"Letting Go" Part Four


Reflections John: Knew she would go for it, well not really just hoped really hard. I have a month, how in the hell am I going to prove my point in that amount of time. I better do some heavy duty planning. Lets see: dinner, old movies, walks in the park, flowers ever other day, and kisses every chance I can get. She wonít know what hit her.

Reflections Evangeline: What was I thinking, what if I start to get big and he notices, I donít care, what I feel for him has to be worth the risk, being without him for this past month has been unbearable. I know I did the right thing, but this child is his and how wonderful it would be if he wanted us both. If I could share all the moments, of waiting for the birth of our child and to know he is just as happy as I am. I am happy just knowing a part of him is always with me, a child that was created from our passion and caring. I would be foolish not to give this a try, John, if you only knew how much I care.

Week One

John is at his office, having set up a vacation plan for the end of the month to celebrate resurrection of his relationship with Van, he picked up the phone to call her.

"Van, John here."

"Yes, John, she said breathlessly, having been running to pick up the phone"

"You okay?" he said.

"Yep, just trying not to miss your call." Always telling the truth.

"How about you meet me in the park at 6:00 this evening, I have a surprise planned."

"Six is good, I had planned to go home early, so Iím definitely free."

"Good, see you then, in front of the angel at Angel Square. See you then." (click)

Just like him not to give me a chance to end the conversation, but it is four oíclock now and Iíve got two hours to shower and find something to wear. Lets see pants, work for the park, jeans and that new white shirt Iíve been dying to wear. Man I hope can still fit them jeans.

Angel Square 6:00

Evangeline got there just on time, John was standing in front of the Angel looking so cool and casual in jeans, blue shirt and those great cowboy boots of his I like so much.

"John, you look great" she said eyeing him from head to toe.

"No, Van, you do, jeans suit you, as with everything you wear."

"Didnít think you noticed" moving closer, flirting and loving it.

"I notice everything about you, like you wear the scent that smells like flowers in springtime, you love hamburgers, your favorite color is blue, you canít stand to lose, and you always have to be in control."

"Wow," she said lifting an eyebrow and smiling, "Did you leave anything out?"

"Everything else is forever ingrained in my memory, donít you know how much I notice everything about you?"

"Iím really starting to McBain, really."

"So are you ready for our date?"

"Yes, were are we going?"

"Here in the park, follow me." Taking her hand he leads her to nice grassy area, with a blanket spread, a bottle of cider on ice, and a basket of food and sitting to the side was a case."

"Van, have a seat."

"John, what is in the black case?" curiously touching it.

"DVD player, I went and bought, it, is portable, and guess what we are going to watch?"

"Casablanca, with Bogart and Bergman."

"Give the lady a star, she can read me like a book."

"John, you remembered."

"Yeah, I remember that we never made that movie because of the Santi case, but not until now did I realize how much I wanted us to go, so I have the movie, cider, cheeseburgers and fries, and if you want popcorn later."

"John, she said, looking a little misty, and putting her hand out to brush his hair she said, "Hereís to looking at you."

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