Think, quick John answer her, hurry and make it good she can't know the real reason. John thought to himself. "It is just in case there is a breeze you know, because you don't have on much of the way of clothes there." He said caressing her bare arms.

He was right. She had on a sleeveless blouse and a skirt. It was an Indian summer and the weather felt great across her skin, not as good as John’s arms but still great.

"John." She said hitting him playfully in the gut.

They walked on out of the station and into Llantano Park. They found a good spot near a tree and sat down from some good food and good conversation. Evangeline handed John the blanket and he spread it out on the ground. Evangeline took the food and drinks out of the basket and placed them on the blanket. She pulled out macaroni salad, sandwiches and beer. She hid what was for dessert in the basket.

They sat in the park and ate lunch, they talked about cases and what is going on since the last time they saw each other.

"So how is Nora?" John asked her.

"She is good. We had lunch yesterday. Her and Bo are getting closer you know. I think she is a little nervous about it. She doesn't want to screw things up again with him. She loves him a lot and is scared about losing him again." she replied getting quite.

"Well I have talked to Bo, and he really wants things to work out with Nora. He still loves her and never stopped loving her even after the whole Daniel and Paige thing."

Daniel had finally confessed to the murder of Paul Cramer after he tried to frame Jen Rapport. He said he did it to hide the fact that He was not really Daniel Colson. He had stole Colson's identity and kidnapped Riley when he was only a couple of years old. Daniel who was really Thad Reynolds had killed the original Colson in a fit of rage and assumed his identity. Paul some how found all of this out and was black mailing him.

Paige turned out to be a mental patient escapee from Port Charles. She was previously a Doctor before she went insane and when she broke out of the clinic she moved to Llanview and forged documents with Daniel's/ Thad's help to get her a position at Llanview Hospital.

"So how is Jessica doing?" she asked to change the subject.

"Well Antonio wants me to look into the nasty notes she has been getting. So I will start on that later I guess. Other than that he says they are doing good."

They finished eating their lunch and talked more about Michael, Marcie, and Antonio.

"Mmmm…, that was good. What is for dessert?" he said giving Evangeline the once over. "Chocolate?" He said hoping that she would say yes. He loved having her for dessert.

She smiled back at him. "Nope, strawberries and whipped cream. Care for some?" she said as she dipped a strawberry into the fresh cream and ate it.

"Nope, I see something much sweater I want." John tilted his head and slowly moved in towards Evangeline. Their lips met and she dropped the remainder of the strawberry she was eating to the blanket. He pulled her in closer and she crawled on top of his lap.

His hands ran through her hair down her back and landed on her butt. He gently squeezed her back side and pulled her still closer to him. Her hands went through his dark brown hair and settled around his neck. Their tongues explored each others mouths and they breathed deeper into each other. She could feel him getting excited beneath her because she was too.

Evangeline pulled back, "John, we better stop. If we don't we will end up getting a ticket and arrested for indecent exposure."

"I can see the headline now Chief of Detectives and Legal Eagle caught with their pants down!" They both giggled at the statement as Evangeline crawled off of John and found her way back to the strawberries.

"You do have to admit thought that was much better than your strawberries and cream." He said with a huge smile.

Evangeline ate the strawberries as John leaned his back against a tree with his knees bent. He watched her. He missed watching her. He missed everything about her. He knew he loved this woman and he couldn't stand not being with her any more. He watched her looking out in the park at everyone playing and enjoying the last days of summer. She seemed off in another world. He liked watching her think. It made him think.

Evangeline sat there staring out into the park. She was thinking about everything. Then out of the blue, the Aussie’s face appeared in her head. She thought of how sexy his voice was and how she enjoyed flirting with him earlier in the day. The thing was, he didn't make her feel. He didn't make her feel like John had made her feel. She turned and looked at him. He was in his on world as well. What was he thinking about?

"I have a confession to make." He said grabbing her attention and bringing her back to reality.

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