Part 2

Van in the park having lunch, it is around noon and the sun is streaming through the trees, there is a slight breeze blowing. Nora said she would meet her but had to cancel because of a last minute hearing she couldnít get out of, it was a case she was pushing to get on the docket.

It was no big deal; she needed time alone to review Kelly Buchananís case for custody of her son Ace. She really empathized with Kelly, and could only imagine the fear she must be feeling at the thought of losing her child. Only she couldnít shake the idea, that although Kelly said she told her everything she was leaving something things out.

Mental note call Ms. Buchanan, for another conference. Child custody was not one of her favorite types of cases, but she felt she had to do it since Kelly seemed so desperate. It wouldnít hurt to have something else to think about besides her last conversation with John either. If he wanted to break off this thing between them, why couldnít he be up front about it, I donít buy his "I am afraid for you" speech. Damn where are my notes, she goes through her briefcase and find her paper work and begins to sift the mire that is custody case of Ace Buchanan.

Evangeline was so deep in thought she didnít even notice the person standing under the trees, He was trying not to be obvious, he was always checking on her just to be sure she was okay. John didnít want to approach her, not after the way they left things, last week. He was fed up with people second-guessing his motives based on his feelings for Caitlin.

Sure he asked Van to cool it for now, and he didnít ask her to do that because he was afraid. Afraid of her, she was his coffee with cream a perfect blend of warmth and sensuality. If she only knew how hard it was going to be for him to stay away, it was like asking him to stop breathing.

He would never forget the first time he noticed her as a woman that might cause him some trouble in the future. Was it only a couple of months ago that Natalie had hired Van to represent him in that Haver business? Van came sauntering up to that jail cell like she owned the place. Sassy and smart and so confident, thatís what drew him, but those legs, the way she slinked into the chair, crossed those fine legs, and started taking notes and asking the hard questions.

I could see her brain clicking maybe even faster than mine. Yet, it was the they way she flicked back her hair using her neck to push her hair out of her way, and her smile was so beautiful it lit up her entire face, and made you no pulled a response of pure joy from you at whatever she was finding so humorous. No he could see her yet, he still wasnít sure how RJ was going to play this, and she was too much of a distraction for him to concentrate, he couldnít afford to be distracted not when her safety might be on the line.

Van started cleaning up her mess, "Damn" she reached down to get the can that fell on the ground, as she was getting up she looked over and saw the silent one, he didnít move, she quickly looked away. She finished getting her trash together and quickly left the park without glancing back. Mumbling under her breath as she walked away like a mantra "Damn him, Damn himÖ"

RJ is at the Hook Up in his office on the phone. "What is happening with the Counselor and the Cop?" He continued and said, " Make it quick."

He listened intently, "Boss, they donít even speak, Ms. Williamson is steering clear of McBain, neither have met each other this week."

"You sure about this?" Maybe McBain got the message.

"Yeah, they donít even act like they live on the same planet."

"Keep it up, if anything changes give me a call, and I mean anything." He voice was hard.

Evangeline, you think it is okay to lie and dodge behind that fine brain of yours and there will be no consequences. You think you know me, what Iím capable of, Baby you have no idea. I have been hurt too many times every time I play nice, I get the shaft, now the gloves are coming off and Iím going change the rules.

Van was letting herself, in trying to balance the groceries and her brief case and her purse, finally giving up she placed the groceries down and let her self in her home. Putting her bag in her favorite, I am so organized place she took the groceries and put them up. Kicking off her shoes, she flopped on her new leather coach, couldnít not, it was just perfect for her spacious living room when she saw it she knew the mocha would blend in with her décor. Suddenly she got a feeling that she wasnít alone, carefully she looked up and standing in her bedroom door was none other than Lt. John McBain.

"What the ÖÖÖ." Before she could scream he was across the room in a flash.

"Van, quiet, I didnít mean to scare you. Everything is okay."

"Move your hand." Slowly he bought his hand down to her arm gently stroking to keep her calm.

"Can you tell me exactly why and how you got into my place?" Her tone was moderate, but he didnít let that make him to comfortable because if what he saw in her eyes was any indication, he was in a whole heap of trouble and her name was Evangeline Williamson.

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