sure I know what you mean by that." His emotion close off from her curious glance.

"I think you do know what I mean John. Why do you have to keep hiding what I know you feel for me?"

A knock come on the door. Saving John from answering the question. John raise up to go get it when the person knock again. "John its me Evangeline" he stop by his desk looking at the door, and glancing at Natalie. Not good.

Realizing that John wasnít going to go get it, she raise up to get the door. She caught the non-to happy look that cross her features when Evangeline saw her in John office. "Iím sorry to interrupt"

"Evangeline wait" John start going for the door but Natalie block his path. Exasperate he look at her "what are you doing?"

Licking her lips she look at john "she seem really angry John maybe you should give her the time to cool off"

"The hell I should" when she still didnít budge " move Natalie" she step aside. Running through the hall, he comes across Nora with a worried look.

"Did you see Eva go through here?"

"What is it to you?"

"Nora." an angry look coming on his face.

Giving in with some reluctance she say quietly "yeah I didÖI think she was heading to her car so you better run if you want to beat her to it."

Running in the middle of her sentence, he reach the garage. There is no sight of her. Going through each car, he sees her Mercedes but not itís owner. Scratching his head, he tires to think of where she might have gone.

The lake is near here maybe she went there. Going to the park, a figure sits on a bench throwing something into the lake. Walking closer he see it is she. Crunching leaves and twigs under his shoes so he wonít catch her by surprise.

"Go away John" she says while still facing the lake and throwing seeds.

"I canít" he sit down next to her. She scoots further along the bench.

"Why canít you?"

"Because youíre here" he expect her to say something but she did the exact opposite. "What you walk in on was nothing," answering the question before she could ask.

Throwing her hand in the air she face him "its always nothing John. I see you with Natalie all the time and all the time you tell me its nothing."

"Because it is," he declare firmly wanting her to believe that.

"No, John it isnít. It canít always be nothingÖwhat about the connection you two have?" she re-face the lake, and take deep calmly breath.

"I wish you would tell me what "connection" we supposedly have because I donít see it... not now" he says tiredly, glancing at his watch.

"Not now?" anger quickly rising "than when John? when youíre done eating the cake and the icing?"

He grab her face between his hands and kiss her. She resist at first, but when his lips softly rubs against her own, she open without thinking.

Pulling away from her, he stare into her eyes "I donít want Natalie. If I wanted her I wouldnít be here with you"

"If youíre sure?" still giving him an out.

"I am."

"Okay" this time itís her lips that sought his, her lips that hungrily devour his. "John" she moans on a breathy whisper. Itís been so long. 2 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours since they last made love.

John pull away first, rummaging his hand through her silky tresses. Looking into her arouse brown eyes he couldnít stop himself from getting another taste. He loses himself in those satin lips, his tongue touching every nook and cranny of her moist mouth.

Murmuring against her lips "Angel? We are in the park" still she kiss him. Over and over again, always coming back for more. Clouds of heat impede her brain from any reasonable thinking.

With a groan, he push her away. Placing his arm around her shoulders, fingers playing with her hair.

"Have I told you about what we are going to do this weekend?" trying to distract her.

"No" daze she look out at lake.

"I book us a hotel to-"

"A hotel? Why would you do that John?" laying her head in the crook of his neck.

" If I didnít that would mean that we would stay with my mom and I have an idea that I wouldnít be getting any."

"Youíre right you wouldnít." laughing softly. Placing her hand in his jacket, she plays with his buttons.

"I book the hotel for the entire weekend. Weíll spend some time with my folk and Iíll show you around Atlanta."

"Soundís like a plan."


"A little"

"Donít be my mother will love you just like IÖ" he coughs behind his hand "just like everyone else"

Giving him a look she remain quite. "I have a business trip four days after we come back"

"So soon?" looking around the park "I donít suppose Iíll be able to come?" A boyish grin on his face.

Smiling "no, but I wish you could" leaning over she kiss him softly. He cut the kiss short before it became something more in a public park.

"It wonít be too long, I hope. I just have to do the preliminary hearing and I donít think itíll go to trial so it shouldnít be long.

"OK, just as long I wonít be apart from you more than three weeks." She nods in agreement.

"Címon let me walk you back to youíre car." He laces their fingers together as they exit.


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