Part 2

John woke up to the sound of arguing. Getting up and putting on his boxer he peek outside his room to see Paul and Natalie going at it. Instantly worried he went back in the room to put on some jean. With his jean on, he glances at the bed and saw Evangeline was sleeping on his side. Grinning oddly at the sight of Evangeline seeking him out even when she slept. He walks out to see what was going on with Natalie.

"Damnit Paul" he heard before he came to stop the party.

"HeyÖHEY" he had to scream louder so they would stop. They both turned to stare at him "is there a problem here?" facing Paul.

"No no sir officer me and my girl just having a little conflict of interest?" Paul said easily. Too easy. He could smell the lie coming off this guy in waves. What Natalie saw in him was beyond him.

Turning to face Natalie he raise an eyebrow "is that right Natalie?"

She said nothing, just looking at the opposite wall. Paul jerks her arm forcing her to face look at him and John. "Right Natalie?" He said in a nauseating sweet voice.

"Yeah uh yeah everything fine here John" giving her unconvinced look he opens his mouth to say something. When she cut him off with her outburst "IíM FINE, gosh just leave me ALONE" with that she turn and walk into her room, with Paul hot on her heels.

Shaking his head, he stood there. He knew something was wrong, he could feel it. She was hiding something that he knew for sure. What he didnít know was what but something tells him he was going to find out whether he wants to or not. Giving a sigh he walk back to his room.

Taking off his jean he look towards the bed to see if Van was still asleep. She was. Smiling he went to go sit next to her. A strand of hair was lying in the middle of her face. Taking the strand of hair out of her face and placing it back. She leans further into his touch.

She was so beautiful he thought. He caresses her cheek, moving further to trace her full bottom lip. Her skin is so softÖ so beautiful. His gaze etches her features into his mind forever. Her smooth flawless mocha skin tone, her perfect shape mouth and nose. Everything about her was perfect. He never felt this way about anybody. Not even Caitlin.

That scares him about her the fact that he felt so much about her. With Caitlin it had taken time, it started off slow and ended so abruptly. Everything with Evangeline was the exact opposite, it happened so fast he didnít know what hit him. These feeling he has for her are so strong, it had taken month for him to get these feeling for Cat but with Eva he couldnít help it.

Sometimes he didnít know what he wants to do where she was concern. If he wants to hug and protect her forever or take her to bed and never let her go. Luckily for him, they were pretty much the same and he got to do both at the same time. Beaming smugly he look down again. His grin fell as he thought about Natalie. She wasnít his problem anymore he keeps telling himself.

Time slips away as he watches Eva sleep. She looks so peaceful as if she didnít have a care in the world. Too bad that wasnít true. Somehow he had recline in the bed with her head on his chest. One of her legs on top of his. Time stop as he held the woman he cares for. The sun had come up in an array of colors. It was time to get up and officially start the day.

He hates to but he had to wake her up. Glancing at the clock on the stand next to his bed. 6:37. What could Natalie and Paul be doing up at this hour? What were they fighting about really? So many question and he had no mean to answer them. Gently shaking her awake and saying her name she came too.

"Ohh gosh what time is it" she yearn below her hand. She lifts her body from on top of his. Pulling the sheet around her breast, she looks around still sleep induce.

Glancing at the clock again "it 6:41" getting up from the bed he pick up the clothes that litter on the floor from last night. "If we hurry up we can still have breakfast here and I can drive to your place and still be on time for work"

"Sound like a plan" getting up from the bed, she take the shirt he hands her. Walking to the bathroom to brush her tooth. She couldnít help but grin foolish at the sight of her purple toothbrush next to his black one. "Have you taken a shower yet?" she asks while brushing her teeth.

Poking his head in the bathroom "come again?"

Spitting and rinsing her mouth out " I ask have you taken a shower yet?"

"No, I was thinking we could take a shower together."

Putting her toothbrush next to his "were you now?" turning towards him.

"Yeah" coming all the way in the bathroom he garbs her hand twirling her into him.

Laughing at his playful behavior she asks, "now why would I do that?"

"To conserve water"

"You make a good point" tapping her finger against her temple " well Iím all for helping the environment" her hand already unfasten his jean.

"Now we can safely say, proudly at that, that we are all for conserving water." Unbuttoning his shirt from her body, he let it fall to the floor. Pushing her deeper in to the bathroom, he kiss her.


Coming out of the bathroom she look at the clock " oh no we are running late"

"How late?" coming out from her behind her, he went to the draw to pull out a boxer.

Also rummage through the draw she had in his place "we areÖ let see it 7:09 we are suppose to leave here at 7:15 I would say we are pretty late."

"Okay then that just mean we donít time for breakfast but if we hurry we can still make it to youíre place and be on time for work." Putting on a black strip pants he looks around for a shirt to go with it. Picking a black shirt form his collection of black shirt, he puts it on. Sitting down on the bed to put on his socks and shoes.

Evangeline already done stood in front of the mirror putting on her makeup. John couldnít believe how domestic this all seem. Him putting on his shoes and socks as Eva stood in front of the mirror putting on her makeup. He expects to be freak out by but instead he found the whole thing touching and a warm feeling went through him.

Putting on a black tie, he went to stand behind her "did I ever tell you how beautiful you look" his arms encircling her waist. Looking in the mirror at them, he saw that they match. Navy blue was definitely her color. The navy blue pants she had enhance her small waist and rounded hips. The cream color blouse with moderate V line shows just enough cleavage to make his mouth water.

Smiling her thanks she continue applying mascara. She notices how different their skin tones were, how blue his eyes were and how brown her were. This obvious difference is what made them being together so explosive.

At first when she realize she was going "steady" with a white guy that had been kind of weird but she could not deny the chemistry they have. Denying them because of race difference was stupid; he made her feel thingsÖwell he just made her feel period. Turning around she gives him a kiss, for just being him. Accepting him for what he is and who he is.

Breaking apart he gives a kiss to her neck. Staring at her for seconds more, he toys with the ends of her hair. Softly breathing in her fragrance, he steps aside to get their jacket.

"Okay we can leave now" taking a comb from the dresser she combs it through her wet hair. She didnít have time to blow dry it today. So she did the next best thing, putting her hair in a ponytail.

John was already at the door waiting for her. Making sure she forgot nothing she walk out the door.


Ordering his coffee, he wait for the cashier to hand it to him, his phone ring, not checking the caller ID he picks it up.


"I would hope so" hearing her voice, everything about him change. Even through he just left her he.

"Ahh always the joker" a grin coming on his face

"I was thinking maybe we could do lunch or something today." Taking money out of his wallet to pay for his drink.

"Yeah me too" paying for his drink and nodding thank you he heads out.

" Good. you owe me that much being how I didnít get breakfast which was part of the deal if you remember"

"What I DO remember is you saying and I quote "Iíve tasted your breakfast Johnny boy, not something I wish to repeat," what do you say about that?" he raises his eyebrow, waiting to see how she was getting out of this.

"Being my own attorney I would have to say I plead the fifth" unabash laughter came from her end loud and clear.

"Fifth huh?" chuckling he stops when he see his cousin heading toward him. "Smart move consular"

"Well I am the best" pride shining from her voice in waves.

"That you areÖlook I have to go Shannon-"

"Okay I have to go too, I have tons of paper workÖso Iíll see you later?"


Hanging up he place the phone in his pocket. "Is there anything I can do fro you Shannon?" he ask her when she was close enough.

"Is that how you treat me after you havenít seen me in weeks" hands on her hips.

Rolling his eyes "fine hi Shannon how are you?"

"Good thank you and you"

"Look Shannon as fun as this is I have to go to work soÖ" he starts walking to his car knowing she take the bait.

"Wait" grabbing his hand to stop him " I was told to ask you by Aunt Eve to bring Evangeline to the family dinner with you." She took the coffee from him and took a sip. "Blah" she spit it out. "Where is the sugar? Cream? And anything else sweet?" making a sour face

Grabbing it from her hand "that what you get none told you to take it, and yeah Iíll ask her if she can come but that doesnít mean sheíll say yes." Spying Rex a few feet away he saw his escape goat. "Look Shannon there go Rex go bother him" after giving him a dirty, she kisses his cheek and runs after Rex. Going in his car he drove the rest of the way to the station.


Evangeline sat down at her desk, tackling the mountains of paper work. Her thoughts keeps drifting to a certain blue eye cop. With a smile that could make even the most awful days seem all right. Glancing at the ceiling a dreamy smile came on her face.

"Thinking about lover boy?" startle she jumps in her seat.

"Oh my gosh Nora" her hand going over her heart. "Donít you ever knock?" she asks standing up to take the cup she offered.

"Only when itís warranted" she also hands her a bagel with cream cheese on it.

"Thanks" she bites in to the food with a relish.

"Skip breakfast?" she asks with a knowing look.

"Yeah" when she saw the curious look, "donít ask"

Nodding Nora also bite in her bagel. The two just sat there in silence eating their food.

When she was done she ask "you never answer my question."

"What question" through she knew what it was.

"Were you thinking of John?" a roguish grin on her face

"Yeah" a goofy grin coming on her face. "I canít seem to stop"

"I know what you got." Nora said in a knowing sing song voice. The smirk she had on her face was huge, letting Evangeline know what ever she allegedly got wasnít something she was going to like.

"Beside jungle fever you mean?" taking a gulp of her latte to hide the grin from Nora.

"Beside that" rolling her eyes. She took a sip of the coffee. Evangeline eyebrow arches in questioning. "You got the loooove bug."

"No" she denies. Shaking her head furiously " I do not. I donítÖ. do I?" she ask.

"I donít know, you tell me?" Nora sat down on the edge of the desk facing Van who was leaning on the wall flipping through a file.

"I donít know. Iíve never been in love before or anything close to it. With R.J it was somethingÖ I donít even know what it was but it wasnít love." Putting the file down she stares at a corner behind Nora head. "With my previous boyfriends it wasnít love either nor does it compare to what me and John have"

"Hate to tell you kid, but it sound like love to me" Rising Nora embraces Evangeline in a hug. Returning the hug Van felt comfort. She was glad she had a friend in Nora. In all honesty Nora was her second favorite person in Landview, with John being the first.

So caught up in the moment they didnít hear the knock on the door.

"Hi Evange- whoa my kind of party" said the man.

Jumping away from each other, they stare at him.

"it might be your kind of party but you still wonít be invited" with a wink toward Van and a smile towards the man she walk out of the room.

Giggling she followed Nora "one moment please." Closing the door behind her, they burst into a fit of giggles. "Was that really necessary?"

"Sure it was. Go handle your client and we will talk about lover boy another time alright?" nodding and saying thanks, she compose her self before she went back in.

Walking in with an air of confidence, and a polite smile on her face. She greets the man.

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