Chapter 46A

‘When I first saw you baby, I wanted to die
Me and those dreaming eyes of mine, started to cry
Then I'd dream, wishing my fantasy, would soon become a reality
Cause every time i see you baby, all I do is sigh
Cause you're the most precious thing’

D'Angelo played softly in the background. The wine cooler and the beer were long forgotten. The discussion on fate was a distant memory as Alex pulled Dara into his arms so that she lay against him.

His mouth devoured hers, feeding on her sweetness. Dara responded by running her fingers through his silky, black hair. Subconsciously, she found his hair to be as thick as she had imagined.

Low murmurs of desire came from the back of her throat as his hand slipped under her blouse and cupped her lace-covered breast. His touch sent tingles throughout her entire body and she arched beneath his touch.

Alex felt her nipple tighten under his caress and he was overcome by a need to taste her there. He moved to unbutton her blouse, but was stopped by her small hands. Afraid that he had moved too far too fast, he broke their kiss and his eyes flew to hers.

Dara saw the question in his eyes and reassured him with a seductive smile. She moved to straddle him and when she was settled, she began to unbutton her blouse. Alex’s sharp intake of breath thrilled her as she removed the blouse, allowing it to land by his feet.

Alex was mesmerized by the vision she presented in his lap, but he wanted more. His hands lightly skimmed up her sides to meet again at her back. Unhooking her bra, he freed her breasts from their restraints. Pulling the bra from her arms, he whispered, “Beautiful.” He gave himself a moment to admire what he had fantasized about before he bent forward and captured one hard, brown peak between his lips.

She moaned as his tongue moved back and forth across the nub. Her hands clasped his head when he took her breast into his mouth and worked his magic. “Oh, Alex.”

He gave each breast the same sensual attention before he raised his head. Wanting to feast on her lips again, he claimed her lips with his own.

She yielded to his touch and opened her lips to him. As she pressed herself against his chest, she expected to find warm, solid muscle. When she encountered a crisp shirt, her fingers moved to rid him of it. Her fingers shook as she worked with the buttons.

Alex broke away from the kiss and covered her hands with his. He gently placed her hands on her thighs and quickly moved to remove his shirt.

When he was done, Dara sighed when she saw his smooth, tan body. She lowered her head and starting with his neck, she slowly trailed kisses down his body. Reaching his nipple, she slowly made circles on and around the little peak which caused him to gasp at the pleasant sensation.

His body’s excitement at her touch was evident as Alex clutched her bottom and pulled her closer to him. The bulge underneath her was hard and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Dara released herself from his grasp and moved to kneel between his legs. Looking up into his glazed brown eyes, she forced her hands to steady themselves as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

His manhood sprang forward and she carefully held it in her hands. Leaning forward, she took him into her mouth.

Alex had experienced the action before, but it had never felt like this. The attention Dara gave him was constant, intense and perfect. He felt himself relax as she concentrated on giving him pleasure.

‘Ooh, you've redefined my vision of love it seems
Your love be da cherry in my chocolate covered dreams
So it seems, my oh my,
Me and those dreaming eyes of mine’


Nikolas smiled at Dawn as he placed the CD into the player. He pushed play and moved to stand before her again. He pulled her into his arms as Marvin Gaye began to serenade them.

'Ooh, now let's get down tonight
Baby, I'm hot just like an oven
I need some lovin'
And baby, I can't hold it much longer
It's getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling
I want Sexual Healing'

Dawn laughed and said, "Appropriate song choice."

Nikolas blushed and softly laughed, "Yes. It's one of my favorite songs."

"Mine, too," she agreed quietly.

"Great minds think alike," he whispered, looking into her dark brown eyes as they swayed to the music.

"Yes," she nodded. Her eyes were entranced by his as her tongue darted out to moisten her parted lips.

Nikolas' eyes followed her subconscious movement. Removing his hand from the small of her back, with his index finger he traced the shape of her mouth. Her lips parted and he slid his finger inside, up to the first knuckle.

She sucked on him. Shyly, at first. Then with sensual instinct, her tongue drew him in.. All the time, their eyes were locked on each other as their excitement grew.

In a flash, Nikolas removed his finger and swung her into his arms. With one hand at her back and the other beneath her knees, he carried her to the pillows that rested on the floor before the fireplace. Gently, he placed her onto the pillows. He joined her and lay on his side beside her.

Dawn's eyes never wavered from his as he lightly traced her features with his finger. He started with her eyebrows, moved down to her cheek, outlined her nose, and then paused at her mouth. He finger received a light kiss and he continued downward to stop at the base of her throat where her pulse beat rapidly.

Replacing his finger with his lips, he nuzzled her there for what seemed like an eternity. He planted tiny kisses upwards along her neck until he reached his destination.

He kissed her tentatively at first. Placing her hands into his dark brown locks, she changed the intensity of the kiss. It became long and deep as their tongues met and met again in a sensual battle of will.

When Nikolas raised his head, both of them were shaking. A sea of emotions raged inside of them and they knew there was no turning back.

Dawn placed her hand on his shoulder and gently pushed. As his back made contact with the pillows, he pulled her with him so that she lay on top of him. With firm, but gentle hands, he grasped her bottom, placing her on the evidence of his arousal.

She trembled when she felt his need for her beneath her. Instinctively, she began to slide her body up and down against his as she hovered over his lips. "Oh, Nickie," she whispered as she lowered her mouth to cover his.

She tasted and teased him, feasting on his mouth like it was nectar from the gods. All the while, he caressed her bottom, pressing her closer against him.

Angling his head to make the deep kiss even deeper, Nikolas' hands moved from their favorite place to tug on her zipper. Inch by slow inch, he eased the zipper down. As he placed his hands on her bare back, he felt her shiver. He then unclasped her bra and allowed his hand to trail the length of her back to the top of her panties and back up again, causing a thousand shivers to course through her.

'Baby, I got sick this morning
A sea was storming inside of me
Baby, I think I'm capsizing
The waves are rising and rising


Dara smiled as she released him. She quickly removed his shoes, socks and the rest of his clothing. As Alex watched her, she stood and slowly removed the rest of her clothing. He enjoyed the show she gave him as she revealed herself in slow, languid movements. He felt himself twitch as he longed to kiss and caress each inch of her skin she exposed.

When the show was over, he reached out and pulled her down onto the sofa. His body covered hers as he their mouths found each other.

His hands were everywhere. In her hair. Caressing her breasts. His knuckles grazed across her nipples causing them to tighten even more. Finally, he ventured downward.

She moaned a sultry, throaty sound as his fingers ran through her dampened curls. Dara held her breath as his finger traveled to her center. He found her soft and wet as he caressed her.

"That's it," she sighed against his ear, rocking her pelvis, as he slowly drove her to the edge.

Alex removed his finger and took it into his mouth. He savored the taste of her on his fingertip. Dara watched him lick his fingers and was mesmerized by the action.

Deciding that he wanted more, he covered her lips with his as he moved to enter her. She moaned against his lips and arched her back to take him in deeper. As their bodies moved, they gave themselves to the climax that rocked them both.


Nikolas rolled Dawn onto her back and carefully removed her clothing. As her body was revealed to him, he told her of her beauty with words and with action. With light kisses and tender kisses, he showed her how much she affected him.

"I want to see you, too," she coarsely whispered. Her hands moved to the bottom of his shirt and helped him pull it over his head. She caressed his hard chest, stroked his hard, male nipples and then moved downward to rest at the top of his pants. Suddenly, shyness overtook her and she stopped.

Nikolas smiled at her and after placing a light kiss on her lips, he stood. He kicked out his shoes and pulled his socks off. He then unzipped his pants and stepped out of them to reveal…

"Mm…boxer briefs," Dawn whispered with a sensual smile on her face. She loved boxer briefs and they obviously loved Nikolas. He looked amazing in them.

Nikolas became even more excited by her reaction and quickly disposed of the underpants. He lowered himself back onto the pillows and began another loving exploration of her body.

His body covered hers as he claimed her lips in another deep, wet kiss. Their tongues twisted, twined and enticed. "Oh, Dawn," he whispered as he moved his head downward to nuzzle her neck again.

His hands moved to cover her breasts. He stroked and squeezed and caressed her. Moving downward again, Nikolas lowered his head and licked one nipple, then the other. He coaxed the pebbled peaks into tiny crowns. When he took one between his lips, Dawn squealed with pleasure and began to moan his name.

As she raked her fingers through his hair in mindless emotion, he moved downward again. He covered her navel with kisses as his hand parted her thighs. He lightly trailed the inside of her thighs with his fingers, moving closer and closer to her core. Dawn was enraptured by the movement and arched her back in anticipation.

She didn’t have to anticipate for very long. Nikolas moved even lower still gave her the sweetest lover's kiss. With his tongue, lips and fingers, he gave Dawn her first experience of ecstasy. As the waves of pleasure shuddered through her, he deepened the kiss until he heard her cry out his name.

Raising his head to look into her eyes, he was surprised to see the shimmer of unshed tears. "I'm sor-" he began, but was silenced by a finger to his lips.

She pulled him into her arms and he returned the embrace. As he held her, he understood the reason for the tears and he held her even closer. Her hand slipped between their bodies and she slowly curved her tentative fingers around the solid hardness of him.

Nikolas shuddered at her careful touch and knew he wouldn't last much longer. He removed her hand and tenderly kissed each finger. He then reached for the gray box which lay on the hearth next to them. He removed the foil packet and opened it. He was in the process of putting it on when she stopped him.

"Let me," she said, her eyes held a mixture of shyness, excitement and desire. Nikolas gave it to her. With trembling fingers, she placed the condom over his throbbing manhood. Nikolas gasped as her fingers brushed against his hardness as she rolled the condom in to place.

When she was done, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily. His tongue sought and found hers as he lowered her onto her back. With his knees, he spread her thighs, making room for himself. "This may hurt. I'll be as gentle as I can."

"I'll be okay, but hurry. I don't think I can wait much longer," she said through ragged breath.

His fingers moved to gently caress her, preparing her for entry. His mouth covered hers and his tongue teased and stroked her.

Unable to wait any longer, he lowered himself onto her quivering body. He pressed his manhood against her, gently seeking entry. He felt her shudder at his first slow thrust, but then her legs wrapped around his waist as her hands held onto his tight behind.

They began to move together, caught in the rhythm of two young lovers intent on pleasing each other. Faster and faster they moved, her fingers digging into him. He crushed her to him as he thrust one last time, burying himself deeply inside her. As she arched her back to further take him in, Nikolas moved so that he could see her face. Their eyes locked and they rode the waves of their first climax together.

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