Chapter 15

Brilliant Disguise

Jason stared at his reflection in the mirror. He didn't think it would work, but the Mylonas cousins were convinced. The disguise was brilliant and Cassadine would never suspect a thing.

"It is good, no?" Tyrone asked. Again. A wide smile lit up his dark, Greek features. He was especially proud since the disguise was his idea. He adjusted the fedora on top of Jason's head. "Ah, just right. Just like that guy… You know…the one with the whip…"

"Whip?" Jason frowned. He'd need more than a whip to get Dawn away from Cassadine. But the thought of whipping Nikolas Cassadine brought a faint smile to his face.

"Aiiyy!" Jeno grumbled. "Whip! Just because Morgan's an American doesn't mean he's that Indiana Jones."

Indiana Jones? Jason wondered. Who the hell was that?

"I know that," Tyrone argued with a frown. "But he will have to think like Indiana. He is in disguise, no? He cannot think like Jason Morgan tonight. He must be prepared for anything."

"I am," Jason assured them as well as himself. He pushed the hat back the way he had it before. It hung low across his eyes and worked with the fake beard and glasses to hide his face. Anatoli handed him his tuxedo jacket and Jason pulled it on. The jacket was heavier than the usual expensive coat. Jason became accustomed to the weight as Anatoli explained the jacket's numerous features.

"A small .22 is in the left sleeve, a switchblade is in the right. The jacket is fire proof, but we hope it will not come to that." Anatoli handed Jason a wallet filled with fake credentials: ID, password, etc. "We will call you Jayr Myron. Do not become confused."

"I won't. Is there anything else?" Jason asked.

"Nothing," Anatoli said. "We will go now."

They took a limo to the party, but several vans filled with the Mylonas' trusted men waited at the curb a short distance away. Jason believed that the cousins would do everything within their power to aid him, but the main goal of getting Dawn out would fall on his shoulders. And that was completely fine with him.

Jason passed the first check point without any problems. Tyrone nodded and smiled. The man's obvious happiness with his idea grew on Jason after awhile. He knew that Sonny's cousin meant well. They moved through the party in pairs. Jason with Anatoli and Jeno with Tyrone. The number of attendees increased. Jason figured that was good. With a large crowd of witnesses, he doubted if Nikolas would want to embarrass himself or his family's name. Not that it mattered what Nikolas wanted. Whatever happened, Dawn would leave with Jason that night.

The party dragged on without any sight of Dawn by any of them. Jason spotted Emily near a staircase. He almost went to her, but decided against it. If she didn't recognize his face, she would know his voice. Without meaning to, she could reveal him. He turned away. There had to be another way.

Later, Stefan appeared and lifted a toast to the young prince. Nikolas smiled and accepted the words with gracious aplomb. Jason had to fight the urge to rip the younger man's throat out.

"She should be at his side," Anatoli said quietly.

"She's here," Jason said with full certainty. "Maybe he doesn't want anyone to know what he's done. I know she's here. Somewhere."

Anatoli nodded once. "We will search the grounds."

They told the other cousins of their intentions. Jeno decided to stay with the party to keep an eye on Nikolas and Tyrone took off with Anatoli and Jason. Slipping in and around the large estate wasn't too difficult. They had a couple of near misses, but they were able to search the second floor without any problems.

"There is but one floor left," Tyrone said after the second floor provided them with no results.

Jason swallowed hard. If Dawn wasn't upstairs… He shook his head of the thought. Of course, she was there. He could feel her! Nikolas wouldn't kill Dawn. Keeping her as his possession would be too much of a thrill for him. No, Dawn was there. Jason just had to find her.

He wanted to split up when they reached the top floor, but Anatoli wouldn't allow it. Biting back an angry remark, Jason turned away and went through all the doors. Every one of them opened except for the last one.

This is it! He thought barely able to contain his excitement.

Tyrone picked the lock and had the door opened in seconds. The room was dark, but Jason rushed inside anyway. She was there!

"Dawn," he called out.

Muffled cries drifted from the open window. The sobs mingled with the sound of the band playing below and were almost impossible to hear. Jason moved toward them, certain that what he felt wasn't wrong.

"Dawn," he said again, walking faster.

"You bastard!" a voice cried. "Making yourself sound like him? You are such a sick sonavubitch! I hate you, Nikolas!"

Her hands balled into fists and attacked Jason's chest. He grabbed her upper arms and shook her.

"I'm not Nikolas!" he said in a fierce whisper. "It's Jason, baby. I'm here."

Her cries halted in a loud gasp. "Is it…?" She edged them toward the stream of moonlight that beamed into the room. Her mouth dropped open and the next thing Jason knew her arms were around him, crushing her to him.

"Please, be real," she whispered against his ear. "I couldn't bear it if this was just another dream. I can't take this living nightmare."

"I'm real," he said, slowly pulling back to stare into her dark brown eyes. His hands held her face and searched her eyes. Other the pain of being away from her family, she hadn't been too damaged by Nikolas' cruelty. He'd made it in time. "I'm real and I love you."

"I love you, too," she choked, the tears coming again. "How's Faith? Is she okay? Is she safe?"

"She's perfect," he promised. "She's safe and you'll be with her soon."

And unable to withstand another moment of not tasting her, he bent forward and tenderly claimed her lips with his own.

I hold you in my arms
As the band plays…

So tell me what I see
When I look in your eyes
Is that you baby
Or just a brilliant disguise

(Song credit: "Brilliant Disguise" from Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love CD)

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