Cris did not kill Tico. Tico died because of his gunshot wound. Cris finally got help and is working on deprogramming. Natalie is standing by his side but still secretly pins after John. The Killing Club murders are going full strength ahead. Hudson, Julie and another Love Shack crew member have already died. The case has taken over Johnís life. He, Evangeline, Michael and Marcie are all working together to solve the murders. Nora is the current District Attorney after everyone found out that Daniel killed Paul. Evangeline is still working on Antonioís custody case against RJ. She has been in court for awhile trying the case. Jess is helping Antonio deal with the case and the Santi money. They are slowly working their way back to each other. It has been one year since John gave Evangeline the piece of string, and deciding to take a step forward in their relationship. Evangeline knows the anniversary date is coming up but knows John well enough to not expect anything from him but maybe a dinner. John has other ideas though. It is a month till the anniversary date and John has something big planned.

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