Ch. 5

(Meanwhile at John & Evangeline's house)

Evangeline is sitting at the kitchen table and staring at the breakfast that John made her, when she hears the doorbell ring. She makes her way into the living room where she greets Nora at the door.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, really."

"Are you sure? You know I was down at the station and a couple of guys were talking about responding to a call here."

Evangeline let out a heavy sigh, "Yeah that was Tris. He was just a little worried so he called John. Well, you John. He's so overprotective that he had a unit dispatched like it was a big deal."

"And it wasn't? No big deal right," Nora asked. "I'm sure there's more to it than that."

Evangeline said nothing. She turned away silently form Nora avoiding eye contact. "No, that's about it."

"Sure," Nora said as the two made their way to the kitchen. "Is this your breakfast? Since when have you started eating healthy?"

"Oh yeah, John made it for me before he took Tris to school."

"Okay," Nora said grabbing Evangeline by the hand and leading her to the kitchen table. "Something is definitely wrong if John is making you breakfast and taking Tris to school. Are you sick?"

"John and I are in a relationship. He does things like this sometimes." Evangeline was saying as Nora cut her off.

"Oh please. John's idea of breakfast is a hot cup of coffee, not healthy food."

Evangeline had to laugh, because she knew there was some truth behind that. "So, why are you here so early?"

"No, no. Don't try to change the subject. Tell me, what's going on?"

Evangeline smiled. She knew there was no avoiding the topic. Nora was just as stubborn and determined as she was. "Okay, okay. When Tris called John, I was crying over Kelly's case. Tris was just scared he didn't know what to do. John just thought it might be best that I work from home today and I agreed."

"Wow you guys are starting to act like a marred couple." Nora often brought this up to tease Evangeline. It had been more than seven years now and she was still afraid of marriage.

"Don't you start too." Evangeline rolled her eyes.

"John's been talking about marriage?"

"No, Tris. He just wanted to know why John and I aren't married even though we live together."

"It's natural for a child to question a thing like that. What did you tell him?"

"Nothing. Michael came over at the perfect time," Evangeline said with a sigh.

"Are you saying that you're still opposed to it?"

"I really don't know anymore. The past seen years with John have been great. We have a wonderful son together and I really don't understand how a piece of paper could improve our relationship."

"It's not the paper you know. It's what it symbolizes."

"And I get all that undying love and commitment, but John already knows I love him and that I will always will."

"Does he? I mean I'm sure there's some part of him that wants to know why you think that you two will not make it."

"I didn't say that. John and I can make it through anything."

"So what's holding you back?"

This was one of the few times in her life that Evangeline Williamson was speechless. She was sure that she and John could make it through anything. Ever since John stopped Natalie from coming in between them they hadn't had any real significant problems that threatened to break them up. Although Tristen was an unexpected surprise, they both agreed that they wanted a child and everything that entailed. If they made it this far what was she afraid of? She wasn't quite sure, but she knew with another child on the way that she may have to confront her fears.

"So, Tristen is playing tee ball this year?" Nora knew she had stumped Evangeline, but she knew it was something she should be thinking about.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Matthew told me that he and Bo saw Tris and John at the sporting goods store."

"I'm assuming that you talked John out of peewee football."


Nora laughed she remembered Evangeline telling her how she and John had argued for days over him playing such a dangerous sport.

(Somewhere in Angel's Square)

"Hey, John. How's it going?"

"It's going pretty good. How about you? Is everything between you and Cristian alright?"

"Yes, why would you even ask something like that?" Ever since John stopped being Natalie's savior, she felt as though he had no right to inquire about her personal life.

"I was just asking. I know he's been back for sometime now, and he still hasn't remembered what happened to him on that ship. Don't you think that's a little unusual?"

"NO!" Natalie's own voice shocked her. She had to be careful answering John's questions. The truth was that Cristian had remembered what happened on the ship, and who ordered him to be there. It was none other than his cousin Tico. As John and Natalie were speaking, at the diner Cristian and Antonio were trying to figure out why Tico hadn't tried to have Cris killed since he'd come back to Llanview. They were also planning something, something that she was afraid to ask him. Cris had come back a changed man since his time away. She knew that he had been put through hell so there was no chance of her selling out her husband now. "Just leave us alone, John. Do you think you're the only one that deserves to be happy?"

"What are you talking about? I want you to be happy. I want things to work out between you and Cris."

"Sure, you're practically married now with a kid and here I am getting reacquainted with my husband after seven years. It's all your fault John. You're the one who let us down. It's your fault that Cris and I haven't been together. I want you to think about that every night when you go home to your family. Stop trying to ruin our lives. Just leave me and Cristian alone." Natalie stormed off. She didn't want to give John a chance to question her about Cristian any further.

John was shocked and a little hurt. Since the day he got back, Cristian made it no secret that he hated John. He blamed him and he made him aware of it every opportunity that he had, but through all that he had never heard Natalie say it to him. John tried to clear his mind. He didn't want to bring that kind of negativity home with him.

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