Ch. 6

(Back at John and Evangeline's House)

"Hey," John said from the kitchen doorway interrupting their laughter. He walked to Evangeline and kisses her softly on the forehead. His eyes went to the table, "Evangeline you didn't eat you breakfast."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't that hungry."

Without even thinking John blurted out, "You're pregnant now! You can't just go around skipping meals."

"John," Evangeline said before she was interrupted.

"You're pregnant," Nora asked.

"John, I thought we would tell our families first."

"I'll just let myself out," Nora said apologetically. She knew this was not an argument that she wanted to get in the middle of.

"Bye," Evangeline said as she watched Nora leave. "Do you want to tell me what that was all about?"

"You have to ask? Don't you remember what happened when you were pregnant with Tristen, because I do." Right now John was worried and upset; which made it a bad time for them to be having this discussion. John knew that he might say things that he would regret, but he was worried for Evangeline and their baby. "What if things happen like they did last time? Did you think of that? With stress that came from your job, do you really think that not eating is going to help this pregnancy?"

Evangeline didn't say anything. Of course she understood. She already blamed herself for the complication she had with Tristen, and now with this new baby she already feared for the worst possible outcome. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she could feel John's eyes intensely staring at her.

(Six years earlier)

"Ms. Williamson I'm afraid that the stress of your job has dramatically raised your blood pressure during your pregnancy," said her obstetrician.

"Okay, so what do we do to treat it," John asked. He already knew the answer he wanted to hear. He wanted Evangeline to stop taking on new cases and have people reassigned to her current ones.

"I understand that you're a very important lawyer, Ms. Williamson, but I'm afraid that you will not be able to continue in your line of work. At least until the baby is born."

"There aren't any other options. This seems so dramatic."

"Evangeline, what are you saying? Didn't you hear him? I know you don't like it, but I think you should just listen to the doctor's recommendation."

"What are the risks involved with me continuing my work?"

"Well, researchers report that working outside the home during the final weeks of pregnancy may jeopardize your and the health of your unborn child. You will have higher blood pressure during workdays than non-workdays, and you will also be at an increased risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension, which is what you're currently suffering from. High blood pressure during pregnancy can cause heart, kidney and liver damage. Untreated, this disease can lead to congestive heart failure. As with any pregnancy, a good prenatal diet full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and the basic food groups is important; cutting back on processed foods, refined sugars, and cutting out caffeine, alcohol and any medication not prescribed by a physician is essential. In your case I am going to have to insist that you get plenty of bed rest."

Evangeline looked over a John. In his face she could see a thousand emotions, but fear was the one that made her give in. She did not want to hurt her baby or John. She was so used to being strong and independent, but now she couldn't believe that if she didn't take it slow it could cost her everything.

"After the baby is born, will my blood pressure return to normal?"

"Probably so, we will probably monitor you for a few weeks after he is born, but that's just a precaution."

"Okay," Evangeline said.

"Okay what," John said. He wasn't sure if she was giving in. He knew her, because she was a lawyer she loved to fight and argue. He was hoping that this would not be one of those times. He was finally over Caitlyn, and now as his new life was just beginning he could feel it being threatened. He felt hopeless. He knew this was essentially Evangeline's decision, but he was going to know exactly where he stood. He was not going to lose her or this baby!

"Okay. That means that when we get home I will call some of my partners and start reassigning my cases. If anyone needs clarification on a case then I will just refer them to my co-counsel." Evangeline turned and looked at John, "I know, this baby means so much to me and he's not even here. I love him and I will do anything it takes to protect him."

A tear rolled down Evangeline's cheek and John wiped it away with his thumb. The two barely notice when the doctor left the room to get some additional paperwork.

"Thank you," John said as he kissed her. In that moment the whole world seemed to melt away.

(Back to the present)

"Yes, John, I know," she said trying to hold back any emotion. "Do you actually think that I would purposely hurt our child?" She dropped her head into her hands and began to sob uncontrollably. Even as she felt John wrap his arms around her, she was unable to calms herself.

"Shh. No, I don't think that. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled. I know that only makes things worse, but Evangeline I don't want to go through that again. I can't risk losing you. Tristen and I both need you too much."

"What are you saying? Do you want me to terminate this pregnancy?" Evangeline was startled when John's phone rang. "Answer it. It's the station," Evangeline said coldly. The look on his face when he removed it from his pocket confirmed her assertion.

"McBain," John sighed. He got calls at all the wrong times. "What? Run that by me again. Fine. NO, I understand. I'm on my way."

"It's an emergency right," Evangeline said as she broke from their embracing wiping the tears from her face.

"Yeah, um, I won't be able to pick up Tris from school, but I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind spending some time with him. This would give us a chance to talk when I get home."

"No, I want to. He'll worry if you or I are not there."

"Okay. I guess it will be good for him to see that you are alright. Look, we're not finished talking about the baby." "Just go. We'll talk tonight."

John wished he didn't have to leave right now; unfortunately, that's the type of job he had. He kissed Evangeline and gently rubbed her stomach before heading for the door. Before he left he said, "If you're up to it try to eat something and get a little rest, okay. If you need anything, please, don't hesitate to call me."

Evangeline sat back down at the kitchen table and started to cry again. She wasn't sure if she was so emotional from the pregnancy or because of her fight with John. She never imagined that being in love would be so difficult. This is why she was afraid of marriage. If John didn't want this baby, she wasn't sure that she would be able to stay with him. Evangeline was sure of one thing. That was how much she loved her son. In her mind the decision was already made in just six short months they would be welcoming their second child into the world.

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