Chapter 3

John arrived at the office early the next morning still smiling after spending the whole day yesterday with Evangeline.After 2 years he still can't believe how lucky is to have such an amazing woman in his life.

Ok McBain time to get to work.John thought

"Marice can you get Aiden Devane in Pine Valley on the phone for me."

"Right away John.Michael I have to work stop nibbling on my ear."

"Marcie I can still hear you turn the monitor off and tell Michael that I need the report on that body we found at the quarry last week."

"I got it in my hand John I'll bring it right in."Michael said

"Ok thanks Mikey oh and Michael when we're at work Marcie's ears are off limits."John said laughing.

"Hey John here's that report."

"This was a strange one Johnny."

"How so?"John asked

"Well at first I thought he died of a gunshot wound to the head but I always run a toxscreen and this guy was poisoned and then shot.I mean it looks like someone shot the guy to cover up the real cause of death."

"Do you know what kind of poison was used?"

"Not yet I'm still waiting for those results to come back from the lab."

"Ok thanks Mikey good work."

"Thanks John.Hey what are you doing with a photo of Monique Desmond?"

"How do you know her?"John asked

"She's a big time Broadway actress.Marcie and I have seen a couple of her shows."

Just then Marcie buzzed in.

"Yeah Marcie."

"I have Aiden Devane on line 2 for you."

"Thanks Marcie."

"Hey Aiden,Johnny Mac how the hell are ya."

"I can't complain Johnny.How are you and that beautiful fiancee doing.I keep wondering when she is going to wise up and throw you over for me."

"Ha Ha very funny."John said.

"What can I do for you Johnny?"

"I need you to see what you can't find out about a Broadway actress named Monique Desmond."

"Ok got it.I'll call you back when I find something."

"Thanks Aiden."

"No problem Johnny give Evangeline my love."

"I will man,later."

"Later Johnny."

John sat thinking.Why the hell would someone want to kill a Broadway actress.There has to be something else going on.

The phone broke his concentration.


"Hey McBain.Williamson here.How would you like to meet me at Rodi's for lunch?"

"Sounds great I'll see you in about an hour."John said

"See you then.I have something very important to tell you."

"Oh yeah what's that."John asked curious.

"Nope you have to wait."Evangeline said

"Ok I love you baby."

"I love you too McSexy."Evangeline hangs up laughing

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