"Letting Go" Part Five


Reflections John: The date was perfect, Van sure had an appetite, I knew she could eat, she actually wanted half of my cheeseburger, and of course I gave it to her. The burger moment scored me points. When I put the movie in she surprised me when she settled down between my legs as we rested on the ground with my back up against the tree. I let my hand rest on her stomach, and suddenly I felt her tighten up as if she was protecting something, but just as quickly she relaxed. This was not the best place for her to rest if she intended for me to stay with this hand holding and kissing thing for the next few weeks, but Iím man enough to control myself, I have to be.

Reflections Evangeline: It was perfect; the food the night, resting against his chest, while we watched my favorite movie, my mister even had tissue ready. How did he know that I would tear up at the end of that movie? He is making me think he really does pay attention to me. The real me, not the lawyer, or woman who entwines herself around him in bed, but the woman I am to my very core.

Week Two

"Ms. Williamson, your two oíclock appointment is here, Ms. Conner said through the intercom.

"Ms. Connor have Mr. Buchanan come on in, Iím ready for him."

Kevin knocks and enters, with his usual smug expression somewhat softened upon resting his eyes on the vision that was Evangeline Williamson, but it was subtle, you had to really be watching to see the play of emotions on his face. Kelly his former wife had made him very cautious around beautiful and intelligent women.

"Good of you to see me, Ms. Williamson," he reaches across the desk as she stands and shakes hands.

"Good afternoon Kevin, and Evangeline will do just fine." Her tone was subdued: she was still smarting from the loss of the custody case, and had serious doubts that the hearing was anywhere near fair.


Directing him with her hands she said, "Please be seated, how can I help you? I thought Buchanan Enterprises had all the legal help they needed."

"We do but I need to step outside the corporate area. This is a matter that concerns my son."

"I am still working on the appeal to have the custody ruling overturned. I would not nor could I discuss or represent you since Kelly Buchanan your former wife is my client of record, I hope you understand."

"No, Evangeline, you donít understand. You donít have to say a word -- just listen. You see, I know you know that Ace doesnít belong to either Kelly or myself. How I know is none of your concern, but I am here to caution you that if it comes out I will see that everyone knows of your involvement, including the Bar Association. So Iím asking you nicely: back away from this particular case and have a nice life." He gets up as if to leave, but Evangeline, quietly rising from her chair and putting up a hand, stops him. He sees her gesture and stops, quietly looking at a very professional, well put-together piece of art.

"Kevin," softly so he had to lean in, "I must say your warning is well noted, if I knew what you were talking about I would have this to say. First, what ever I know about Ace is protected by client attorney privilege, second, I have never nor would I ever do anything, which would place me in a position to ever heed a warning from you. If however you believe this to be the case as stated, then by all means report your findings and I suggest you do so now. I have every confidence in my ability to refute and deny any allegations you may make. However, you have piqued my curiosity that you would feel the need to approach me in such a manner. Perhaps there is more to the story than you have just told?

"Evangeline we have butted heads before, I won the last round and if I have to I will win the next."

Smiling, and standing very formally, she said "Of course in the first round you won because I presumed you would play fair; I will make no presumptions the next time, Kevin. Evangeline, moved directly in front of Kevin and looking him directly in the eyes and said, "You can take that to the bank and cash it in, I promise it will clear. Good day."

"Until we meet again, Evangeline." Not as easy as I thought, but I believe she got my point, I know I got hers.

Darn, she thought to herself, as the door shut behind him, how could I not know that there was more to Kevinís winning that case than meets the eye. Everything he just said confirms it, but how did he get to Judge Hernandez? She is an exemplary judge, I have had cases before her and nothing like this has ever happened. How dare Kevin come in here and try to brow beat me into playing the game. There has to be something Iím not seeing, maybe Iíve been a little distracted but not enough not to put this puzzle together. Point one, a judge who canít be bribed, but rules in favor of a father I proved to be unfit instead of the mother who managed to hold it together. What is at play here? Darn, Evangeline rubs her head, if you canít bribe a judge then you threaten them. Kevin doesnít seem the type. How could he even make a threat? Duh girl he wouldnít. There has to be someone else playing on Kevinís team.


Kevin makes a call on his cell phone:

"Tico, made contact with Evangeline Williamson."

"Did she listen? "

"No, she may be a problem, my approach didnít work."

"Then it is time I got in the mix, and Kevin, whatever happens you stay out of it, do I make myself clear?"

"Very, just donít do anything stupid."

"I plan not to," said Tico. (Hangs up)

6:00 in the Evening, Dinner at the "Blue Note"

"Right this way Mr. McBain, your table is ready" the hostess said, unable to completely tear her eyes away from the bluest eyes she had ever seen. After he was seated and before she turned to go he said, "Excuse me miss, my date is Ms. Williamson; as soon as she arrives show her directly to our table."

"Very well sir." Lucky girl.

Fifteen minutes later, Evangeline arrived. John saw her before she saw him; she was wearing a beautiful black outfit with a white collar, her hair was up which was unusual, since he preferred it down and flowing, but she was glowing, simply beautiful and so regal. The waitress looked at her enviously as she said her name and whom she was meeting, and promptly showed Evangeline to his table. Could his grin get any wider? No--she always made him smile.

"John, good evening"

Standing and pulling out her chair he bought his hand to her back rubbing it gently before kissing her lightly on the cheek, "Vangeline, good evening to you." He helps her into her seat.

"John, this place is beautiful, the lighting the tables and most especially you."

"Van, Iím a man Iím not beautiful, handsome, rugged maybe, but not beautiful, he said with a smile."

" Well I hate to disagree, mister, to me you are." She said it sincerely, lifting up one eyebrow and giving him her million-dollar smile.

"Um, excuse me would you two care for something to drink, while you go over the menus?"

"Iíll take a beer; Van, you want a glass of wine?

"No, iced tea would be better, not drinking much wine lately." Thinking about the baby. Van was looking down and didnít see the strange look that flitted across Johnís face. If she had she wouldnít be smiling so confidently to herself.

"That will be all to drink, but Iím going to put our order in now if you donít mind, Van?"

"Now, this should be interesting" she said.

"We will have two steaks, well done for my lady, medium rare for me. Two baked potatoes, butter and salt on hers and sour cream and butter on mine, and two Caesar salads house dressing on both. Read it back to me please miss. (Listens) Good, thanks."

"That was perfect, John, I do believe you pay quite a lot of attention to me."

"No doubt." He watched her blush, and couldnít help but think, could it get any better than this?"

"So, John how was your day, catch any criminals"í

"Not many, but it wasnít a bad day, no worries."

"Good. I am glad; you know I worry sometimes." Looking at him and marveling each time how gorgeous he was, for instance tonight he had on a charcoal gray suit, dark shirt, and midnight blue tie, that made him look mysterious and sexy all at once, and gave his eyes a depth of blue that just mesmerized you with their intensity.

Just as she was looking at him, he was taking in everything about her; she seemed a little more fragile each time he saw her. He kept getting this feeling that he had to protect her, from what he didnít know. He kept getting this vibe that something was off, all he knew was that every time they were together he felt like he was getting closer to finding out.

"Van, how was your day?"


"Just Okay? You donít sound so sure."

"Well I donít really want to get into it but I think I need to run the scenario by you, just to be on the safe side."

So she told him about her meeting with Kevin (leaving out the confidential part) and what she surmised after he left, then she waited for his take on it, and she didnít have long to wait.

"You mean he came and threatened you," John said quite calmly, he began to tap the edge of the table as he listened, only those intimate with him would have known just how pissed off he really was. He played it very cool. So, Kevin Buchanan thinks he can threaten women, so now he is on my radar. As he looked up into Vanís eyes he didnít see any fear, just surprise that Kevin would approach her and an intense interest in finding out who was behind the threats on the judge.

"Yes, but the strange thing was he was so stupid; by coming to me, he placed himself directly in my line of investigation into the custody case. Why would he feel the need to do that, John?"

"I canít answer that yet, but you want some help finding out?"

"Umm, let me see, I would need someone smart, a good investigator, with a good arrest rate, who could I get? Antonio, perhaps?"

"You want my help or not?"

"Oh, saved by the food, it looks delicious."

"Yes, it does, now answer the question." John definitely wasnít talking about the food although it did look almost as good as the vision sitting across from him." He watched as she looked at the food being served and waited for her response, which took a long time.

"John, youíre the best, how could I not want your help", she smiled and continued, "I would be honored Lieutenant if you would assist me in this matter." She grinned from ear to ear and John proceeded to look a little bashful, but very pleased.

After dinner, they decided to dance a little, the band was nice and other couples were enjoying them as well, but not as much as John and Evangeline, they seemed lost in a world totally unto themselves, her body fit his perfectly; he held her firmly and lovingly as they swayed to music that seemed to speak to them alone. For this one moment they were into just feeling each otherís hearts as there bodies swayed and moved to the music of their souls.


Finally, after the dancing stopped, John took Van home, they decided to sit outside for a while just to hold hands and be together for a little while longer, until John asked "You ready to go in?"

"No, you? She said looking up into his eyes; and the poets were right when they said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, because just for a moment his gaze spoke to her. She was so astonished by what she saw the breath caught in her throat. Suddenly, she dropped the gaze; she truly wasnít ready for this. The look was too intense; it was like looking into a whirlpool and being sucked in against your will. How could any woman resist a man that looked at her like that? I am only human.

"Yes, Iím fine, just tired, maybe it is time to go inside." He has no idea, about what just happened, and Iím not going there tonight, I donít have the strength, Iíll think it through later.

"Good, because we both have a heavy day tomorrow, you got court and I have some interviews. Van, I need you to let me handle the Kevin thing for now. Let me put out some feelers and let me do some investigating. You okay with that?"

"Fine with me, you just be careful." Lifting up her face, she said with a big grin " You can kiss me now."

"Oh I can kiss you, now" Hmm, and he met her lips with his and they tasted each other until John pulled back and said, "Good Night, sweet dreams, my angel."

"Good night." She said and went into the house. He waited until she cut on the lights and heard her lock the door before returning to his car to reflect on the clues his lady gave him tonight. What they have is special so why had she wanted to call it quits, before?

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