She stopped at the deli and grabbed the lunch she had ordered. She sped to the police station. She knew she could do that and not get a ticket. There are some perks to dating the Chief of Detectives. She smiled as she sped down the street. The anticipation of seeing John made her smile even wider. Evangeline arrived at the station 10 minuets late.

John was sitting on his desk looking at his watch as he watched a smiling Evangeline approaching him.

"What is this, what is this, you are never late" He said smirking at her as he reached for her to give her a kiss hello.

"I know, I know, I am so so so sorry. As she kissed him hello back and went in for a hug. She missed this. Not just his lips on hers but also his strong arms wrapped around her small frame. "My 9 am meeting ran a little longer than I thought it would. She set the basket of goodies down and said to him "What can I do to make it up to you?"

John stood up with Evangeline still in front of him and backed her up to the door and slammed an open door shut. As he leaned back from closing the door he looked like a fox that just broke into the chicken coop with mischievous on his mind.

"I know exactly what you can do for me."

"And what would that be Lieutenant." She said with a sly smile on her face and running her hands along his strong chest.

"I want a kiss."

"A kiss, just a kiss that is all? where do you want this kiss?"

"Right here." He pointed to his cheek.

"Right here, are you sure right there?"


She kissed him on his cheek

"And right here." He pointed to his other cheek, she kissed him there too.

"And finally right here." He pointed to his lips.

She went in for a peck and as soon as she did he pulled her into a full on passionate kiss. His bottom lip covered hers. Both of their mouths parted to allow for the others tongue to slowly slip in. At the same time they both thought how they had missed this and each other so much. The kiss got deeper; their tongues danced around each others mouths. John was pulling her closer into him. Her hands were now in his hair. There heads were weaving back and forth. A kiss that was suppose to just be a peck turned into the best, passionate kiss either of them had. Evangeline melted into Johnís body. They fit perfectly together. John let go a little and place a couple of quick pecks on her lips. Their eyes meet and locked on each other. Not a single word was said but they both let out a sigh of relief and pleasure.

He stroked her face as he said, "I think we should be going Hun." He kissed her in between words.

When she heard these words she let out a sigh of frustration. She wanted to stay right there, like this for, forever.

"Okay, okay." She said reluctantly and gave him one last peck. Evangeline picked up the basked and started towards the door with her back to him. John pulled her back

"I have missed you counselor, missed kissing you, missed touching you, missed making love to you, I missed being in your presence. You cannot be doing this to me." John said quietly into her ear.

Evangeline smiled and nodded her head in agreement with Johnís words. He let her go and moved in front of her to get the door for her. As he opened the door he reached for his jacket that was hanging on the coat rack next to the door. It was an Indian summer day and a jacket wasnít called for and he knew this.

"John you wonít need that, it is beautiful outside." She said with a curious look on her face.

"Not as beautiful as it is in here." He said leaning in for a peak on the lips. She really was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"John." She sighed back at him.

"Come on letís go." He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. I see we are having a picnic." He said as they walked down the hallway.

"Yeah, I hope that is okay with you. I should have asked you before I ordered the food." She said stopping him in the hallway before they made their way to the park.

"Wonderful, I canít wait; I hope there is not any chicken salad in there." He said with a laugh.

"John, I told you it was nice out why did you bring your jacket?" she asked him.

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