Chapter 7

"Hello baby.I came as soon as I could."

"Mom I'm so glad you're here."John said as he fell into his mother's

John spent the next couple of hours lying on the couch with his head
in his mother's lap crying like the little boy he never had the
chance to be.

"Mom what if I never see her again."John said.

"Shhh baby everyone is working really hard to find her."Eve said

Just then the phone rang.

"Vangie baby."John said when he grabbed the phone.

"No,sorry Johnny it's Aiden.I have some news for you about Monique

"What is it Aiden?"

"Apparently she has close ties to someone in Llanview named Daniel
Colson."Aiden said.

"Colson,he's the D.A. here what kind of ties could she have with him?"
John asked.

"I don't know but I'll keep digging."Aiden promised

"Thanks man,see ya."

"I'll call you back as soon as I get some more info Johnny."

"Ok man,please hurry I need to get to Vangie soon."

"As soon as I get anything I'll call you.John don't worry they are not
going to harm her as long as they think you can give them what they
want."Aiden said

When John hung up he sat back down on the couch with his mom
thinking,suddenly it hit him.I know where she is mom he said as he
grabbed his coat and ran out the door....

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