McBain Investigations by Cammie

Chapter 6

"Evangeline,Evangeline".John cried but there was no one there the line
was dead.

"John,what happened?"Michael asked

"I don't know Evangeline said something about it being cold where she
is then I heard her scream and the line went dead."

"Ok calm down John, maybe she was trying to give you a clue as to
where she's being held.What did she say exactly Johnny?"

"I asked her if they had hurt her and she said no,but it's so cold

Marcie interruted there train of thought."John Antonio is here.He
heard about Evangeline,he thought you might need his help and a

"Yeah tell him to come on in.John said."

John and Antonio had finally mended their friendship about a year ago
and John was his best man when he married Jessica six months ago.

"Hey, John I came as soon as I heard.Tell me how I can help."

"Well,Michael said John being a tough guy won't admit it but just you
being here is helping alot.I'll let you guys talk and see if you can
figure out that clue that she gave you."Mikey said leaving the room.

"What clue?"Antonio asked

"She said it was cold where she is,but then I heard her scream and the
line went dead.My God Antonio,I have to find her.I can't lose them."

"Them?"Antonio asked curiously.

"Yeah man Vangie's pregnant and I have to find her before I lose both
the love of my life and our baby."

"Don't worry man they will both be back with you before you know
it."Antonio said trying to sound reassuring.

They spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out the clue
Evangeline had given John.Finally they were both so exhausted they
decided to call it a night.

When John walked into the apartment Evangeline's scent hit him like a
rock and he ran in to each room calling her name finally relizing
that it was just her scent lingering in the air.

Suddenly he saw the jersey that he tossed on the floor a couple of
nights ago after he took it off of her.

He picked it up,pressed it against him and breathed in the smell of
Flowers in Springtime.

He took his work clothes off put the jersey on,laid down on the bed
and fell asleep dreaming of the night he asked Evangeline to marry

John told her he had a surprise for her.He asked her if she
remembered a conversation they once had where he told her that their
relationship was for him kind of like learning to walk again when
both of your legs have been broken and she said yes.

Suddenly they were standing in that very spot and it was beautiful.

John said" do you like it.Antonio,Michael and I spent all afternoon
getting it ready."

She said" I love it."She stood there staring at how beautiful it was.

There were yellow,white and pink roses everywhere and soft
candlelight and music.

He sat her down on the bench got down on one knee and said.

"I went through so many years of not wanting or even expecting to fall
in love again but then you came into my life and before I knew it my
whole life changed,you brought me out of a darkness that I had
learned to accept and brought light,laughter and happiness back to
me.So if you will let me I would like to spend the rest of my life
making you as happy as you make me.Evangeline Williamson will you
marry me."

When he finished and pulled the ring out she screamed yes,yes,yes
John a thousand times yes.He placed the ring on her finger and kissed

John was suddenly jolted out of his beautiful dream by the sound of
the doorbell.

He put his pants back on and went to answer it.When he opened the
door his eyes filled with tears because he couldn't believe who was
standing in front of him.

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