Chapter 14

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

When Lucky and Emily arrived at the Cassadine compound, workers were busy getting the large estate prepared for Nikolas' birthday party. Lucky had visited his brother's home a few times before, so he should have been used to the opulence. Marble floors, expensive paintings, sculptures, and the servants. Servants were everywhere! Helpful and obviously psychic as they anticipated his and Emily's every need and want. When Lucky commented on it, Nikolas just smiled and said, "That's their role."

Nikolas escorted them to their suite of rooms. He requested that once they were settled Lucky could find him in his study on the first floor. Then, he left the couple alone.

"Does this place get bigger every time we visit?" Emily asked as she twirled around the center of the room. "How does he live like this?"

"Em," Lucky said going to her and taking her hands, "this is his way of life. I'm sure he can't imagine how we live without it."

Her eyebrows shot up. "Wow. You're defending him."

"He's my brother." He dropped her hands and went to the bed. Reclining back onto the king size bed, he closed his eyes. "It's taken a long time, but I understand him now. It's not fair to judge him by our set of rules."

She snorted. "I suppose he was well within his right to deny Dawn's request for divorce."

Lucky refused to be bated by her sarcasm. "We agreed to keep Nikolas, Dawn and Jason out of our relationship."

The bed bounced as she landed beside him. "I'm trying to, but seeing him again… I keep remembering how pissed off Jason was right before they left."

Lucky grunted. "I'm surprised you noticed the difference. He always looks pissed off."

"He usually have a good reason to," she countered. "He's my brother just as much as Nikolas is yours."

Lucky wanted to tell her that it wasn't the same. It wasn't that he discounted adoption. He knew how much she loved both her brothers and how much they loved her, but in this… When it came to him, Lu Lu and Nikolas, blood bonded them. It was thicker than water and mightier than anything he'd ever encountered. Of course, he couldn't excuse the things his older brother did, but he couldn't condemn Nikolas either.

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