Chapter 2

The next night

John is supposed to meet Evangeline at her office around 6:30. They both have been at work all day and are excited to see each other and spend time together. A knock at the door startles Evangeline as she continues to work on the custody trial while waiting for John to arrive.

"Come in." she yells from behind her desk.

"Hello beautiful."

"Hello yourself" she says standing up and walking towards John.

They stand their staring at each other. Taking in what they have missed so dearly.

"God, Iíve missed you." He said grabbing her around the waist and pulling her towards him. He kisses her hard on the lips their mouths part slowly letting each others tongues in. Her hands go up his back and pull him closer towards her. They kiss each other like never before.

"Wow." She says pulling back and trying to catch her breath.

He pushes the hair from her face and looks deep in her eyes.

"You are amazing." He said smiling at her. "Are you ready to go?"

"Oh yeah, been ready to go and hang out with you since this morning." She responds with a smile in his direction. She turns to grab her coat and purse. She grabs Johnís hand and turns out the light and they leave her office.

"SoÖ.. where are we going?" he asks her smiling brightly towards her as they wait for the elevator to come.

"I thought we were going to play pool and have dinner?" she says looking back at him confused.

"You really want to spend the night in public? I havenít seen you in like a week and you expect me to be able to keep my hands off of you?" he says inching closer to her and wrapping one of his arms around her waist. "I thought we could make our own fun at your place!"

"Oh you do, do you?" she replied as she slowly stroked his chin and ran her finger across the bottom of his lip. The elevator doors open and they step in and she pushes the button to the garage. "I canít wait to get you alone all to myself, the things I am going to do to you LieutenantÖ" she whispered into his ear.

A smile crosses his face as he leans in to kiss her. The doors open and they are still kissing. She pulls back and steps out of the elevator pulling him with her. They get into their separate cars. John pulls out his siren and turns it on and drives as fast as his car can go to Evangelineís place. Evangeline follows in her car trying her best to keep up with the speeding cop. They arrive at her place and John waits at the door as Evangeline opens it and lets them in turning lights on as she moves into the living room.

"You want something to eat or drink" she asks him as she sets her things down and moves into the kitchen. She is standing in front of the refrigerator looking in it as John comes up behind her he wraps his arms around her small waist and pulls her back to him.

"All I want to night is you." He says whispering into Evangelineís ear.

She turns to face him with all smiles. He grabs her hands and leads her back to her bedroom.

Evangeline strips John to his boxers and pushes him onto her bed. She slowly undress leaving just her bra and panties on. She crawls on top of him. He sits up slowly and slips one of her bra straps off and kisses her shoulder as the strap falls down. He then does the same to her neck and then down her chest. He grabs her hips and picks her up and lies next to her. He trails the tip of his tongue down her neck and on to her nipple. He lightly flicks it with his tongue and then continues the trail down to her lower stomach.

He slips his hand down into her panties and starts to stroke her. He watches as her eyes close and her back arches. She lets out a loud moan as his fingers explore her insides. He takes everything in as he watches her move with every little touch. He slowly removes his fingers and pulls her panties down and off.

She reaches over into her night stand and hands him some protection. With one rip it is open and off. He rolls on top of her and slowly enters her. Their fingers intertwine above her head as he starts pumping into her. Their eyes lock as their breathing and heart rate quickens. She wraps her legs around him allowing him to go deeper inside of her. She rolls him over so now she is on top. She arches her back as she grinds down her hips on his hard manhood. His hands explore her body his eyes take in every movement. They both are close to release as she speeds up her thrusts.

He grabs her hips to help control both of their releases. He sits up and wraps his arms around her as they both release and lead out loud moans of pure pleasure.

She falls back on top of him. Their breathing and heart rate slow. He wraps his arms around her holding her tightly.

"So are we still on for next month right?" she asks him trying to catch her breath.

"Whatís going on next month?" he says looking down at her.

"John you know what next month is, it is our one year anniversary!" she says looking back up to him.

"Oh yeah, I wonít miss it for anything."

They lie there in their after glow. They talk about work and what has been going on the last week of each others lives. Over the next month they see each other and talk to each other when their schedules permit.

Night before the Anniversary Date

"Evangeline?" he says while on the phone with her.

"Hey you, we are still on for tomorrow night right?" she says hoping that he will say yes.

"That is why I am calling. I have to go to New York tonight we got a promising lead in the Love Shack murders. Baby, I am so sorry, I honestly do not want to go. I tried to get Bo to get someone else to go, but he said I had to go." John has a small smile across his face. He knows what he is saying is a complete lie, but he has to do it for his plan to work.

"John, what! No we have been planning this for a month now. I understand about the case, but McBain you owe me soo big you donít even know it." She said with disappointment in her voice.

He could hear the disappointment and anger in her voice, but he knew what he had planned for the next couple of nights was going to be better than she could imagine. They hang up promising to talk later tomorrow when they both get a break.

John hangs up the phone smiles at himself and his plan and picks up the phone to make another call.

"Yeah, have it out front at 2:30, okay, donít be late, I am counting on you."

Evangeline called it an early night, disappointed about John canceling their plans. She changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed to watch Casablanca. She fell asleep watching the movie. Downstairs a man dressed in all black has found a way in to Evangelineís house and is making his way slowly up stairs to her bedroom. He watches her lying their asleep. He walks over to her and throws her over his shoulder and starts to move downstairs. She walks up at the sudden change of her head.

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