"Yeah come on in," John yelled from behind the closed door in his office. The door swung open and it was his little brother Michael standing there. Michael looked around the office and noticed how the papers were all over his floor in his office. Johnís office was still a mess from his all too brief encounter with Evangeline.

He had not had a chance to clean, because after he hung up with her he had to run out to a car accident in the middle of town. The accident turned out not to be as bad as the dispatcher had said it was, so he passed the case off to one of the other detectives working for him. He came back to a messy office and still had not finished cleaning it up when his brother arrived.

"Hey bro, what the Hell happened in here? Looks like a hurricane went threw here." Michael said as he stepped over papers lying all over the floor.

"Uhh, nothing Mickey donít worry about it, what brings you here?" John said trying to avoid explaining what had happened in his office only a few hours ago.

"Okay, whatever John. I just came by to see what you are doing for dinner tonight? Apparently Marcie has some big announcement and she wanted me to invite you and Evangeline to dinner tonight. She was thinking the Palace around 7:30?" Michael said taking a seat across from John.

At the mention of her name his head shot up. He really was not listening to what his brother was talking about. All he heard was Palace, Evangeline, 7:30. He did not put the statements together until Michael carried on with what he was saying.

"So John, can you come tonight? And what about Evangeline, can we call her while I am here to see if she can make it?

"Yeah I can so, Iíll call her." John moved the papers that were covering the phone to another pile and dialed her work number. He started to dial it on speaker phone, and remembered what had happened earlier and picked up the receiver before she could answer. Michael looked at John funny as he saw him pick the receiver before she answered. What was he hiding from his brother?

"Evangeline Williamson."

"Hey, Itís me."

"Well, Hey John." She said in a seductive voice. She smiled on the other end of the phone. When ever John called it was something good. Maybe he was trying to make plans with her tonight to see the stuff she bought at Victoria Secret. She was going to make him wait to see those things. It was one of the things she had control over.

John turned his chair away from Michael as he smiled at the way she spoke to him. Anytime she said his name like that, he would get all flushed and his heart would start racing. Michael had puzzled look on his face, not understanding why John had turned away from him.

"I was wondering what you were doing tonight?" He said whispering into his phone. He really wanted to just go over to her place and spend the night like they spent the day, making wild passionate love. The thoughts of earlier flooded his memory as he tried to concentrate on his conversation with her.

"WellÖ, nothing that I know of. Why do you ask? What do you want to do tonight?" she responded tempting him.

"Michael is here and apparently Marcie has some big announcement and wants us there. the Palace tonight at 7:30." He asked hesitantly. He was hoping she would say yes, so that they could cut the evening short and move back to one of their places and have a little fun of their own.

"Oh." She said disappointed. "I guess that is okay."

"Listen, we will on stay for dinner, and get dessert to go and take it back to my place or yours." He said in a hushed voice as to not let Michael know what his plans were.

Michael just sat there and tried his best to ease drop on his brotherís conversation. He wanted to know what the two of them were planning. He was hoping John was trying to convince Evangeline not to go tonight.

"Okay, that works for me." She said smiling on the other side of the phone.

"Good, then I will see you tonight at 7:30."

"See ya then." They both hung up the phone.

John hung up the phone and turned back towards Michael who had a sly smile across his face. "So what was all that about?" Michael asked digging into Johnís life.

"Nothing, Michael, mind your own business. Both Evangeline and I will be there tonight. Now go I have a lot of work to do as well as clean up my office.

Michael stood up to leave Johnís office and turned back to laugh at him on the floor picking up the files that laid there.


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