Chapter eleven

~~ The next day ~~

Alexis arrived at Wyndemere with Brooke and Lu in tow. Nik greeted them in the entrance. "Thea Alexis can I have a word with you?"

Alexis nodded and followed Nik into his study. "You picked up Dawn's mother yet something is weighing on your mind what is it?"

Nik looked at Alexis a moment. "I think Stefan is alive."

Alexis gasped and looked at Nik very shocked. "How is that possible?"

N: "Dawn's mother is engaged to someone named Steven Johnson. He looks exactly like Stefan. He has no recollection of his past after he was in a bad accident, which claimed the sight in one of his eyes. He has agreed to a DNA test if you react as everyone else who has see him does."

A: "That sounds logical."

N: "Then shall we go find him I believe he's in the gardens."

Alexis followed Nik outside trying to prepare herself for meeting Steve.

Steve walked through the garden in a bit of a daze he couldn't believe that after so long he could finally have answers to his past. He looked up as he saw Nikolas and someone else enter the gardens he figured that someone was Alexis.

Nikolas looked at Alexis watching for her reactions. "Alexis Davis-Ashton meet Steven Johnson. Steve this is my Thea Alexis."

Alexis looked up as the introductions were made. She was quite shocked to see her brother's face staring right back at her. She took a step backwards and tripped over a planter.

Nik moved to help her stand up. "Thea Alexis are you okay?"

Steve stood there watching this and knew the DNA test was a must. He began to truly wonder if he were part of this family or if his looks were just uncannily like those of Stefan Cassadine's."

Alexis looked from Nik to Steve. "I'm okay just a little shocked. When you said he looked like Stefan I wasn't expecting to actually see my brother's face when I met him."

N: "I know it caused me to do several double takes. So we need to set up DNA test."

A: "Yes indeed if Steve wants it of course."

S: "Yes I want to know if I've finally found my past or not."

A: "Okay then I'll make the call who should we have for this Nikolas?"

Nik thought a moment. "Bobbie would do it or Amy it is only a blood sample but I want it run at our private facility."

Alexis nodded. "Yes indeed and they have Stefan's DNA analysis still."

Steve looked between them. "I'll just go tell Carrie about this then."

Alexis pulled out her cell phone and made the call. "Bobbie it's Alexis."

B: "Hi nothing's wrong with Lu is there?"

A: "No Nikolas and I wondered if you could come draw someone's blood to run a DNA test."

B: "Whose?"

A: "We think Stefan's alive."

B: "You have to be kidding."

A: "I'm not his name is Steven Johnson he's Carrie Jensen's fiancÚ."

B: "Wow I'll be there soon."

A: "Okay thanks Bobbie."

~~ Steve and Carrie ~~

Steve went upstairs to Carrie's room. He saw her bent over a sketch and smiled. "Carrie." He said softly.

Carrie looked up at Steve. "Steve how nice to see you. What's on your mind?"

S: "I'm going to have a DNA test, to see if I might be Stefan."

C: "That's a good idea."

S: "Nikolas thought so. So do I that way we know one way or another."

C: "Exactly."

~~ Nik and Dawn ~~

Nik went in search of Dawn and found her looking at flower arrangements. He watched her until she looked up. "Nikky how long have you been there."

Nik smiled and walked into the room. "Not that long."

D: "So what did Alexis think?"

N: "Steve's going to have a DNA test to prove one way or another if he's Stefan."

D: "That is definitely smart."

N: "We all thought so."

Nik pulled Dawn into his arms and hugged her close. "I'm so glad you returned."

Dawn smiled up at Nik. "So am I Nikky. I can't believe we get this chance together after so long."

Nik kissed the top of Dawn's head. "I know I love you so much Dawn."

D: "I love you too Nikky."