"Letting Go" By JohnandVan

Part Three

Staring her straight in the eyes as if no one but the two of them were in the room he said, "Thought youíd never ask, a minute counselor please?"

"John, Iím busy, Nora and I are having a conference." She runs her hands nervously through her hair to hide her distress at seeing John standing gorgeously in front of her looking so determined to speak with her.

"Hey, I can pick this up with you later", Nora says, as she picks up her briefcase to leave.

"Nora, please you donít have to go John will understand, he can wait."

"No, John canít wait, Iíve waited too long," he states emphatically, moving further into the office to stand in front of her desk.

"Van, you two need to talk, call me later and weíll finish up, remember what I said," "See you later, John." Nora walks out and closes the door before Van can respond.

"Well, John now that youíve got my attention, what can I do for you?"

"Give me the truth." He moves over to her where she is sitting and sees her holding the arm of the chair so tightly that he could tell she was wound even though her expression didnít tell him much of what was going on in her mind.

"Van tell me how we came to this moment, how we went from taking it from moment to moment to no moments at all."

"John I thought I made myself clear, I want a more committed relationship, you are not ready yet."

"Who says Iím not ready, do you think Iíd be kneeling in front of you right now asking for the truth if I didnít want more for us in this relationship."

"You actually said the r word, this canít be happening, I thought we were settled, I told you what you needed to know."

"No, you told me what you wanted, now let me tell you what I want."

"John, I canít do this, please let me go."

"How can you ask me to stop breathing, you are in my blood. Look at me," he said, as he touched her chin and gently moved her hair off her face. The eyes, he has to see them the darkness drowns him, soothes his troubled soul, slowly as to not startle her he moves in closer, gently at first touching her lips, waiting as only he can to feel the heat rise from her essence. Then very slowly he rubs his lips with hers back and forth until she opens her mouth and they merge, deep and deeper, the kiss, lighting each other up. She melts toward him and slowly pulls back the jacket, needing to touch his skin despite her resolve. Evangeline feels the fire only he can ignite burning inside her stomach. Calling his name over and over again as he feathers kisses down her neck, pushing up her dress, touching the places he has missed and dreamed of night after night, they move and touch. "John we canít," she says breathlessly. "Oh yes we can," he says.

Van: Getting up and moving away from the man with weak knees, Van couldnít believe it just happened, but judging by that sappy grin on McBainís face it did. How weak am I, all he has to do is touch me and I melt, Van get your head back on straight. You are not staying focused.

John: I knew she couldnít resist me just had to work the McBain magic, after this she has got to give up this insane idea of us breaking up.

"John, despite what just happened I am not going to see you, anymore."

Slowly as if he had heard something he didnít like John gets up, putting on his clothes as if he has all the time in the world and says "Iím sorry repeat that, no donít, didnít you feel what just happened between us?"

"Yes, but great sex and a committed relationship are two different things, I donít deny that something happens to me when we are together, but I donít think it is enough."

"Well how about this, if I can prove to you that I can be in a committed relationship, with you, and only you will you give us a try." I canít lose her, praying silently that she would relent and go with his plan.

"How can you, after everything that has happened, you said you wanted us to take it slow, if you move forward now and youíre not ready, youíll blame me."

"Iím a grown man, Van I make my own decisions, for once in this thing we call us, let me be the one to take it to the next level."

"What is your timeline?" since mine is eight months, she thinks to herself.

"Timeline, are you saying I have to establish my intentions within a certain timeframe?" Unbelievable, but then again our first date was based on list of possible things to do!

"Yes, if you can convince me in month that you are ready for a more committed relationship then I will give us a try, but no lovemaking during this time, that would be you taking and unfair advantage."

"Yeah, well I wouldnít want to be unfair, is hand holding, and kissing allowed?" Damn sheís blushing, look? , now I have to get the line and sink her with it.

"John, if you can convince me in one month, that I made the wrong decision then yes, I will give us a chance."

John walks over bends down brushes her lips with his and says, "Weíve made a deal, and the kiss is the seal, no backing out."

"No, no backing out."

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