“Umm let’s just say, I broke a few laws.” He responded ushering her to her door. He took the keys from her and opened her door and turned the lights on before letting her come in. He always did this when they would go back to her place. It was just his protective nature so she let him do it.

He sat the dessert down on the counter top in her kitchen and waited for her to check her messages.

“Hey, Evangeline its Antonio, I was just calling to see how the case was going and to say hi for John. I talked to him earlier and he told me to say hi for him, so that I do.”

“Hey, Evangeline it is Kelly. I was wondering if you could help me with a personal matter. I called your office and no one answered so I left a message there and decided to try you at home. If you can call me back when you get this to set up a time we can talk that would be great. Talk to you soon bye.”

“Yes, this message is for Ms. Evangeline Williams. You were in our store earlier and wanted a watch….” She ran over to the machine and silenced it before the message continued.

“What was all that about?” John asked as he watched Evangeline dive for the answering machine.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” She said avoiding his eyes.

“What are you hiding from me counselor?” John asked as he walked over to where Evangeline was sitting and stood over her, with one arm on the arm of the chair and the other on his hip.

“John I am not hiding anything from you. Do you want the tiramisu now or should I put it away and save it for a late night snack. Because I plan on keeping you up all night long mister.” She replied trying to get his mind off of the phone message and back on to their plans for this evening. She walked over to where the dessert sat and picked it up and headed towards the fridge. She had made the decision for the both of them. That dessert was going to come later.

“Okay, fine don’t tell me then. I will find some way to get it out of you. I have my ways that have nothing to do with my FBI training.” He walked over to where she was standing staring at him and scooped her up and carried her upstairs to the bed room.

“John, put me down!” she yelled as he manhandled her up to her bedroom. When he would not listen she gave into his manly tactics.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his face all over. His cheeks, neck, lips, forehead, everywhere. He put her down and trailed his fingers up her back and found the zipper to her dress. He slowly unzipped it and she let it fall to the ground as she removed the shoulder straps. What he didn’t know was she was completely naked under that dress.

He stepped back in amazement. “So all night you had nothing on up under that dress and you didn’t say anything to me.” He asked her as he sat down on the bed and admired her body in all its glory.

“If I would have said something to you about it, what would you have done?” she asked him slowly walking towards him and pushing him down on the bed. She climbed on him and shook her hair out of the part up do she had.

“I probably would have made our apologies to Marcie and taking you home as soon as you told me.” He said watching her every movement. He stroked her stomach making little concentric circles around her navel.

She put her hands on each side of his chest and bent down and kissed his lips. “And how do you think Marcie would have felt about that John? Us running off to make love all night. I don’t think she would appreciate that.” She said as she sat up and let him admire her body.

“Umm can we stop talking about Marcie? How do you expect me to concentrate with a beautiful naked woman, straddling me and kissing my neck?” he said trying to get her to get off the topic. He ran his hands up her legs and her hips and down her back and pulled her into him.

She sat up and started stripping him. First that blue shirt was again ripped off of him. They both laughed as the buttons went flying again around the room. He pulled his under shirt over his head with her help and she moved her hands down over his chest. He kissed her breasts as she undid his pants. He grabbed her hips and picked her up and put her next to him. She laid back and watched as he pulled his pants off and laid next to her.

He gently started to stroke her face and kissed her neck. She moaned in pure pleasure as his hands explored every inch of her body. He loved touching her and watching what his touch did to her. He moved his hands down to her inner thighs and started stroking her thigh. He watched her eyes close and her back arch as he slipped two fingers into her.

The stroke and pressure he used drove her up the wall. She moaned and whispered to John, “Make love to me John, now.” He smiled at request and crawled on top of her. He braced himself on top of her and slowly entered her. He filled her completely ever inch of her inside was filled by his man hood. He started of thrusting slowly until she looked at him in the eyes and he knew from that look that he should speed up the pace.

The pace quickened and she dug her fingers in to his back and almost drew blood. They both were close to exploding and did so with one last thrust. He collapsed on top of her and they both let out a sound of pure pleasure. She could still feel him inside of her and loved the feeling. He then slowly slid out of her and rolled to one side of her. He pulled her closer to him and laid his arm across her breasts. She turned to look at him and he was already staring at her.

They kissed each other and just lay like that for a while trying to regain their composure. He nuzzled his head into her neck and laid feather light kisses on it that made her toes curl. “Wow, that was impressive Mr. McBain; I didn’t know you had that in you.” She laughed at her own statement.

“Me neither.” He replied rolling to his side and leaning on his elbow looking at her. His hands moved to her face and he started gently stroking her cheek and playing in her hair.

“You, get more beautiful every time I look at you. How do you do that?”

“I think that is subjective in nature John.” She responded with a laugh.

“What, you can’t take a compliment?” he said teasing her.

“I can take a compliment; you are the one who can’t take compliments.” She said slapping him in the stomach and sitting up in the bed. He moved behind her allowing her to sit between his legs.

“What is that suppose to mean?” he asked playing in her hair.

“Just what I said, you can’t take a compliment. I could tell you how amazing you are in and out of bed and you act like you don’t hear what I say. He laughed at her statement. “See I was right, I mean I just gave you a compliment and you avoided it like the plague.”

“Okay, I know, I guess I just have a hard time seeing what you see. I mean I see a guy who is involved with an intelligent, sexy, caring, and kind woman. I honestly don’t understand why you want to be with me. I mean, I am moody, distant at times, an idiot sometimes, clueless at others.”

“Okay, do you need some ego stroking John? I think you do. You are kind, sexy, handsome you maybe clueless but I understand that. Complicated, you are a challenge you make me work and think and feel like I never have before.” He kissed her shoulder and wrapped her arms around her pulling her into him.

“Thank you.” He whispered into her ear.

“See was that so hard to say thank you? You are welcome John.” She turned back and kissed him square on the lips. She pulled away and got up from him and put her robe on.

“Where do you think you are going?” he said pulling her back on to the bed.

“I will be right back.” She said releasing from his grip.

“You better come back.” He said with a grin.

Evangeline looked back at John and smiled. She walked out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. She grabbed the dessert from the fridge as she reached for a spoon she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She stopped mid search and stood up and turned around, She saw John standing there in nothing but his boxer shorts and a big grin “What are you doing, I told you I would be right back.”

“I know but you were taking so long. I came down to see what you were doing.”

He took the spoon from Evangeline and dug into the dessert. They sat there in the kitchen eating the dessert and talking about Marcie and her future books. When they finished the dessert they went back up stairs and feel asleep in each others arms.


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