Evangeline woke up to the smell of coffee and the shower running. John was in the shower and the coffee was going down stairs. She decided to head down stairs and grab a cup of the coffee, because if she didn't then she wouldn't get any. She pulled on her robe and headed down stairs.

John finished up his shower and grabbed a towel and wrapped around his waist. He peaked out into the bedroom hoping that she was still sleeping in bed. He saw that she wasn't there and figured she went down stairs and got a cup of coffee. She came walking up the stairs with two cups of coffee in her hand as he started to walk out of her bedroom.

“Good morning.” He said with a kiss on the lips.

“Good morning to you. Last night was wonderful.” She smiled as she walked past him and sat the cup on her nightstand and sat on the bed.

“Yes it was.” He followed her back into the room and sat his cup on her dresser. He went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth.

Evangeline picked up her cell phone and turned it back on to check her messages. Only Kelly had called. I guess she really needs to talk to me. I wonder what it is about Evangeline thought to her self.

It was 9:30 and she told her assistant not to expect her to later in the day. She flipped on the television and found her way to Court TV. Law truly was one of her passions and John McBain was another.

He came out of the bathroom and saw her relaxing on her bed watching Court TV as usual. “Don't you ever get sick of that stuff?” he asked in a mocking tone.

“Do you ever get sick of watching reruns of NYPD Blue?” She retorted back at him.

“I guess I deserve that.” He slipped on a pair of boxers, then his pants and an undershirt. He grabbed his cup and sat on the bed next to Evangeline.

“Do you want to watch something else?

“No this is fine. What time do you have to go into the office?”

“I told my assistant that I would be in late, because I was going to have a long night.” She smiled at him and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “What time are you going in?”

“Actually I have the day off. So I thought I might I don't know go to the gym, maybe catch a movie or something.”

“Oh really, sounds like fun.” She wasn't paying any attention to what he just said. She was more focused on what was going on, on Court TV. This case about this woman killing her parents for the inheritance had caught her attention. Maybe it was because she knew the Defense Attorney in the case. They had gone to law school together and always been at each others throats fighting for Editor of the Law Review position and number one in the class.

“Yeah, then I thought about going to the country club and playing a little tennis with Nora.” John said with a straight face.

“You are what!” Evangeline yelled turning the television off and facing John.

“Yeah, I didn't tell you that?” he said staring intently into her eyes.

“You have to be kidding me John, you hate tennis.” She said slapping him on the chest.

“Yeah I know, just wanted to get your attention that is all. You were so caught up in that case. I was feeling a little left out.” He said sticking his bottom lip out.

“Oh, poor baby, what can I do to make you feel better?” she said rolling on her side looking at him lying there pouting. She started to run her fingers through his newly washed hair.

“I don't know, I think I am going to stay mad at you for a while.”

“That I wont let happen.” She said slowly climbing on to his lap. She ran her hands through his hair and stroked his face. She slowly bent down and brushed her lips against his.

“You think a kiss is going to get me to forgive you?”

“I don't know you tell me?” She asked sitting back away from him and looking into his eyes.

“Damn, you are right I can't stay mad at you, you are just too beautiful to do so.” He sat up and kissed her hard. Her hands moved down and she undid her robe. He pulled it off her back and it fell onto the bed.

“No, no, I am not going to make it that easy for you McBain, you tried to make me think you were going to go play tennis and that you were mad at me.” She got up off him, pulled her robe back on and stood on the side of the bed. She wasn't going to lose the control in this situation. Last night he made her lose control of her whole body. She wasn't going to let him do that again. She started to walk down the stairs to the fridge. John sat there on her bed in amazement.

He slowly got up from the bed and followed her down the stairs into the kitchen.

Evangeline was standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open.

John slowly walked towards Evangeline turned her around so that she faced him and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. He brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her cheek and down her neck He untied her robe with one hand and slid it off her shoulder with the other.

“If you can't finish something, you shouldn't start it. You really expected me to just let you walk out of the room and not make love to you. You've got another thing coming.”


“Really?” he replied.

She started to get aroused just from his touch. Her hands ran up and down his back and she moved into him closer than she thought possible. She felt the scratches were she had scratched him last night. John licked her neck and the tip of her ear lobe sending her into frenzy. He grabbed her hips and picked up and sat her on the counter top.

They both flashed back to the first night they made love in Mary’s basement, and their first night of unbridled passion. She wrapped her legs around him and started rocking back and forth. John pushed his hair back and her hair back away from their faces and looked deep into her eyes. They both had a look of longing and desire. It was like what had happened yesterday and just last night in her bedroom did not happen. It truly was like the first time they made love, except they new each others bodies inside and out. John kissed down her neck and flicked her nipples with his tongue. He took her breasts into his hands and rained kisses upon them.

He picked her up and carried her to couch. John placed her on top of him and she guided him into her He let out a loud groan as he entered her again. She arched her back and took complete control over their love making. She took over the depth and pace of their love making, and he lost all control with her on top. She rocked back and forth and he sat up pulled her towards him going deeper into her. John kissed her collar bone as she took control over how deep she wanted him in her.

She moaned and groaned as John filled her completely. John breathed her in and took in her scent as if it was the last time they would make love. She looked down at the man that gave her pleasure in and out of the bedroom and smiled. He looked back up at her and locked eyes with this amazing woman as they both released together. John fell back on the couch and Evangeline fell on top of him. Their hearts were pounding so hard they could feel the others heart racing.

“Wow that was a through back!” John said as he wrapped his arms around Evangeline and placed his hands in her hair.

“Are you talking about what I think you are talking about?”

“Yes, I am. You can't tell me that you did not think about that night when all that was going on?”

“Actually, I was John. I could not help my self. The way you picked up me up and place me on the counter really reminded me of that night.”

John let out a loud laugh as Evangeline recalled their night together in the Basement. Evangeline sat up as she watched John laugh at her and tried to hid the fact that he was laughing. She grabbed her robe that lay on the floor in the kitchen and put it back on. John had pulled a blanket over himself and was sitting their with his feet on the coffee table.

“Hey, get your feet off my coffee table. What do you think you are doing?”

“Oh, I am so sorry.” He said in a sarcastic tone looking down at his bare feet sitting on the table. He kept his feet there till she came back close to him and kicked his feet off the table.

“John! I can't believe you just did that. I asked you to take your feet down” She remarked turning to face him. “You can be such a kid sometimes. I hope our…” she stopped talking before she could finish her statement. She looked at him hoping he hadn't heard what almost came out of her mouth.