Chapter 4

An hour later John walked into Rodi's but didn't see Evangeline.

When he asked the bartender if he had seen her yet,he said no and handed John a note that someone had given him to give John when he came in.

McBain if you ever want to see your fiancee alive again you'll forget you ever heard the name Monique Desmond.

Just then his phone rang.


"Did you get my note?"

"Yeah,if you hurt her you bastard I'll kill you."John said

"As long as you do as you're told no harm will come to Miss Williamson."

"I want to talk to her.I need to hear her tell me she's ok."

"Ok Miss Williamson you have 1minute but no funny business."


"Vangie baby are you alright?"

"Yeah just scared."Evangeline said

"I know baby but I'm going to find you."John said

"I love you John."

"I love you too baby.

"I'll call you back in 1 hour with more instructions and remember as long as you do as you're told your fiancee and baby will not be harmed."

Just then the line went dead.

John stood there in shock.The kidnappers last words ringing in his ear.Your fiancee and baby.Evangeline is pregnant......

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