Evangeline’s office

"Hey Caroline, can you come in here for a minute please." Evangeline said over her intercom to her assistant.

Caroline came strolling in the Evangeline’s office carrying a pad of paper and a pen.

"Um, listen I need some things from down at the police station. I need you to go down there and pull all of the files on RJ Gannon as well as Lindsay Rapport. Also get any files related to Antonio Vega as well. Also I need you to type up a brief so that I can get Antonio some type of visitation with Jamie. Also I may be in late tomorrow so if I have any early meetings can you call and push them back to at least 11:30." She had plans of her own with Lt. John McBain and she planned on staying up all night long. She walked across her office and stood behind Caroline as she rattled off the files and things she wanted her to get down at the station. She would have gone herself, but she knew she wouldn’t get any work done if she did that.

Caroline left the office and made her way to the police station. Evangeline continued to work on Antonio’s case while thinking about what she would wear to dinner tonight with John, Michael and Marcie. Outfit choices ran through her head as she typed up case notes and evidence notes to help get Antonio custody.

She could do the little black dress and knee high black boots. She could do her long red dress with red heels. Maybe she could get away with the lavender slip dress and silver heels. She had to go home and try on everything in her closet. She wanted to look irresistible but also look she was not trying to hard to get his attention. She finished up her notes and left a note for Caroline.


Thanks for all your help. Please remember to cancel and reschedule any morning meetings I have tomorrow. If you need anything leave a message on my cell phone and I will call you back when I get it. Have a good night and do not stay here to long, go home to your husband and kids! That is an order.


Evangeline made her way home, showered and tried on every outfit in her closet. It was 7:00 before she finally had settled on the lavender slip dress and silver stilettos. The dress hit all the right places and hugged her curves. Her hair was half up and half down. She had on the pearls John had given her. She took one last look in the mirror and smiled at the thought of what John would think when he saw her in this dress.

John left work a little early to go home and shower and change. He put on a black suit with a dark blue shirt underneath. The blue in the shirt made his eyes pop. He was looking fine tonight and he knew it. The shirt he had on, Evangeline had bought for him as a present. He thought the shirt was a good idea to get her to notice him.

John arrived a little earlier and took a seat facing the entrance into the restaurant section of the Palace. He wanted to be the first person to see her. Michael sat next to him and Marcie sat across from Michael. Marcie was rambling on about something. John really was not paying attention he kept looking at his watch and then at the entrance.

"She will be here man, trust me." Michael said elbowing John to get his attention.

"I know, I know, I just wish she would hurry up." John replied taking a swig of his beer. A dirty martini with three olives sat across from him waiting for her to drink it.

Evangeline came sauntering into the Palace hotel. Everyone that she passed male and female stopped in their tracks and watched her as she walked past them. She stopped at the host stand and looked around the dinning area for John, Marcie and Michael. John nearly choked on his beer as he saw her standing there. He stood up and smiled as their eyes locked. Her face brightened up as she saw John standing there in the shirt she had bought for him.

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