Part 1

Evangeline and John are sitting in the club close but not close enough, he has just told her he wants to back away from the two of them until he figures out how he is going to handle RJ, the conversation after she has asked the hard question ending with “Fear of getting too involved, and if that is s, o just honest about it”

“I am being honest I need to figure out how to handle RJ, I know you don’t believe he would do anything to hurt you, I on the other hand don’t share your opinion.”

“RJ would not hurt me and even if he did, what could we do about it.”

“We could cool it until he calms down and maybe figure out a way to put him away for something else.”

”John, RJ was hurt, I hurt him, I have made it clear that we aren’t together, he never did anything to me that would make me believe he would hurt me.”

“Maybe he will direct it at me, but I can’t take that chance with your safety. Don’t ask me too, Van.”

“John, again where is this coming from, did RJ threaten me, and you are not telling me?” She continues. “If he did I have a right to know, none of that macho protection, I’m a big girl, and I can handle myself.”

“That was before there was an us, because of what happened between us, which I remind you was totally unexpected, our lives were relatively simple, now we have a pissed off ex boyfriend who has known mob connections and a big hate for law officers me in particular. So excuse me if I seem a little bit concerned where all this could end up.”

Van leans forward, looking him in the eyes, blue and black pools seem to speak a silent language, hello, good-bye, and a deep longing that their time together hasn’t satisfied. Van simply says, so low he has to come in closer for the words, “If this is how you want us to handle it, I will support you, call me when you have figured it out”.

“Van, you understand I wish it could be different.”

“Me too”, quietly she gets up lays a five on the table and walks out, not wanting him to know just how much his words have wounded her, but she will survive, her daddy always told her “No matter how you feel baby girl walk out with your head up, your shoulders back.” Her father would have been proud.

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