Chapter 5

John spotted Marcie and Michael having lunch at a nearby table.

"Marcie John asked panicked where do you keep all of the contact numbers."

"In the roladex on my desk.Is everything alright John."

"No it's not." John said running out the door.

John ran into the office with Michael and Marcie right behind him.

:John slow down man,what's wrong?"Michael asked

"I can't slow down they have Evangeline."

"Who's got Evangeline"

"Mikey I don't have time to explain.Damnit Marcie I can't find Aiden Devane's number."John yelled.

"John stop.Marcie find that number for John."Michael said while pulling John into his office.

"John sit down and tell me what's going on."

"Ok,Monique Desmond came to see me the other day and said someone was trying to kill her and she wanted me to find out who.Now the people who want her dead have Evangeline and they said if I ever want to see her alive again I have have to forget I ever heard the name Monique Desmond."

"Now will you let me up I have to find out who has Vangie because I can't lose another woman that I love."

"You aren't going to lose her Johnny.We will find her."

"Mikey if I lose her I will also be losing our baby."John whispered.

Michael looked at John in shock.

"John."Marcie interrupted." I have Aiden Devane on the phone for you."

"Thank you Marcie and I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"That's ok John.I know it's just because you're scared but we are going to find Evangeline."

"Thanks Marcie."

"Aiden anything on Monique Desmond yet."

"Nothing yet Johnny maybe in a few days."

"Not good enough the people who want her dead have kidnapped Evangeline."

"Oh bloody hell Johnny,ok give me an hour and I'll have everything you need on her."

"Thanks Aiden."

"Don't worry Johnny we'll find her."


Just as John hung up the phone his cell phone rang.


"Hey Johnny how's it going?"

"Who is this?"John asked

"It's me Shannon."

"Sorry Shannon I can't talk now I'll call you later."then he hung up.

Just then the phone rang again.


"Are you ready for your instructions?"

"Yes but I want to talk to Evangeline first."

"John please come and get me I'm so scared."

"I know Vangie.I'll get to you as soon as I can."

"They haven't hurt you have they?"John asked.

"No but it's so cold here."

Just then John heard Evangeline scream and the line went dead......

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