Why did he have to wear that shirt of all shirts to dinner tonight? She thought to herself. The last time he had that shirt on; she had ripped it off of him. Buttons went flying all over her bedroom floor. His hands were exploring every inch of her body. Her hands were trying desperately to get that blue shirt off of him. He did that on purpose. As she thought more about that night she started to get a little hot under the collar.

She snapped back to the present as John came walking up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“Where were you?” he asked looking into her eyes.

“Hi, I am sorry. I was just thinking about the last time you had that shirt on.” She replied whispering into his ear.

He blushed at remembering that oh so eventful night himself. He didn’t say a word as he took her hand and guided her back to the table where Marcie and Michael sat closely together talking about something.

“Hey guys, sorry I am late. I couldn’t find anything to wear.” She said laughing and taking a seat next to Marcie.

“I am so glad you made it Evangeline.” Marcie replied giving her a small hug.

“Well I think you picked a pretty nice outfit. Michael replied standing up and leaning over the table to give Evangeline a kiss on the cheek. He sat back down and saw John staring intently at him. John always looked that way when any male seemed a little to engrossed in his girlfriend.

“Well I am glad you like it. What about you John, you haven’t said anything about my dress.” She said staring at the man that made her lose all since of control. She asked him this to try and get a rise out of him. Had it worked?

“You look devastatingly beautiful.” He replied with an enormous grin. John was still standing at the end of the table staring at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and he knew it was because of how strong and sexy she looked in that dress. They were playing a game and right now she was winning.

“So, John are you just going to stand there all night or are you going to have a seat?” She said through a giggle.

John hadn’t even realized he was still standing there looking at her. He took a seat across from her, never letting his eyes leave her perfect form. Everything about her tonight amazed him. How does she do it? What type of hold does she have over me? He thought to himself watching her laugh and interact with Marcie and Michael. He hadn’t paid any attention to what anyone was saying. All he could focus on was how amazingly beautiful she was. He was losing control of his senses just from looking at her.

“John thanks for the dirty martini. I take it you ordered it for me?” She asked bringing John back to reality.

“Yeah, yeah I hope that is alright with you?” he responded looking deep into her brown eyes.

She took a sip of the martini and nodded in agreement with his decision. She picked up the menu and held it in front of her to try and decided what to have for dinner. John, Michael and Marcie did the same. Both Evangeline and John kept looking over the top of their menus at each other. Each time they caught the other looking; they smiled a small coy smile behind their menus. Michael and Marcie caught this exchange between them and laughed.

“What is so funny?” John asked in a demanding voice.

“You two!” Michael and Marcie said in unison

“What about us!” Evangeline said placing her menu on the table and placing her hands on top of the menu. She was in lawyer mode now, these two better watches out.

“You two, are unbelievable. You can’t keep your eyes off each other for a minute.” Michael said keeping his menu in front of him to protect himself from her daggers.

“Michael what are you talking about?” John asked still trying to read his menu, look at Evangeline and hold a conversation with his brother.

“Michael is right, John. Every since Evangeline walked in her, your eyes have not left her. Same with you Evangeline you can’t keep your eyes off of him either.” Marcie said in a hurry.

“Okay, you guys, I think you are imagining things.” Evangeline retorted. She knew they were right but she didn’t want to admit it. “John don’t you have anything to say in your defense?”

John put his menu down, took a drink of his beer and shook his head No. “Actually they are right. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you, and neither have you.” He crossed his legs and put his hands in his lap. This was his typical posturing for a discussion with Evangeline.

“Okay, okay well maybe you all are right. But Michael did you have to bring it up?

“Of course I did, It is so.” Before Michael could finish his statement his brother cute him off and Marcie slapped his hand to shut him up.

“Michael if you say what I think you are about to say, I suggest you keep it to yourself. I can’t help it if I can’t keep my eyes off her. I mean look at her. But not to hard or long!”

“Yeah John she is pretty and everything, but I like looking at her.” He gestured towards Marcie.

“Umm, excuse me can you all stop talking about us like we are not here.” Evangeline said in a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, stop talking about me like I’m not her Michael.” Marcie said glaring up at him.

“Sorry, sorry. So Marcie what are you thinking of ordering?” Michael said trying to lighten the mood by changing the subject.

“I don’t know yet, I was thinking the chicken Kiev or the chicken parmigiana. What about you Evangeline what are you thinking about getting?”

“Well honestly I do know.” She said looking back and Marcie smiling.

The waiter came up to the table and asked everyone what they will have.

“I think I will have the Swordfish, side of veggies and rice.” Michael said handing the waiter the menu.

“I am going to have the Chicken Kiev.” Marcie responded.

“And, you Miss. What can I get you?” Before Evangeline could answer John started talking.

“The lady will have the pecan encrusted salmon, with rice pilaf and the mixed vegetables and when the meal comes could you bring her another martini, three olives.” He said ordering for her. Michael and Marie both had an unusual look on their face and Evangeline just smiled at John.

“Okay, thank you, and for you sir what will you have?” the waiter asked taking Evangeline and John’s menu. Before he could respond Evangeline spoke up.

“He will have the Porterhouse steak, medium well. Side of your garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. And could you bring him out another beer now, while you're here.” She replied smiling at John.

“Will do, Miss. Is there anything else I can get anyone while I am here?” the waiter asked. When no one responded he left to go get John’s beer.

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