Dream by PlayaPlayaKathy

Chapter 5

With a foot, she nudge his coat away from his face. A hand grips her foot. Hard.

A fear she read about in book grip her. Chilling her body with thoughts of her death. Trying to thrash her foot about did nothing. It cause him to grasp the other one.

"Don’t kick Evangeline" this time she stop. She did know the voice.

Crouching down until she could see his face clearly "Kevin?" Moaning in pain he nod his head to indicate that it was he. Disbelief clearly evident on her face when she realize whom it is. What was Kevin Buchanan doing on her property?

"A little help here? Please?"

"Oh yes of course" helping him stand up, she throw a hand around his shoulders to help him walk. "uhg" a grunt comes out, he’s heavier than he looks. With slow measure steps she help him in her house and onto a couch.

Going in the kitchen she took a sandwich plastic bag and place ice in it. Marching back to her living room she hand Kevin the ice. Who place it on his stomach tenderly.

"Kevin I’m so sorry. I had no idea that was you…"

"No apologies it was my fault. I shouldn’t have been sneaking in the dark." Seeing how he wasn’t placing the ice nearly hard enough on his stomach, she went and did it for him.

"Ow" he groan.

"Sneaking?" an eyebrow raise. Once again raising question to what he was doing here.

"I don’t mean sneaking sneaking. I mean that I should have alert you that I was there"

"You should have, if you had you would be spared a world of hurt right now"

"Yes well remind me never to get on you’re bad side" he wince when she press the ice stronger into side. "If I would have known that this is what I had to do to get you to talk to me, I would have done it a long time ago" he was looking at her in way that made her feel uncomfortable.

She notice how close she is to him, how intimate it seem. Her body presses into his side, his thigh resting against hip. Her hand pressing the ice while the other supports her weight on either side of him. Stepping back from him she let go of the ‘ice pack’ so he could press the ice himself.

Walking to the middle of the room she place her hands on her hips "Kevin I don’t know what game you’re playing at but it stops now."

He raises his eyebrow in defiance "what games? The only one playing games is you’re boyfriend and my sister"

This got her attention, her eyes narrows at him more "what are you talking about?"

"Oh you know what I’m talking about Evangeline" he is trying to play with her head, she is sure of it. Glaring at him she said nothing, refusing to take the bait no matter how much she wants to.

"Let me get some water for you… your ego needs cooling down" turning she walk into the kitchen. Getting a cool cup of water, she wait to recompose her self and then head out. Giving him the drink, she sit far away from him.

"Don’t be mad at me," he says seeing how she was glaring at him in her polite way. "I was just making an observation…who knows I could be wrong" throwing the ‘ice pack’ on the table next to the couch, he walk over to her, holding his side. Turning her head so their eyes could meet.

Kevin was awestruck by how beautiful she was. He didn’t know what it is but something about her drew him in. It could be those lips, legs, ass, everything about her made him want to know her inside and out.

Unfortunately money and power couldn’t buy Evangeline. He already knew what he need to do. She has to dismiss Mcbain on her own, she has to be the one to see he is no good for her. He just need to give her reasonable doubt of Mcbain action and then she is his.

"I’m not playing any game, you know I want you. I’ve told you but has Mcbain told you in words beside lust. He doesn’t deserve you, I could give you so much more." He tilt her chin upward, bringer his lips down for a sweet kiss. Her knee jab into his already bruise side.

He fall to the ground. "Leave me alone Kevin. I am with John and I will not leave him for you. Now get out"

Getting up off the floor, he held his side even more "I’ll forgive you Evangeline because you know not what you do" and with that he walk out her house.

Leaning back on the chair "what a night"


Two week pass since her meeting with Kevin and the weekend away with John were fast approaching. Evangeline and John haven’t been able to spend that much time together. When they did see each it was unexpected.

John might be at Rodi playing a game of pool with Natalie and Evangeline walks in with Nora or by herself. When John catches a glimpse of her he would leave Natalie and go hang out with her. If it weren’t for those chance encounters she wouldn’t have seen John nearly as much.

Unlike her problem with John, Evangeline saw Kevin practically everywhere. It was like he was stalking her, which reminded her of R.J. He would walk up to her (once he saw she wasn’t with John) and invade her personal space. No matter how much she back away, he always seem to get even closer and touching her in way he should not. It made her feel uncomfortable at his blatant advances.

She told none about Kevin’s ‘feelings’ for her. She wasn’t sure if she believe it herself. One thing she is sure of is John will not find out. She didn’t want to start a problem over nothing and Kevin was nothing she couldn’t handle. If ever John did find out, what she did to Kevin will seem like a baby scratch.

On her way to the police station to get a file she decide to go see John. She miss him. She miss seeing him face to face and having the freedom to reach out and touch him whenever she wanted to.

She is looking forward to the weekend. She would have John all to her self. No Kevin, no work and positively no Natalie. Smiling in happiness a glow just surrounds her. She could have dance in glee but she restrain herself.

Stopping to talk to Nora on the way to John’s office. Somehow Nora had rope her in watching Matthew while she and Bo discuss something of ‘grave importance’. Good thing for her Matthew is a well behave kid. She enjoy watching Matthew; he was a well manner, thoughtful child. When Nora came back she walk toward John’s office.

She wouldn’t mind having kids one day. When she is married and her career well off, she would take time off and have kids. She would stay at home until they were old enough for pre-school. She could picture her kids clearly. Too clearly. They would be a butterscotch color with her eyes, and nose, and John’s mouth and… did I just say John? she pause.

Going into the bathroom she splash her face with water. Staring at her reflection that mirrors the disbelief in her eyes. Did she really want to have John’s kids? No, she is probably thinking of having John’s kids because she is in a relationship with him.

A deep sorrow went through her at the thought of someone else having Johns’ babies. Shaking her head at her silly thought, she took her lipstick out of her purse. Reapplying a fresh coat, she stare into her brown eyes. Putting on a fake smile she walk out the bathroom, leaving the thought of kids, and John in there.

Looking around she see John’s office door is close. That odd. His door is always open unless he was in there with someone or doing some busy work

Rapping lightly on his office door, she wait for him to give a clue she could open the door. Knocking again she say "John it’s me" she hears shuffling going on, than a door open. By Natalie Vega.

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