“Okay, what the heck just happened here?” Michael asked with a curious look on his face. “How did you know what the other one wanted? You guys didn’t even speak about what you were going to eat.”

Neither of them responded to Michael’s questions. They were both just staring at each other in amazement. He was sitting back in his chair with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. She was sitting up close to the table with her hands on the table staring at him. He leaned in and grabbed on of her hands and just sat their rubbing the inside of her palm with his thumb.

“Hello, earth to John and Evangeline, anyone home over there?” Michael said trying desperately to get their attention.

“Michael leave them alone. Can’t you tell there is something going on there we have no clue about.” Marcie said looking into Michael’s eyes. “Talk to me, how was your day at the hospital?” she asked trying to pull his attention away from John and Evangeline.

“So, care to explain what just happened between us?” John said looking into Evangeline’s eyes.

“Umm, I honestly do not know. How did you know what I wanted John?”

“I have no clue, just looked at the menu and looked at you. I do pay attention to you and your likes and dislikes you know.” He said leaning in further.

“Same here.” She replied taking his other hand into hers. They smiled at each other.

“So Marcie why did you invite us out to dinner?” Evangeline asked breaking her eyes lock with John.

“Well, well, I got a call from my publishing company and they want me to write another Murder Mystery. They want me to actually write a couple more. They said that the success of The Killing Club convinced them that I was a good investment and even offered to give me an advance. How cool is that?” she replied waving her hands around in the air, faster as she got more excited about her news.

“You are right that is good news no that is great news. I am so happy for you Marcie!” Evangeline said leaning over to congratulate her friend.

“Wow. Marcie that is great!” Michael said standing up to give her a hug.

“Yeah, Marcie, congratulations, that is really great news.” John replied leaning over to kiss Marcie on the cheek.

As everyone sat back down and Marcie went into more details about what the publisher was offering their food arrived. Everything looked amazing and John was the first one to dig into his steak. He took a bite and then cut another and offered it to Evangeline. She leaned in to him and took the bite of his steak that he had offered her.

“How is your salmon? John asked in between bites.

“Great, thanks for picking it for me.” She said with a small smile. “Michael how are things at the hospital?”

“They are going really good. I am getting a lot of great experiences around there. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. The nurses are a riot. I love just hanging out at the nurse’s station sometimes. The stories they tell are hilarious.

“I am glad everything is going so good there.” John said as he looked over at his brother and smiled.

“And you John how are things at the station? I really miss it there sometimes.” Marcie said, as she ate her chicken.

“Same ole, same ole.”

“Marcie you know better than to ask John about Police business. You know he won’t respond in anyway.” Evangeline said laughing at John’s facial expression.

John just grunted at Evangeline’s response to Johns answer.

They continued to eat and discuss Marcie’s possible book ideas and Evangeline’s court cases. John and Michael mainly just sat there eating. Their two significant others could talk their heads off so they let them. When the waiter came by to ask if they wanted dessert John and Evangeline looked at each other and smiled.

“Umm yeah, can we get the tiramisu to go?” John asked the waiter.

“Yes, right away sir.”

John looked back over at Evangeline and winked at her. She in turn smiled at him. What Michael and Marcie didn’t see was what was going on underneath the table. Evangeline had slipped her shoe off and was slowly running her toes up and down the inside of John’s leg. Just as she had done earlier in the day. This seemingly innocent move sent John into a tailspin. She always knew how to get him all riled up. John cleared his throat and showed a small smile at her as his head looked down but his eye’s looked up. He was slowly losing control over himself. All he could think about was getting her back to his place and getting her out of that dress, and making love to her all night long. He was willing to risk his sense of control as long as it was with her.

John sat there staring at Evangeline and willing the waiter to hurry up and bring back the dessert. Evangeline was talking to Marcie while she was driving John crazy. She was trying to show him that she could still be in control while she made him lose control.

Her toes came closer and closer to his manhood. He moved his hands from the table down to his lap to stop her from getting him so aroused that he wouldn’t be able to stand. When he touched her toes, she let out a small sound of surprise. She hadn’t expected John’s hands to meet her feet and she shot a look back at him. He just smiled.

The waiter brought the Tiramisu, John and Evangeline stood up and said their goodbyes to Marcie and congratulated her once again on her future endeavors. John grabbed the bag and put his hand on the small of Evangeline back and they walked out of the restaurant together. They stopped to get their coats and agreed to meet at her place. John walked her to her car and opened the door. She turned back to him before getting in and pulled on the lapel of his jacket bringing his body closer to hers. Their foreheads touched as did their noses. He leaned in a little more till their lips were barely touching.

Her hands were on his jacket’s lapel and his were on the hood of her car. Their lips just barely brushed each other and she pulled him closer to her. His hot breath on her lips sent chills down her back and she let out a little sigh as she closed her eyes. Their lips pressed firmly against each other and he stepped in closer to her and moved one of his hands down to her waist. Their lips parted and they breathed each other in. She melted into his body as she felt his tongue work its way into her mouth. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him for forever but she knew if she did they would not get out of the parking lot. So she pulled back a little and John noticed.

“I will see you a bit right?” he asked brushing the hair from her face and lightly caressing her cheek and rubbing his index finger over her bottom lip. This move always got her hot and bothered, and he knew that.

“Most definitely.” She responded and slipped out of his arms and into her car. She smiled and waved at him as she started her car.

He stepped back and watched her drive away. He quickly walked to his car and slid in and started it up. What he was about to do next he know was wrong but he had to do it anyways.

He pulled the siren from underneath the passenger seat and placed it on the dash board. He turned it on and sped out of the parking lot. He knew that he shouldn’t use his siren for non police business but this woman had made him lose all sense of control. He sped down the streets of Llanview thinking about all the things he was going to do her when he got her alone. He had been thinking about those things earlier in the evening but he needed to focus on dinner because thinking about how he was going to please her and make her lose control would get him even more heated than he was.

He had driven so fast to Evangeline’s that he beat her there. He got out of the car and waited for her to pull up besides him. He came around to her door and opened it and helped her out.

“How on earth did you beat me here? You left after I did.” She asked him stepping out of the car and locking her doors.

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