Chapter 13

You Remind Me

Keesha agreed to meet Jax for drinks at his club. She sensed he didn't like the idea of 'meeting her', but other than a slight frown on his classically handsome features, he made no outward show of his displeasure.

She was definitely grateful for his invitation. Well, maybe 'grateful' wasn't the right word, but the thought of spending another moment in the penthouse with Sonny playing daddy to Jason's baby and Dara playing mama… Keesha doubted if there was much more of that she could take.

Dressing in a plum Vera Wang ensemble and her hair swept into a French roll, Keesha stepped into the popular nightclub. Rinaldo stood close by and Keesha sensed that on this night his attentiveness stemmed from something more than his job. From the moment he escorted her out of the penthouse, his eyes had lit up with interest. Keesha wasn't concerned that the bodyguard would act upon his desires…whatever they might be. But she was pleased that he noticed. It was one helluva boost to her ego.

Jax met her at the bar. He wore a cream colored ensemble and exuded confidence and charm. He smelled spicy and definitely masculine. She wondered if his cosmetics company Deception created the fragrance specifically for him.

"Keesha," he greeted with a slight bow. He took her hand and raised it to his lips. The first touch of his skin on her was sizzling. She gasped in spite of herself. He held onto her hand and smiled. "May I offer you a drink?"

The few times she'd visited the club before, her beverage of choice had been Zinfandel. On those nights, she needed the rush of alcohol to dull her senses and make her forget her pain. Tonight, she wanted to remember everything. She shook her head and glanced toward the dance floor. Bodies bumped and swayed to an old Mary J. Blige hit.

Keesha directed her attention back to the tall, aquamarine-eyed blonde who seemed captivated by her and said, "No thank you. Maybe I'd like a virgin Sex on the Beach."

His face broke into a grin. A cute dimple peeked at her from his chin. "Now, that's an interesting concept. I'm sure my bartender can handle it. Would you like to dance?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

'You, you remind me of a love that I once knew
Is it a dream or is it
déjà vu
I just had to let you know so I had to sing it
'Cause for you boy I don't know

The way you walk and the way you talk and
The way you move and you remind me, yes you do
Of the way you dress and the way you dance and
You really like to move it. You remind me…'

Jax swung Keesha into the circle of his arms. His hand pressed against the small of her back. His fingers caressed her bare skin, sending a warm shiver up her spine. The warmth of his arms was so male, so bracing. She felt as if he could swallow her whole and the thought wasn't unwelcome. He stared down into her eyes as if he knew her every secret and still yearned for more. As they danced together on the crowded dance floor, Keesha realized that she hadn't felt so fully alive in quite some time.

'I saw you before baby
It's a déjà vu honey
Don't you know that you remind me
I saw you before baby
It's a
déjà vu honey
Don't you know that you remind me'

"You're smiling," Jax commented. "You should do that more often."

"How would you know what I do often or otherwise?"

He shrugged. Another dancer jostled Keesha and Jax's arms tightened, drawing her closer to him. The heat of their touching bodies blazed like an inferno. Jax's cheeks became flushed and Keesha was hot all over. She averted her gaze from his arresting eyes and concentrated on regaining control over her traitorous body.

"I saw you at Wyndham's," he said, his voice oddly husky. "The expression on your face was far from happy."

"You said you watched me." She took a chance and looked at him. The arousal that had shown so vividly in his eyes had dampened. A bit. "Why were you watching me? Why were you there?"

"So many questions," he said, grin in place again. "I'll ask the last question first. I was considering purchasing Wyndham's. It would be an excellent tie in for Deception. Before I made my final decision, I had to be sure about the store and its clientele. And then you walked in…"

"And?" she prompted when he became silent.

"And my decision was made," Jax answered. "I am the proud owner of one of Port Charles' oldest and grandest department stores."

Keesha released an amused chuckle. "All because I walked in? You'll have to do better than that, Jax."

He frowned, but a twinkle still danced in his eyes. "I am telling you the honest truth. I was about to leave, having decided that Wyndham's was not for me, and then there you were. I was intrigued, captivated…I couldn't tear myself away, so I watched you. I apologize for invading your privacy, but as you can see, you charmed me and left me powerless."

She shook her head. She didn't believe him. How could she charm him and they hadn't spoken in ages? He was a flirt. That's all there was to it.

"You don't believe me?" Hurt dimmed the sparkle in his eyes.

"I don't know why I should," she replied. "You just said when you saw me I wasn't smiling and looked as if I hadn't in who knows how long. Why would an unsmiling, grumpy woman attract you?"

"Because I was reminded of the Keesha Ward I once knew in passing and the regret of never pursuing her came crashing down on me. We mere mortals don't get second chances often, Keesha," he answered in his hypnotic Aussie brogue. "I decided to take mine."


Keesha was rendered speechless and Mary J. continued to serenade them.

'You, you remind me of a memory
And this is something you should know
Sweet baby darling c'mon just stop playing with my mind
'Cause for you boy I don't know

(The way)
The way you walk and
(The way)
The way you talk and
(The way)
You really like to move it
(The way)
The way you dress and
(The way)
The way you dance and
(The way)
You really like to groove it
You remind me, you remind me'

(Song credit: "You Remind Me" from Mary J. Blige's first CD What's the 411?)

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