Chapter 4

When John was finally able and willing to try to tear himself away from Evangeline he stepped out her door to what felt like a different world. He laughed out loud in his car; he hadnít realized that the cops at the station were vested in his happiness.

"You do know that if Iím walking through Angel Square kinda late or anywhere at anytime the cops on patrol pay extra attention to my movements and safety. They all know my car. One left a note on my windshield saying I hadnít locked all my doors so he locked them. They roll by my house to check on me if youíre not going to be here."

John was shocked, "I didnít askÖ"

"I know. But they know youíre easier to work with if your private life is relatively calm and happy. Besides none of them wants to have to tell you anything bad happened to me on their watch. Your reputation is quite fierce. Your anger is to be avoided. I donít take advantage but I do feel, well, looked after. They started to openly watch me after the attack at the train station. I gather you vented your displeasure on the patrol guys assigned to the station?" sheíd glanced sideways at him as they ateówhat meal of the day or night to call it they couldnít agree on.

"I had words with them. Their response time to the station was unacceptable to me."


"Yes, Michael told me, you really kicked ass once you got over the shock. Iím glad youíre tough. Their response time was unacceptable."

Van wondered if they were the cops that appeared at the mall and pointed her to her car over Christmas when she forgot what lot and row she was parked in. Theyíd even offered to carry her packages. She hadnít thought that was a good use of tax dollars and she wasnít balancing that many bags.

After going home to change John arrived at the station in time for the shift change. Nora was placing files on his desk as he came in the door, "Please tell me the Cramer and Santi cases have been solved while I was out." John said to her eyeing the stack she had added to his piles.

"Was THAT your New Yearís resolution? If so, wasted." Nora assessed him with a look, "You look rested, and fed. How is Evangeline? I know, I know no answer will be forthcoming from you."

John held the door open for Noraís exit but as she hit the doorway he asked, "The patrol cops watch Evangeline for me?"

"Yes. A couple asked me if I thought it was okay and I said if she was on their patrol path, why not?" she glanced up at him, "Everyone likes her. They love that she remembers each of their names and doesnít treat them like faceless uniforms. They think youíre a great odd couple."

"And Iím easier to deal with now that sheís in my life?" his mouth quirked upwards towards a grin.

"Well, they sure know when the two of you are on the outs. Have fun with those casesóclosure sooner rather than later would make the DAís office do the happy dance."

"Iíd pay to see that."

"Close out those files and you will." Nora said walking away.

Sitting at his desk John glanced at his watch only to realize it wasnít on his wrist. Heíd left it on Evangelineís living room table when she insisted he remove it. A reason to call, not that he needed the excuse, after dialing the phone he realized he was waiting with anticipation to hear her voice again, "John?" "Hey, yeah itís me. Can I get my watch from you?" "Yes. together Turnaround."

She had stepped into this office and stood smiling at him. She moved to his desk as John stood to greet her, "Hereís your watch. Iím flattered it took you this long to miss it."

 Evangeline took in his appearance, John looked relaxed and he was openly happy to see her. He came around the desk, took the watch from her and put his arms around her slender waist and put on his watch as he pulled her into a kiss. He felt her happiness washing over him, he waited for that little sound she always made when they kissed. A soft mmm-mmm not quite a moan, nearly a purr; he knew she wasnít aware that she did it, and would be mortified if he told her that she purrs in public from his kisses.

They didnít hear his office door open; only Jessicaís embarrassed cough. John didnít let go of Evangeline just looked at Jess over her shoulder, "Iím sorry, John, can I speak to you?"

Pressed against him Evangeline felt his anger spark and surge and knew Jessica was about to get more than she bargained for and felt bad for the girl, but not too bad. "Jessica, anyone raised by Viki and a relative of Boís knows you knock on the door and remain on the other side until told to come in."

Jessica gasped and tried to respond but John cut her off, "No sound means do not enter; tape a note on the door; leave a voice message or send an e-mail. Better yet, make an appointment." Jess quickly backed out and closed the door.

John dropped his eyes to Vanís "Thank you." she said, "Iím so tired of the girl just sauntering in like she owns the place. Worse because she doesnít recognize her own sense of entitlement."

They lingered in each otherís arms a few more minutes then regained their respective personal space. "Are you sick of me? Can we get together tonight?" John asked her as she shook her head to clear it, gathered her hair in her hands and held it piled on top of her head while she responded, "I do have to research precedents for a case so come by late. Say 10:30 or 11?"

"I do love that my weird hours work for you. What should I bring?" he asked.

"Pumpkin ice cream and anything else you can think of."

"Pumpkin ice cream?" "Yes, and a pumpkin latte if you can find it. Blair and I had it in NY. Yum." She dropped her hands and her hair fell in a wildly sexy array over an eye, curling on her forehead, brushing her throat.

"Damn, 10:30 wonít come soon enough," he thought "Iíve got it bad."

"Out. I have to get down to work."

"John, you never told me your wild dreams and fantasies about me."

 He sighed, "Well, one had to do with you, your hair, my desk and chair. Please. Iím near to begging, leave or Iím locking both doors. Iíll become much more explicit about my dreams and these office walls are not thick enough considering how vocal we become."

"Iím tempted to stay and hear you beg but Iíll leave. Later." At his door she turned back to throw him a seductive smile, as she faced him and saw the look in his darkening eyes she had a clear vision of his fantasy:

Her keeling before him in his chair with his pants at his ankles and her mouth leaving traces of lipstick on his manhood as she sucks and licks him; her hair teasing his thighs. Then he lifts her onto the desk and bunches her skirt up to her waist, his head buried between her legs as his hands unwrapped her from her blouseÖ

Evangelineís eyes closed over the vision and then she opened them and looked at John standing near his desk, her mouth formed a perfect O of surprise, "You got the image, right?" he asked, "Yes." She put her hand on the door knob, "John, weíll do that someday and I promise youíll never look at your desk or sit in your chair the same way again!"

He nearly missed the edge of the desk as he sat down hard.

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