Chapter 1

John is in his office going over the mounds of paperwork from the last case when Marcie buzzes him.

"Marcie I told you not to bother me unless it was important."

"There is a woman out here that says she needs to see you.She says it's a matter of life and death"

Frustrated John says"alright show her in.

Marcie walks in followed by a beautiful brunette dressed to kill with legs that went on for miles.

"Hello Mr.McBain my name is Monique Desmond."

"Please have a seat Mrs.Desmond and call me John."

"Thank you John and please call me Monique.Oh and by the way it's Miss."

"Alright Monique how can I help you."John asked.

"Well John I think someone is trying to kill me and I'd like you to find out who."

"What makes you think someone is trying to kill you?"

"Well the brakes on my car went out the other day and when I went to have it repaired the mechanic said the brakeline had been cut.

She told John about several more incidences and when she finished he told her he would do everything he could to help.

After Monique left John decided to call it a night and went home.

When he arrived home and walked into the apartment he had been sharing with Evangeline for the past four months she was sitting on the couch in his favorite Eagles jersey doing paperwork.

When she saw him she put down the files and went to kiss him.

"Hi John how was your day."

"Not to bad.How was yours baby?"

"Terrible Todd Manning got arrested again."

"What did the idiot do this time?"

"John he's my client it's my job to prove that he didn't do it."

"Ok sorry what did the idiot allegedly do."

"Assault and Battery.The problem is it's against the D.A. Daniel Colson."

"John stop laughing it's not funny."

"He's accused of punching Daniel Colson and you think it's not funny."

"Ok maybe it is."

They both went to bed laughing and had another beautiful night of passion.

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