Chapter 1

She had always stopped by his office just to say hello when she was there on business. The past couple of visits to the station he had not been around. She decided to try one last time to see if he was in his office. To her surprise and delight he was. She smiled as she stood at his door watching him rummage through papers and files on his desk. He didnít know who was at his door but he felt there was someone there but, he didnít look up to see who it was.

"Hello stranger." She said in a low whisper that sent a chill down his back.

"Well hello yourself." He replied glancing up from the mass of files on his desk. He knew that voice anywhere and was pleasantly surprised to hear it.

She remained standing at the door waiting for him to invite her into the office. She was not going lose control; she wanted him to want her.

"Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come in here?" he said standing from behind his desk and walking around to the front of the desk waving her in.

She walked in smiling "It is nice to see you, whatís up?"

"Nothing just working on clearing up some closed cases. What brings you by?"

"Just wanted to see you, and I wanted a kiss." She said with a smirk on her face.

"Oh really?" he said with raised eyebrows. He knew that a kiss with her was not just a kiss. He knew that a kiss would lead to more, and he was not going to lose control around her.

"Yes really." She replied

He stood up and walked to the door behind her and closed it and locked it. Then he looked at her and walked to the other door to his office and did the same. He sat back in his seat with out saying a word. She stared at him and he stared back. She walked over to his desk and pushed his chair back against the file cabinet. She sat on his desk pushing some files away. She crossed her legs as she locked eyes with him. He had not taken his eyes off of her since he sat down in his chair. She ran her leg up and down the inside of his watching for any sign of excitement. There was none. He knew she was trying to get a reaction out of him but it was not going to work. If she wanted something from him she was going to have to work for it, she was going to have to be the one to lose control because he was in complete control right now.

He had on his typical black suit with a dark blue shirt on underneath it. The blue from his shirt brought out the blue in his eyes. She continued to stroke his leg with hers not saying a word. She had on a black skirt with a small slit up the side. The red blouse she had on was cut low, cut low enough for him to get just a glimpse of her bra. She had unbuttoned one of the buttons before she said hello, to let a little bit of her bra show; she knew this would drive him crazy.

"So about that kiss. I am waiting." She looked deep into his eyes and could see that he wanted to kiss her just as bad as she wanted to kiss him.

He didnít say a word. He glanced down at her leg that was still slowly stroking his. Her shoe had slipped off and now her toes were exploring his inner thigh. He watched her leg move up and down his and then slowly moved his eyes up to hers. He took stock of her hands resting on his desk, her blouse partly open and her tongue lightly rubbing itself over her lips making them wet and glistening. She lightly bit her lip trying not to get aroused by the look in his eyes. He pushed her foot away and stood up slowly moving towards her. She thought she had won; He was going to kiss her.

He rested his hands on either side of her body and leaned forward inches from her face.

"So how have you been, how is the custody case going." He said whispering it softly to her.

She looked confused, stunned even. He was this close to me and wanted to know now my case was going. Well I will tell him, I am not going to be the one to lose control here.

"It is going fine, thank you for asking." She whispered back to him in his ear. Her lips lightly brushed his cheek as she sat back away from him. "How on earth can you be this close to me and not kiss me?"

"Who said anything about not wanting to kiss you?" He smiled that thousand mile smile that always sends chills down her back. Every time he smiled like that she just had to kiss him. This time was going to be different. She resisted every urge in her body to grab his face and lay a kiss on him. I am not going to be the one that loses control she thought to her self.

She tried to stand up but he was way to close to her for her to move. He put his hand on her knee and pushed it aside so that now he was standing in between her legs. He stroked her hair with one hand and rested the other on his hip. They looked deep into each others eyes, they both wanted to lose control right then and there but neither refused to do so.

"This is pointless." He said to her.

"What, what is pointless?" she said with a really confused look on her face. She had gotten him to the point that she wanted him at and he was going to just get back to work now. She didnít think so. He did not respond to her question. Before she knew what she was doing or what he was doing he was kissing her. This is what she wanted. This is why she came by.

Her hands slipped into his hair and pulled his head closer to hers. His hands slide out of her hair and down her back and rested on her hips. He pulled her closer to him. He needed her, he wanted her and he would do anything to have her. "You locked the doors right." She said in between kisses.

"Yeah I locked them." He replied looking over her shoulders to make sure that they really were locked.

When he turned his head her lips traveled down to his neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist moving back and forth she wanted him inside of her but not just yet. His hands slid up her blouse and he ripped it open. He exposed her lacy pink bra. He ran his finger tips over her breasts.

"Is this new?" he said out of breath. "It looks new, is it?"

She pulled away from his neck and looked down at the bra she had on.

"Yeah, do you like it, I went shopping yesterday and spend a ton of money at Victoria Secrets." She said with a smile crossing her face. She had bought it for him. All of the underwear and lingerie she had bought were for him and only him.

He nodded and continued to trace the outline of her breasts through the bra. She reached up and started to unbutton his shirt. She pulled it off of him and ran her hands up his chest. He leaned in and kissed her some more. Their mouths were parted and their tongues danced around each others mouths exploring every inch. It was like the first time again. The first time they kissed.

He missed the way she tasted. She missed the way he tasted. She wrapped her legs around him tighter than they were before. She could feel that he was getting hard and she moved her hands down to unbuckle his pants and unzip them. She slid her hands down his pants and found his erection. She started to stroke it she could feel it getting harder in her hands. He grabbed her but and picked her up and moved with her legs tightly wrapped around him to the back wall. His pants fell as he moved them to the wall. He pushed up her skirt and she wiggled out of her panties.

She reached into her bra and pulled out a condom and handed it to him.

"You came prepared, I see, you were planning this werenít you." He said with a giggle.

"Yes, now shut up and put it on."

He ripped the package open with his teeth and in a flash he had it on and he was sliding himself into her. She bit her lip as he slipped into her. She was so wet that he didnít have to slide too hard to please her. He buried himself into her hair as he slide in and out of her. They both tried their best not to make a sound but it was difficult. They had not made love in what felt like years and this was extra excitement doing it in his office in the middle of the day.

He turned his head to look at her and her eyes were closed. "Look at me." He demanded.

She opened her eyes to see those dark blue eyes staring into her soul. He could see the pleasure radiating through her. He could feel her getting close, because he was too. He had lost control and it felt amazing. He entwined his fingers with hers and raised their arms over their heads. He thrusted deeper and deeper into her. She bit her lip so hard that he was worried he was hurting her.

"Are you okay baby?" he asked quietly.

All she could do was nod her head franticly. She had lost control and it felt good. She let go of his hands and grabbed his hard butt to push him deeper into her. They breathed together and their hearts raced. They were on the brink of explosion. He looked at her and she looked at him, they both knew they were close to climaxing and wanted to do it together. They released into their pleasure and felt their bodies explode with the most amazing feeling every. He had to bury his head into her neck as he let out a moan of complete pleasure.

He released her from the wall and kissed her lips softly, and then her neck. She stroked his hair and her breathing became slower. Their hearts were still racing but they were beginning to slow. She couldnít believe what had just happened. She came in for a kiss and ended up making love in the after noon. She pulled her skirt down as he pulled his pants up. They looked at each other and smiled. He started to lean in for another kiss but his phone rang. They looked at each other and laughed.

"Hello, yeah, yeah, okay, umm give me about 15 minutes and I will be right there." He hung up the phone and looked at her. She looked amazing. Her skin was glowing and he knew he had done that to her.

She was standing behind him the whole time he was on the phone smiling at him; she was buttoning up her blouse and fixing her skirt. She picked the panties up from the floor and tucked them into his top drawer. She wanted him to remember what happened here today and to remind him of how good they were together. This was the way to do it.

He turned around to look at her and saw here shoes lying under his desk. He bent over picked them up and motioned to her. She came closer to him and he bent down to put them on her. She braced herself on his shoulder as he slipped her shoes on slowly stroking her foot. She let out a small giggle because of his touch. He looked up at her as he put the shoes on her, their eyes locked and not a word was said between them. She bent down to kiss him.

"Thank you for today." she whispered into his ear and stroked his hair.

"No thank you, that was amazing." He said quietly back to her.

They smiled at each other; he took her hand and got up to walk her to the door. His hand landed on the small of her back as he reached over to unlock the door and let her out. They both had lost control and it felt good.

"When do I get to see the rest of the stuff you bought yesterday?" He said with his head down and a sly look on his face. He was already imagining how beautiful she would look in the outfits, and how even more gorgeous she would look out of them.

She just laughed at him and never responded to his inquiry about the clothes she bought. She walked out of his office and turned around to say "Call me when you want to see what I bought."

He just laughed and said "I will." He rubbed his chin and fell back on the edge of his desk. He ran his other hand through his hair and he smiled. The most beautiful lawyer in town had just made love to him and he was all for it. This losing control thing wasnít that bad. He reached into his desk drawer to grab his gun and saw the panties she left there for him. He let out a small laugh.

She walked out of his office and put a little extra in her walk, she knew he was watching her leave and wanted to leave him with an amazing vision of her walking away. She came by for a kiss and left completely satisfied. She had not really planned on making love to the Chief of Detectives but she was glad she had tucked that condom in her bra. Losing control was not all that bad she thought to herself. I could get use to that. A smile stuck to her face as she left the station.

Chapter 2

She left him breathless and unable to concentrate. His mind kept racing back to their all to brief encounter. He could still smell her scent on him. He could still feel her lips pressed against his neck. Just thinking about her made his manhood rise to full attention again. A sudden ring from his phone brought his attention back to the present.

"Yeah, hello?" he said trying to collect himself.

"Hello your self, I just wanted to say thanks again."

"I should be thanking you, I canít seem to get you out of my head."

"Thatís a good thing I hope?"

"Yeah it would be if I didnít have so much work to do and a small mess to clean up." He said looking around his office at the mess on his floor and the files scattered around his desk. Their encounter had left some evidence that he needed to clean up before anyone wondered what was going on in his office.

"Sorry about that, you want me to come back and help you clean up?"

"No, then I know I wonít get any work done, I will see you later right?" he hoped and prayed that she would say yes. He hadnít got enough of her in their brief encounter and needed more of her. He liked the way he made her feel, and he liked making her feel things so powerfully that she would lose control.

She walked through the office with a little extra in her step. She strolled out of the office and found a bench in the park to sit and collect herself. She pulled out her compact mirror and lipstick and reapplied it while checking her hair. She ran her hands through her hair and down her neck. She could feel his hands still all over her body. She started to get hot again thinking about him. She could feel his tongue tracing her jaw line as he moved down to her neck. The thought of him drove her wild with excitement. She couldnít get him out of her head and would bet he was having the same problem. She dug in her purse for her cell phone and decided to call John.

She sat in the park and talked to John about the mess they had made in his office earlier. He asked her if he could see her later. The thought of him around her made her weary. She wanted to be near him and with him, but every time they were together she would lose control of all of her inhibitions. Being with him drove her crazy, she liked being with him but didnít like the idea of losing control with him. She had always been in control but when it came to John McBain control went out the window in a hurry.

"Maybe, we can see each other later." She needed to leave him wanting her, not the other way around. She smiled as she hung up the phone with John and thought about how she left him hanging.

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