Part Six

Reflections John: They had been inseparable for three weeks and he thought he was closer to finding out the truth, but it was still eluding him.


"Come in," John said.

"Hey Bro, how is everything going?" Michael asked.

"Fine, what brings you down to the station? Slumming again or trying to get with Marcie?" McBain asked.

"A little of both, just thought you might want to give me some information, how is your life going? You know that thing you have with Evangeline. Are you any closer to getting back on track? Inquiring minds want to know," Michael said jokingly.

"You of all people know I donít like to talk about my personal life, but maybe just this once, you might be able to help," McBain said.

"Hey, all you have to do is ask. Iím here for you bro," Michael said.

"Follow me. You are dating a woman for several months; you stupidly think everything is okay. Then one day, this woman decides to break it off with you and itís totally out of the blue. Youíre thinking, what just happened here? So, what do you think would cause a seemingly smart, intelligent woman to call it quits? Any answers?" McBain asked.

"Not that I have any experience in getting dumped," Michael said jokingly, smiling and ducking the Nerf ™ ball John threw at him, "but, I would ask if something changed between the two of you? Was there someone else or something else that caused her to do a 180 degree turn?" Michael asked.

"So you are saying that something happened off my radar and I need to pick it up?" McBain said.

"Yeah, something happened that you havenít a clue about, but if you look really hard you will be able to put the pieces together. You are a top cop. What scenario would play out if you looked at this as if it was a case you were investigating? What questions would you ask? What questions did she answer? Sometimes it is what a person doesnít say that means the most. I hope that helps," Michael said.

"You know, you might just have something there. You free for lunch?" McBain asked.

"Thought youíd never ask. Rodiís and anything I want right?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, order all the grease you can eat," McBain, said laughingly, getting up and leading them out of the office. Both brothers really felt good and close to one another. Michael felt good because he may have helped his brother solve his problem. As for John, Michael had given him a valuable road map to follow. Yep, he was definitely closer than he was before to finding out the truth. Evangeline what are you hiding? He thought to himself.

Reflections Evangeline: Three weeks and according to the website I visited I will really start to show in another month. Iím two months pregnant and even I can see Iím getting bigger. I promised John a month. Well, he has two weeks left, but do I?


"Hey girl, how are you doing?" Nora asked, as she and Evangeline sat down for lunch.

"Good, some days; bad others," Evangeline answered.

"No morning sickness, I hope," Nora asked.

"Nora, please donít even mention that word. Every morning. I keep crackers and water with me for emergencies; and even a bag, just in case," Evangeline said.

"How do you manage to cover? Oh, I get it you only see John Boy at night, when the worst is over," Nora laughingly said.

"Yes, and the point isÖ?" Evangeline asked.

"Just if the man pops up on one of your bad mornings with some queasy eggs and bagels, you are gonna have some explaining to do. You better look up an illness on the internet that has throwing up as one of the symptoms," Nora said.

"Very funny, Nora," Van smiled, "I did, just havenít found one that I could use without John looking at me like Iím stupid."

"Why donít you just tell him? Hasnít he done enough to prove how committed he is to the two of you?" Nora said simply.

"I hear you, yet I still feel that John would just bolt," Evangeline said.

"Yeah, and I have an island made of gold to sell you. There is no way that man would leave you. Not in this lifetime," Nora said.

"Yes, but you know now its worse, because he has done all the right things. He sends me flowers, and messages are left on my machine when I miss his calls. Every night no matter what kind of day we have we talk." Evangeline said and sighed.

"So excuse me, why donít you take a chance? Your problem is you always want to protect yourself from anything that could cause you emotional pain. Well you got to keep in mind that your choices affect that little life. You canít go making decisions for him/her in this place of fear," Nora said.

"Iím not afraid. I just call it caution," Evangeline said.

"Fear or caution. If you want something in this life you got to take chances. Now sometimes you get hurt, but then sometimes the pay off is worth it. Think on it," Nora said.

"I will." Evangeline said.

"How is the child custody investigation going?" Nora said.

"Iím letting John look into it. He seems to think that there may be some players on the team we are not aware of." Evangeline said.

"Yeah and who are they?" Nora asked.

"John said he wanted to keep it on the down low until he could come up with something concrete. I just pray he is careful," Evangeline said.

"Yeah, I mean how much information can he find out now that Judge Hernandez is dead?. Everything she knew went with her." Nora said.

"I know, but you know John, if anyone can come up with something on this itís him. He is a good cop. He knows how to hunt for the truth," Evangeline said.

"Exactly my point. When John starts to put together all the things he knows and it clicks, I donít want to be anywhere near you. You are gonna be in deep crap, sister" Nora said.

"Thanks, Nora. Good to know who my friends are," Evangeline said.

Just then John and Michael walked into Rodiís and came straight to their table.

"Hey ladies," John said and bent over to kiss Evangeline on the cheek.

Both ladies spoke as one, "Hey."

"What brings you two boys out?" Nora asked.

"Lunch, my bro is helping me crack a case and he deserved a reward," John said.

"Oh, and what case is that?" Evangeline asked.

"Confidential. Canít talk about it, but how about we join you ladies you mind?" John asked.

"Nora, you mind?" Evangeline asked.

"No, the more the merrier. We were just going to call the waitress over for our order," Nora said.

"Good, Mikey, Iíll get some chairs and you go order a couple of cold ones. Nora, Van, what do you two want?" he asked.

"Tea for me," Evangeline said.

"Sprite for me, please," Nora said.

"Be right back with the drinks," Michael said.

"Evangeline, you donít seem to drink anything much lately but water and tea. Some new nutrition program you are on?" John asked.

"Just eating healthy. Nothing really new for me," Evangeline said casually.

"Hmm, healthy huh?" John reflected, but Evangeline didnít realize he was processing. Suddenly it all began to click. He remembered that not once in two weeks had Van gone near alcohol. He also remembered that her appetite was ferocious. He recalled when they went on their first date after making up how she held her stomach. In his mind, he saw her glance at her belly in thought on the night she had told him about the Kevin situation. And her request not to make love Ė these reflections put that in a whole new context, too. His eyes darkened and his mind, which was something of a steel trap, stumbled on the truth. Yet he didnít let on that he had, he just watched and listened during lunch. He noted other changes: how she looked tired and how her clothes, which were usually so close fitting, were starting to be worn loose. Oh yeah, it was right in front of him the whole time. How did he miss it? More importantly, what was he going to do about it?

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