Chapter 3

"What the Hell are you doing, Put me down you Son of a Bitch." She is screaming at the man in black and is punching his back with strong fists. "Do you know who I am; to you know who I am involved with? My boyfriend is the Chief of Detective, put me down you stupid asshole or so help you God!" She continues screaming and punching the intruders back.

He says nothing as he hurries down the steps and opens the car door that was waiting for him. He shoves her into the back seat of the Limo and slams the door. The doors lock and the driver take off in a hurry. The man smiles through his ski mask and goes back into Evangelineís house and gathers some of her personal things.

"Let me out! If you do not open these doors right now you are going to sorely regret it!" she yells through the screen of the Limo. The driver continues to drive as Evangeline looks around from something to get out of the car. She sits in the back seat and cannot believe what is happening. "John, where are you when I need!" she says in a desperate voice.

The driver pulls over the car. He has a mask on as well. As he opens the door she tries to kick him in the stomach and get out of the car. He grabs her legs and shoves her back into the car. She starts kicking and punching him with everything she has in her. The driver is stronger than her and he overpowers her. He ties Evangelineís hands behind her back and puts duct tape over her mouth and then blind folds her. She is still struggling with her captor as he leaves her in the back of the car. He goes from the back of the car to the front and pulls the car out onto the freeway. Evangeline starts struggling with the rope trying to get her hands from behind her back.

As she struggles with the ropes she thinks about how she got herself into this situation. "If I just would have called John to say good night and have him call me back later none of this would have happened. What hell does this guy want?" Neither of her captors had said a single word to her as she was taken by force from her house.

The drive lasts for what seems like forever. She eventually gives up fighting to get out of her ropes and falls asleep in the back of the car.

When the driver finally figured she had tired her self out from trying to get out of the restraints he picked up his cell phone and called his partner.

"Yeah, everything is okay." said the driver. "No she didn't really give me any problems. She tried to kick me in the stomach just like you said. So I was expecting that and dodged that bullet."

"Is she asleep now?" he asked.

"Yeah she tired her self out. We are just outside of Pennsylvania right now."

"Keep me informed on anything that happens with her. And remember do not hurt her, accidentally or otherwise."

"Come on man, you know me better than that. I like her as much as you do. There is no possibly way I would or could hurt her."

"That is what I wanted to hear. Thanks again for helping me with this. I owe you big time."

"Just keep my name out of it when she finds out what you have done. I do not want to be anywhere near that."

"Okay will do. I'll see you at the drop point."

"See you in a couple of hours." the driver hung up the phone and looked back into the back seat. Evangeline was resting peacefully in the back seat. She had no idea what she was in for.

The driver pulls into an under ground garage. He goes into the back of the car and opens the back door. He wakes Evangeline open and pulls her out of the car. She struggles with him and tries to run as he closes and locks the door. The driver calls for the freight elevator. They both get in.

"If you stop fighting with me everything will be okay and I wonít have to hurt you." He whispers into her ear. Not that he would hurt her anyway.

She tries to remember exactly how his voice sounds and the words she uses as to help the case against this man that has abducted her when John finds her. The voice sounds strangely familiar.

They walk down a hall way with a carpeted floor, and she hears a door open. The driver pushes her into the room and slams the door shut. He lead her to a chair in the middle of the room and had her sit in the chair. "Stay here, I will be right back. Donít try to leave the door locks from the outside only." The driver said as he untied her hands and removed the duct tape from her mouth and the blind fold from her eyes and then he left the room.

Evangeline tried to adjust to the amount of light in the room. "Where am I? Am I still in Llanview? Who the hell is this guy.?" She slowly got to her feet and started looking around the room. "Is this a hotel room? Why am I in a hotel room?" She walked over and tried the phone, it was dead. She opened the curtains and looked out on the view. It was a view of Central Park. "What the hell am I doing in New York City?" She continued to explore the room. She walked into the bathroom and found her toothbrush, shampoo, and makeup all set out nicely in the room. She heard the door open and a familiar voice called to her.


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