Three Little Words

by deemore

He never thought three little words could bring so much more. More than he’d ever imagined. More, when he thought their lovemaking had already reached the pinnacle. It had unleashed something in them both. He’d given her pleasure with his mouth, his hands and she had welcomed him into her body in breathless surrender. Whatever he wanted, she gave; sweetly, passionately. Whatever she asked, he did; gladly, lustily. It was a hot steamy composition of unbridled passion and fully-acknowledged love. When it was over they had fallen to the bed exhausted, weak and for the moment sated.

"Tell me again John," she whispered as she smiled contentedly in the now very rumpled bed.

He dragged her over to him and nestled up against her back. "I don’t know, my declarations usually put you to sleep and then I’ll have to listen to you snore all night." He teased.

She elbowed him playfully. "I do not snore!"

He grinned and squeezed her soft behind. "You snore. But I could learn to live with that."

"Oh McBain, you are so gonna get it."

"Promise?" he husked out against her ear as his hands began to lazily slide along the curves and valleys of her silk-soft skin.

"That’s a promise," she purred wriggling her delectable backside seductively against him. They both sighed contentedly and snuggled closer together.

Although neither one of them said it aloud, they both knew those three little words had taken them to the next level in their relationship. With those three little words more strings had been added. For a long moment neither of them spoke.

"I’m just glad I didn’t mess this up," he told her softly, breaking the silence.

"What are you talking about?" She was confused.

John shrugged, tenderly he kissed her shoulder. "I’m just sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. You deserved better and . . ."

Evangeline turned to face him placing her fingers over his lips to stop his words. "Don’t apologize John. You weren’t ready, its ok." She smiled at him mischievously. "But, if you tell me again I may forgive you."

"Yeah?" he said pushing her hair away from her face, stroking her cheek. She nodded smiling at him, love and acceptance written clearly on her face.

John looked away suddenly bashful. He didn’t know what it was, but this woman had the ability to make him feel like a tongue-tied teenager—when she wasn’t making him feel like the luckiest man alive. He didn’t know what he’d ever done in this life to deserve her. He was just overwhelmed that she had trusted him enough to be patient with him. No matter what the future had in store for them, he knew the memory of this woman would be forever etched in his heart to the end of his days. John’s eyes turned a deep blue as he gazed intently into the eyes of the woman he loved.

"I Love You." He repeated softly, finding the words easier to say the second time.


Evangeline smiled blissfully, letting his declaration of love wash over her once again. She heard the love in his voice, saw it in his beautiful blue eyes. It had always been there she realized, she’d always felt it.

She reached out and cupped his cheek. Leaning up she brushed her lips softly against his mouth. "I love you too John," she whispered. She kissed him again, Her kiss warmed him, the way his words warmed her heart.

John took control of the kiss almost at once, telling her again the way he always had--He loved her. He poured his soul into hers, his arms holding her soft body against his own as his tongue mated boldly with hers. Her arms went around his neck prolonging the kiss until they were both drowning in sensations.

Evangeline sighed softly when he drew back. "Again," she whispered as she slowly drew him down to her so they could begin anew.


One Life to Live©ABC
Three Little Words by deemore©2005
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