Part 1

Laughter spills from her mouth as she watches John make an ass of himself. He gave her a quick death glare that couldnít hide the grin he was trying to hide. Nora was laughing so hard tears were coming out. It catches on till Evangeline is laughing just as loud, and gripping her sides. Colson was trying his best to hold it in but he was failing. Miserably. All to Johnís chagrin.

The two couple is playing a game of charade, for the last hours or so. The evening starts out very simple, John and Evangeline were at Rodi playing a game of pool, when Nora and Colson walk in. Naturally they play game together girls vs. boys than couple against couple. What starts out, as a separate date became a double date, which ends up on the roof of Johnís place playing charade.

After 30 more minuets of pointless guessing. Nora and Evangeline won the game.

"Yes!" they said in ursion giving each other hi-fives. They even decide to do a victory dance, their hands clasp together twirling around saying "we bad, we bad" laughing John and Colson shakes their head.

"Werenít they saying we were the childish one, when we beat them at arm wrestling?" Colson said a smile on his face.

"Hard to believe ainít it?" John too turns to see them stop and rest against each other. Turning back to face the DA " what did you think about the guy who killed his wife for moneyÖ."

"Oh I think Iím dizzy," said Evangeline with a hand across her forehead.

"You think, I know" mimicking her move they both lean on each other for support until the ground stop moving beneath their feet.

After a few second the ground stop shaking and they just stood their staring at their men as they talk shop.

"You would think they could leave the station I donít know at the station maybe." Rolling her eyes.

"Nora you know them work, work and work" she said laughing. Standing still and looking at the starless night a breeze catches her hair tossing it around. "This is fun"

"It is fun. We should do this again," Nora agrees. Looking around her she couldnít remember the last time she had such fun with another couple.

"Definitely, but if you donít mind, right now I want the detective all to myself." She said while running her tongue across her lips.

" I donít even want to know what going through your mind" Nora said an evil grin coming across her lips as she turn to look at the boys. John and Colson were talking so adamant about their case that they didnít notice they were being observe so closely.

"I bet you that John would love to know" winking at her. They burst out laughing, which caught the attention of the guys.

Walking over to them John says "what so funny?" he asks wrapping his arm around Van waist. Colson lace his and Nora fingers together, she smiles into his face.

Nora glances at John and couldnít stop giggling, "always competitive arenít we. Anyway I think we should be getting ready to leave." After a few more minutes of idle chitchat Nora and Colson get ready to leave on their way to the door Nora stop and turn around to look at Evangeline

"Iím not one to make a fools bet, and from the looks of it you were just about to prove yourself right."

"Donít you know it" a huge cheshire grin came over her face. Nora just tosses her head, and pulls on Daniel hand.

John and Colson gave each other confuse look and shrugs figuring its a woman thing. They stand in front of the stairs case and watch Nora and Daniel leave. With a wave Nora and Colson was out of their view.

Smiling Evangeline turn to face John. "Well this was a success."

Pulling her into his arm he says, "define success"

"Success as in we both had a good time. Even through we didnít get to spend the time alone, we still had a great time" snuggling deeper into his arms, she inhales his scent. Heaven.

"Other than playing charade it wasnít bad" his head leaning on her head. His hand running up and down her back. Drawing invisible circle on her back, he feels her shiver.

"Well is there any way I can upgrade the night into something great detective" her hand slipping inside his black dress shirt, running her hand against his smooth chest. Raising his chin from it resting place he look down at her.

The grin that came onto his face had a hint of wickedness in it. A glint in his eyes that made her knees go weak and speed up her heartbeat. She loves when he looks at like that. Once she tried to explain the look to Nora and she didnít do a very good job of it.

The look was so intense so full of passion and desire that it took all she had not to jump him. Meeting his deep blue eyes stare for stare she wonder if he could see the feelings that her mouth were afraid to say.

"Now that you mention it consular" his thumb tracing her lower lip "I can thing of couple of ways you could make it better." She ran the tip of her tongue across his thumb. His gaze on her lip and tongue as it ever so gently ran against his thumb, turning him on in a painful way.

Sucking his thumb in her mouth, she manipulates it the way she would a blow pop. His eyes darken, his face set in a grim line. Letting his thumb out of her wet orifice, she blew cool air on it. He hasnít even touch her and already her body was ready for him. She trembles from his stare. Her hand coming from under his shirt came around his neck.

Sucking in air that left her lungs she replays "only a couple?" despite the need that tighten in lower her belly she smirk. Her hand tracing patterns behind his neck, while the other hung loosely around his neck.

Bringing his face even closer to her, he grin showing his even white teeth " to start." He tease her lip by kissing the corners of her lip and then her cheeks. With a groan of frustration she pull his face toward her and kiss him.

He let her take be in charge of the kiss. Bringer her softer body even closer to his harder one. They were so tightly attach to each other that every tantalizing part of them touches. Quick breaths escape her part lip. She couldnít get enough of the addictive texture of him.

Her tongue brushes against his tongue, sucking it into her mouth. Their tongues plays a game of hide and seek. The sensual movement of their tongues only made the aching stronger and more powerful.

His hands dig into her long dark mane. Slanting his face over her, he plunges her mouth over and over. Effectively taking control from her. With his hand on her hair he kept her hostage to his kiss. Her hold tightens around his neck, pulling his mouth closer than was possible.

Pulling apart for some much require air. Their forehead touches as they pant to suck in air. A breathless laugh forms between them.

"Wow John! You sure know how to leave a girl breathless" a grin tugging at her swollen mouth.

"I do try, I do try" with a fake european accents. She giggles, mocks hitting him on the shoulder.

"Lets take a breather" She walks out of his arm and walk to the edge of the roof. Peering at the sky. He follows. Moments of slience pass between them as they look intently at the sky. The burning desires held for each other cool to just before melting point.

The cool night air brush against their heated body. The silent night gave off a sense of false hope. The breeze ever so gently rushes pass them. Her hand went out to grasp his hand. Tightly they held on to each other hand. The starry night was filled with stars of all kinds of shapes. Standing there before God, Heaven and all the rest, a tranquility passes between them.

Breaking their self imposes silence she asks, "If you could ask the sky one question what would it be?" she asks him still looking at the sky.

Standing next to her he couldnít help sneaking glances at her beautiful mocha face. With every breath they took their shoulders touch. He rubs his hand back and forth across his jaw. " I donít really know how to answer that but I guess I would ask why Caitlin had to die? Why Chris?" sadness and regret leak from his voice.

She nods as if she expects that answer all along. Unexpectedly she lets go of his hand, which bumps into his sides. "That makes sense if Caitlin and Christian didnít die you and Natalie wouldnít have gone through all the pain and the pain she is still facing." Her face close up, her eyes unweaving as she stares at the sky. The warmth that was radiating from her vanishes.

Confusion came over his face. What just happened here? Studying her face, he came to realize that he l- no strongly like everything about her. There was nothing not to like really. He didnít regret meeting her he just regret why. A light switch came on as he realizes why she was acting like this.

Coming to stand in front of her so she couldnít look away. He took hold of her shoulders " I donít regret meeting you Eva," he said so seriously and honestly she knew it was the truth. "Meeting you was Ö the best thing that ah happen to me sinceÖ." His voice chokes up even after all these years.

Hugging him, she was glad he knew what to say. He always knew what to say. Whenever she thought they were through, he would say something that would suck her back in. When she ask her question she realize had they not died, there would be no her and John.

"Iím sorry." Truly sorry for the pain, he and Natalie must have gone through. Even through Natalie did get on her nerve (more than she want to admit); she didnít wish that girl any pain.

Minutes tick by as they stay there wrap in each other arms looking at the night sky.

"Wanna spend the night?" he asks.

"Do I want to spend the night with you?" silence lapse as she ponder the question. Glad for an excuse to bring back the hearty lightness that had been there before her question. "What do I get if I do?" a mischievous glint in her soulful brown eyes. She lift her head from his neck, their eyes meet. Soul searching blue eyes meets seeking truth brown eyes. Humor and passion alight in both their gazes.

"Let see breakfast" a playful grin playing at his mouth.

"Iíve tasted your breakfast Johnny boy, not something I wish to repeat" the smile that came easily when she was with him made him smile. She laughs at the Ďhurtí look that came on his face.

Chuckling he replied " how about a night of unbelievable pleasure?" His hand griping her hips persuadably and connecting their pelvis together

"ohh now you are talking my language" their lips meet simultaneously in the middle for a earth shattering kiss.


(this is a few min. before that scene happen)

Unaware of the activities happening above Natalie Vega walk brusquely to the room that she share with Paul.

"PaulÖPaul" she shouts. Walking in the bedroom in hopes of finding him. Not finding him anywhere in the house she assume he was out. Doing what she had no idea. Hopefully staying out of trouble. Sitting on the bed with her hand covering her face, she had to fight the despair so it wouldnít overwhelm her. Today was a horrid day compared to her other bad days. She just wanted to sit and wallow in her self-pity and misery.

If Christian was here things wouldnít even be this way. She would be more like Jess, every one would love her. Instead she is slowly, but surly self-destructing. Only if John had even her chance things probably would be looking up. Even through Chris was dead. She really thought her and John would have made it. She didnít even recognize her self anymore.

She didnít know what she was doing here, living with a guy she barely knew. Only if John Ö no no no I will not go there again. I refuse to. No matter how strong her convection not to think of John was, she always did. She didnít get why he couldnít have move on with her instead he told her he wasnít ready. Which she respected and was ready to wait for him. Yet the moment he is ready he moves on to Evangeline Williamson. Which was a slap to face.

What qualities did Evangeline have that she didnít have? Getting up she went to take a quick shower to wash away the grim and questions of John from her mind. Feeling refresh physically but not so much emotionally, she decide to see if John wants some company on the roof. After all he was always on the roof alone after work.

A couple of times she caught him there, and they would stay and talk. Okay she did most of the talking but he was there. Listening. Something that he did great and drinking beer.

Walking over to refrigerator with a new sense of purpose, with a spring in her steps that had been gone before. Grabbing two bottles of beer she let herself out of the room. Putting it on the floor as she locks it. Grabbing it again, she heads on over to the staircase that leads to the roof.

Walking up there with a nervous smile on her face. She felt even better already knowing that she was going to talk to John. John always had a way of understanding herÖkind of like the way Christian did. She stops. The pain that came wasnít as strong as always when she thought of Christian.

Opening the door she gently close it behind her so not to disrupt John. Before she got two steps out of the shadow of the door she heard a woman voice and knew John was nowhere near as alone as she had hope.

"Wanna spend the night?" she stood there frozen as he asks Evangeline that question. He had never asked her that before. The two bottles of beer all but fell to the ground. She had to use force she didnít even know she had so it wouldnít drop.

"Do I want to spend the night with you? What do I get if I do?" Natalie could imagine perfectly well the teasing and playful smiles as they talk. Why couldnít it have been me John ME! Again for a completely different man the tears fell.

She stood there still, glutton for punishment as they talk. As the tears keep poring in. The last thing she heard before she had to escape was "ohh now you are talking my language" and the sound of kissing that came afterwards.

Hurriedly she sneaks out; taking heed not to slam the door. She didnít want John or Evangeline to see what a fool she was making of her self. Again.

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