Chapter 3

She offers a seat to the man and he declines. Sitting behind her desk and folding her hands in front of her "What can I do for you David?"

"Dorian asks me to come here to see if there is anyway we could appeal the judge ruling. Cause we all know something happened to that judge she was all for you and suddenly she gives the ruling in the pigs favorÖno way something like that could happened unless she was on his payroll." he said gesturing with wide, angry upward strokes.

Sighing it was still hard to take in that she lost. What was really hard about it was she knew the judge was going for her but to unexpectedly lose like that it was mind-boggling.

"To tell you the truth David I was thinking about the same thing, but the difficult part is finding a judge who isnít crooked or would give Kelly a fair shot if we do appeal her decision. Now that Kevin is Lieutenant Governor he has even more power than he had before."

"Mmm" he looks around the room. At her awards, certificates, and diplomas. "You did a lot of things."

"Yeah. Iím a over achiever." She said laughing.

"Gosh I would have hated you in high school." Picking up an award for best speaker and looking at it.

Changing the subject she ask, " So how is Kelly?"

Putting it down "much better thanks. She doesnít get to see Ace all that much but Kevin is letting her see him more, that the least he could do after the hell he put her through."

Ignoring his last part "Well that nice of Kevin" when he snorts she givees him a look "Look David I know there is some bad blood going between you and Kevin but the important thing is that their little boy gets to see Kelly and if KevinÖ"

"Yeah yeah yeah I donít need to hear you do the song and dance for his honor." Giving him a stern look, he quickly adds, " thanks. Anyway Iíll just be going" with the slam of the door she burrows her head in her folded arms on the desk.

Lifting her head and deciding to go see John whether he calls or not she calls her secretary and telling her donít let anyone come to see her if they donít have an appointment. She tackles her paper work with vigor to hurry up and see John.


John was surrounded by screaming people, fighting, and threats of death even with the door close he could hear the chaos outside. A migraine was quickly coming on, rubbing his temples the tension still wouldnít go away.

Opening his desk draw, he took 2 Advilís out of the bottle. Swallowing it with coffee, the tension between his temples started dulling out. Laying his head on his desk, he closes his eyes.

Everything seem to black out. He hears nothing nor does he see. A scent he used to know smacks him in the face. Jasmine. Opening his eyes he saw her. Caitlin. His heart stops beating for a minute then starts running a mile a minute.

Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, there she was again. Smiling a soft smile, a hand reach out to touch him. Reaching out his hand, joy like none other went through his body. Just when their hands were about to touchÖ

"JohnÖJohn are you alright man?" opening his eyes, John swats the hand that was shaking him.

"Iím fine Michael. What do you want?" walking to the coffee pot to refill his cup. After pouring the black hot liquid in his cup, he breath in a smell. The dream he just had left him shaking.

Michael gave him an odd look but said nothing. Walking back to his chair, he looks at his younger brother.

"Michael" he growl "can you hurry this along I have a lot of" look at the array of paper on his desk "stuff to do"

"Right" came his sarcastic reply, "You sure was doing a lot of stuff" giving him a look Mike raise his hand in surrender. "Mom wants to make sure you ask Van to coming for dinner" when John was about o say something he continues, "she wants to meet the people we are dating"

Rubbing his hand across his eyes, he sighs. "What is it with everyone one hounding me about asking Evangeline?"

"Ask me what?" came a soft feminine voice from the doorway.

Looking up they both saw her come into the office, holding a bag of KFC.

"Nothing" they both replied. Giving them an " I will find out" look she sat down on the chair next to Mike.

"Wanna join us for lunch Mike?"

Michael was about to say yes when he saw the non-to subtle shake of his brother head. "No um I have to go find Marci" he lied.

"Next time?" she persists.

"Yeah" walking out the office he close the door behind him.

"I didnít know we had a thing right now" he asks her. His hand going into the bag to pull out a drumstick.

"We didnít but I figure why wait around for you to call me to go to lunch when I can just do it" she pulls out a spoon to put the mash potato and gravy on a plate she brought.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love the fact that you are a go getter?" he said biting into the chicken

"No, but I really appreciate it."

"Youíre welcome "

As they enjoy their lunch together, they talk about what happen since theyíve been apart.

After lunch, Van sat alone in his office, waiting for him. John had to go talk to Bo about something. Hopefully it was nothing serious. Turning on the news she saw they were talking about Kevin wining Lieutenant Governor. She still couldnít believe it but she was sure he would be a good Lieutenant Governor despite popular belief.

Looking at him she couldnít help but remember when he had ask her out. He had done it right after he had won custody over Ace. Shaking her head at remembering the gall that man had. When she told him she was with John, he didnít seem to care. He seemed to think the fact that he wanted her was like her salvation and she should be flattered.

After weeks of him sending her flowers and other romantic things he finally got the picture at a horrible price. She had finally gotten so fed up with him that she took all the stuff and dumped it on his car. A huge grin broke out thinking about the look on Kevinís face when he saw his car.

She sobers up at the thought of John finding out about it. It had been hard to hide it from John but she had. Whenever he saw a flower she would say a client gave it to her. Which was technically true he was a client but not at that time. Luckily after the incident he left her alone, she hasnít seen him in weeks.

"Hey" his voice snaps her out of wonderland with a jump. Turning her chair to face him she smiles, "I didnít mean to take too long"

"Donít mention it" she walks up to him. When she reaches him, her hand went to his long strand of hair.

Bring his face closer he kisses her softly. Their lips melds against together, making her toes curl. His tongue trace the seam on her lower lip, ask permission to enter. With out further ado, her mouth parts to his request. A soft murmur came when he ever so lightly ran his tongue against hers.

Gripping his broad shoulder, heat unfurl in her. Her pulse sped up when he stroke his tongue against hers roughly. One of his hand went around her waist, bringer her closer. A moan came from her lips as his lips travel to the side of her neck.

She bit her lip to keep from screaming out. Bringer his lip back towards her own, she kisses him with all the lust she barely conceals. She felt a touch on her rear end bringer their lower bodies together. Both release a groan. She grinds into him, a pained groan went pass between their kiss.

They were so engross in each other they didnít hear someone coming in. What they did hear was a yelp. They jump away from each other.

"oh gosh" her hand going through her red hair "I didnít kknow yoou had company John or I wouldnít have come" she stammered.

Walking towards her he forgot all about Van in that instant. He asks her "Natalie what the matter? Why are you crying?" his eyes quickly did a tour of her body to make sure she wasnít hurt.

"It it just he um no I mean Paul and-"

"Did he hurt you?" he interrupts her. His grip on her shoulders tightens; he shakes her lightly to tell him the truth.

Her eyes went to Evangeline whom lips were swollen form his kisses. Hair was mess up; her blouse rumpled by John handsÖ the same hands that were touching her now. More tears well up. A shuddering breath came from her.

Feeling embarrass and shame she pulls his hands away from her. Looking at the floor she toys with her fingers. Her cheeks burns from what they must think of her. "Look Iím sorry I shouldnít have come." She ran out the room.

John first instinct was to run after her immediately. Turning to face Evangeline with pleading eyes. She nods in understanding. Walking towards her, he kisses her forehead.

"Can I call you later?" hesitation made his words come out slower.

"You better" kissing him on the mouth. His hands entangle in her hair, kissing her harder. Pulling away he looks at her before running to go find Natalie.

Chapter 4