Chapter 4

"Jasper Jax? It is very nice to meet you, Evangeline Williamson". She said extending a hand.

"And you as well, please Miss Williamson call me Jax." He said taking her hand and smiling at her.

"Okay Jax, and please call me Evangeline. Have a seat. So what can I do for you? Alexis Davis mentioned you might need some legal help here in Llanview. Why donít you tell me all about it and what I can do for you?" She said motioning him to have a seat on her couch in her office.

Wow he is gorgeous, those blue eyes are amazing. His smile is great, and did he have an accent? He does, its Australian. Alexis never told me he was Australian. That is one of the sexiest voices she has heard, next to John McBains voice. That deep, sexy, raspy voice made her melt every time he said her name. John McBain made her melt. She could not wait until lunch this afternoon.

Evangeline had known Alexis for a couple of years now. They had run into each other literally at a lawyer convention in New York before she had moved to Llanview. They became fast friends and when Alexis called the week before Evangeline was not surprised. They talked about life, love and career. Alexis mentioned her ex-husband Jasper Jax was doing some business there in Llanview and wondered if she was willing to help him with some paperwork regarding the business deal. Evangeline agreed and Jax had called the next day to set up a meeting.

"Well, Evangeline, I am what they call a "Corporate Raider" I am here in town to buy a couple of companies and merge them in to one. The thing is one of the companies is giving me the runaround and the legal documents do not look all that legal. I was hoping you could look them over, and make any changes that may make the deals fall through. Here are the documents." he reached in to his black leather briefcase to pull out several legal documents.

"Okay, let me look over them and I will get back with you." She replied taking the papers from Jax. Their hands brushed against each other and a chill went up her back. She blew it off and walked to her desk.

"I was actually hoping if you do not have any other meetings scheduled this morning that we could work on them now. This deal is on the verge of falling through and if I do not sign these in the next couple of days I do not know what I will do." He walked to her desk and leaned on it leaning into her. Their eyes meet and he could not believe how beautiful she was. He smiled at her hoping that would get her to work on his case now.

She could tell he was flirting with her. She did not mind, a little flirting never really hurt, just as long as it did not go any further. She blushed as he smiled at her.

"Oh okay, well I donít have any meetings, so let me just scan them and see if anything suspicious jumps out at me. Make yourself at home, there is coffee, juice and water over there just help yourself." She said to him pointing at a small table holding all the beverages.

"Well, thank you, I do not mind if I do."

Evangeline and Jax continued to look over the paperwork he brought with him. The lawyer that had drawn these up had no idea what he or she was doing, she thought to herself. Jax constantly stared at her, watching that passion and intensity in her eyes. He was in awe by how her she worked and carried herself. Her hair kept falling into her eyes and he kept wanting to push it behind her ear. She could feel him looking at her. She did everything she could not to turn to him and look at him as well. She focused her attention on the papers to keep herself busy. It was 12:15 before she knew it.

"Oh crap, I am sorry Jax I have to go, I have a lunch date at 12:30 and I still have to pick up the lunch. She said pushing the papers together and shoving them towards Jax.

"Well can we continue this later?" He said surprisingly, he didnít want to leave her.

"Yeah, yeah I will just call you later and set up a time." She said putting her coat on and straightening up her office.

"I didnít mean to keep you so long" he said as he put the papers back in his briefcase.

"That is okay Jax."

They shook hands and he helped her with her coat and they shared the elevator down to the parking garage. He watched as she sauntered to her car. Even her walk was amazing. He made sure that she got into her car alright. She waved goodbye as she sped passed him.

"A smart, ambitious, and beautiful woman, I have to find out more. I have to find out more about Evangeline Williamson Attorney at Law." He said to himself

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