Chapter Twelve

~~Next day New York~~

Emily and Lucky woke up because excited children were bouncing on the bed. Em and Lucky smiled at each other and the children, “Why are all of you in here? Didn’t you wake Ned up yet?"”

The children giggled. “He told us to come wake you two up so we could go eat breakfast and go to the zoo before we go home.” Aric replied.

Em smiled. “Okay let’s go get ready to face the day.” She took the girls to get them ready as Lucky herded the boys to go and find Ned.

Ned was chatting on the phone when Lucky came in with Aric, Kyle, and Morgan. See you later today Brooke.” Ned hung up the phone.

Lucky looked at Ned. “So breakfast, the zoo, and then home correct?”

Ned nodded, “That is the plan.”

Kyle looked at his father, “And the toy store you promised Daddy.”

Ned looked at Kyle. “Yes of course the toy store for you and the music store for you’re sister. We promised Brooke and Lu new CDs since they stayed home.”

Emily came in with the girls just then. “Okay we are ready to go.”

~~Port Charles same time frame~~

Nikolas was pacing around waiting for the phone call from the lab, to find out if Steve was Stefan or not. Dawn came in just then. “Nikky quite pacing around the call will come. Besides we have a wedding to plan.”

Nik: “You are right I just want to find out if he is Stefan or not so my mind will be at ease. But what details do you want to discuss?”

D: “Just the wedding party. I want Dara to be my maid of honor.”

N: “That’s good, I want Lucky to be my best man. I thought that Aric and Beth would be good as ring barrier and flower girl; oh and Katie and Kyle too.”

D: “Good idea, I figured Lu and Brooke as bridesmaids.”

N: “Good idea Ned can be a groomsman I’ll need to think of someone else too.”

D: “What about Lucas?”

N: “Good idea he’d love that.”

Dawn walked over and kissed Nik passionately. Nik kissed her back. “We should retire to our rooms.”

~~Carrie and Steve ~~

Steve paced the room, “I wish the phone would ring so I would know.”

Carrie wrapped her arms around Steve.” I know but you will now very soon, just relax.”

Steve nodded and leaned against Carrie. “Of course.”

C: “So what should our wedding be like?”

S: “I think small and intimate it will be easier that way.”

C: “Yes family and a few friends that sounds perfect.”

The phone rang just then everyone scrambled to reach the phone in the various rooms.