Part Two

The scene open up a month later, Evangeline is in her office reading her messages her secretary left for her to respond to or not. She has been working hard to put John and that last kiss good-bye out of her mind, only problem she keeps thinking about him no matter how hard she delves into her cases. She had even over extended herself by consulting with a lawyer from Pine Valley on a drug case, only because the kid seemed to be innocent, and she really didnít think he would be the type to drug and innocent girl. Besides Livia McFry was an old friend from the neighborhood and she was one the best lawyers she knew. Even that didnít keep her from thinking about John 24/7.

Knock on door. Nora walks in totally out of breath.

"Nora, girlfriend, come on in." I wonder if she knows Iíve been trying to avoid her.

"Hey to your too!" Coming in and flopping in her favorite chair, Nora noticed that Van looks decides not to comment and cut to the chase. "Van, what in the world has been going on with you? You donít return any of my calls, and I think we missed each other for lunch 20 times."

"Nora, stop exaggerating, you know Iíve been busy, my case load is really heavy."

"Van who you kidding, you like to eat as much as me, if you miss a meal you got to be sick or dying."

"Sorry, I just got caught up, you know in work and some other things."

"Is the other thing McBain? Heard you broke it off with him, so what is the problem, you stuck it to him before he stuck it to you?"

"I didnít break up with him to stick it to him, he just wanted less and I wanted more from a relationship."

"Sort of a preemptive strike, hit him before he hits you."

"Did anything I just say get through to you, I wanted more he wanted less." What was so hard to believe about her breaking up because she didnít agree with the way John wanted to play their relationship?

"Van, you know Iím your friend and you can tell me anything, and it wonít go outside this room." She and Van had connected on so many levels, their friendship kept her sane, Van always listened never judged, and she treasured that in their friendship.

"Yeah, but," taking a deep breath, she had been holding it in so long, and Noraís kindness just broke through her wall of pain, and Van started to cry, tears streaming down her face. Nora got up went to her with some tissues, "Honey, what is it? You can tell me I promise it wonít go any further than this room."

Slowly in-between sniffles and blowing the heck out the tissue, Van told the story.

"Well you donít look pregnant."

"Thanks, I think. So now you understand why I broke up with him. He agreed and I agreed no strings attached. Then I go and get pregnant."

"Well, you had help with that, besides I would have thought you two adults would have practiced safe Ė sex.

"We did, something must have went wrong." Blowing her nose one more time.

"Iíll say it did," she said sarcastically.

Nora, you think Iím right, you know about not telling John about the baby?"

"Well, lying and denying your true feelings is always wrong, and if you want me to sign off on this mess, canít do it. I lied to Bo years ago and it cost me him, and Mathew valuable time with his father. Iím still paying for the lie I told back then."

"John doesnít want to be a father, or in my life."

"How do you know, you havenít given him much of a choice in the matter."

"Nora, thatís cold, if I told him it world put him in a situation he didnít sign off on."

"He should of thought of that before you two got, busy."

"Anyway, he took it quite well when I broke it off, he didnít protest."

"Tell that to Bo, John has been walking around the station like he would like to punch something, and I am even feeling sorry for the criminals when heís assigned to their case."

"He probably is just having a bad week."

"Bad week my eye, hasnít it been about a month since you two broke up, well that is how long heís been acting like a tiger caged, and ready to pounce."

"Nora, stop, John was really cool when we broke up."

"He hasnít tried to contact you since the breakup?"

"Yes, I have his calls screened, Iím always in a meeting or out of the office."

"If you plan on keeping this pregnancy a secret donít you think you should talk to him before you start showing."

"There is nothing to talk about weÖsuddenly the door flew open and in walked a very pissed of Lieutenant of the LPD.

Right behind him came her secretary, "Ms. Williamson I tried to stop him, but he got right pass me.

"John what are you doing here? Nora was right he did look like a tiger, which was about to be let out of his cage.

Staring her straight in the eyes as if no one but the two of them were in the room he said, "Thought youíd never ask, minute counselor please?"


Previously at the Llanview Police Station, John McBain is in his office closing out one of his cases. His trashcan is full of letters he was thinking of writing to Van, since she refused to take any of his calls. None of his messages were answered. He was even lovesick enough to sit outside of her place, just to watch her get in safe, he waited until the lights go on before driving to his place to pop a few. It had been a month, Van had been true to her word, a new lawyer was assigned to criminal cases she handled past and present. He didnít like the little eager beaver, every time he opened his mouth he felt like shoving his fist down the guyís throat. The guy wasnít Van, they clicked even when they disagreed they did it with the ease of two people totally comfortable with each other, sometimes even finishing each other sentences. Now, to have to discuss cases with someone new, it reminded him every day just how much he missed her. He was no closer to the truth of why she broke up with him than he was when it happened. He kept tabs on her(kept telling himself it was just to make sure she was safe) she wasnít dating, although she said she wanted to be free to pursue other relations, (more or less), according to his source she just worked and went home. She wonít take any calls, so my plan to wear her down and get at the truth, isnít working. I have gone over in my mind the entire relationship; nothing clued me in that we were headed for a breakup. What happened to make her decide to make the break? How am I going to get a crack at finding out if she wonít see me?

"McBain, the commissioner wants to see you", patrol officer Tim Ryan, was not happy to let him know this, McBain had been known to bite off your head, since breaking off with the counselor.

"Thanks, Ryan, tell the Commander Iíll be right there." he answered distractedly. John wonders what the chief wants?

John gets, up grabs his jacket and heads for the commander's office.

"Bo, you wanted to see me."

"Yeah, have a sit McBain" John sits and waits for the commander to speak.

Bo starts off slow, sorry he has to go this route but John has been behaving as if he is in trouble, and he wouldnít be a good commander if he didnít try to find out what it is and help.

"John, several people have spoken to me lately about your behavior at work, now donít get up, here me out."

"Sir, I am not having any problems.

"John, you have also been snapping at everyone who even says hi, everyone is walking on eggshells, so as to not piss you off."

"Sir, Iím sorry, I didnít know that part of being a cop required me to be nice."

"No need to get smart, John I care about you, you are one of my best officers. Your arrest record is exemplary, as well as your conviction rate once you cases go to trial. The problem is your relationship with others. Just because you pissed off doesnít give you to the right to snap at everyone, damn it isnít fun coming to work facing the chip you have on your shoulder everyday.

"I didnít know it was that bad."

"I need you to get your act together, what ever is bothering you," Bo holds up his hand to prevent him from interrupting, he continues, "fix it and fix it before I place you on leave. If you need to talk, or need advice Iím here for you, you have to know that.

"I hear you, boss, I didnít mean to sound sarcastic, I do have a problem, but I think I know how to solve it, can I have the rest of this shift off?"

"Sure, just come back with your head screwed on straight."

"Thanks, I will." After leaving Bo, John knew he had to settle this thing with Van, he couldnít go on in limbo, whether she wanted to see him or not, she was going see him today, he wasnít going to take no for an answer.

John heads over to Evangelineís office.

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