Chapter Sixteen

~ Hiding ~

Stefan was stunned by the venom in Nikolas' voice. He had never heard him speak to him in that tone before. He had seen Nikolas angry with him on countless occasions, but never like this. Maybe his feelings for Miss Jensen were stronger than Stefan had anticipated.

"Why are you here?" Nikolas asked, tension radiating from him. "Informing the authorities wasn't enough for you?"

"There is no need to use that tone with me. I am here to help you and your friend."

"I don't believe you."

Dawn didn't believe him either. She had a strong suspicion that the senior Cassadine would rather she was far away from his nephew and would do anything to see that made possible. Including contacting the police.

"Nickie, listen. I didn't mean to come between you and your family. I'm getting out of here," she turned to leave as a loud rumble of thunder sounded, followed by a sharp streak of lightning.

Nikolas moved to block her exit. "You can't go out in that storm. I can't let you."

"You can't make me stay," she replied. "Besides, for all we know, they could be on their way right now. I've told you before, there's no way I'm going back. At least, not until I'm ready."

"Miss Jensen," Stefan said, "you needn't be concerned about the authorities. I have not informed them of your whereabouts. You are more than welcome to stay here."

Stefan went into the closet and retrieved her leather backpack which she had left at Wyndemere. He held it out to her.

"Thank you," she said, as she took her backpack from his outstretched hand.

"I meant what I said, Miss Jensen. You are more than welcome to remain here for the night."

"Why are you so accommodating, Uncle?" Nikolas asked. "What do you have to gain by providing Dawn a place to hide?"

"Nikolas, my offer is genuine. There is no need for either of you to be suspicious."

"I am suspicious by nature, Mr. Cassadine. No disrespect, but why are you helping me?"

"You're a friend of my nephew's and a guest in our home. I couldn't turn you away," he replied.

"Again, no disrespect, but I don't buy that. You know that we lied to you last night. If the tables were turned, my parents would have been furious. Somehow, I don't see you being any different."

"I admit, I was concerned when I first became aware of the ruse; however, I trust Nikolas. I know that he would not have invited you into our home unless the circumstances warranted that action," Stefan replied. Despite himself, he was beginning to like this young woman. He could definitely see why Nikolas was attracted to her. Intelligence, as well, as beauty.

"I hope that you both realize the sincerity of my offer. I will not notify the authorities of your whereabouts."

Nikolas continued to have doubts about his Uncle's offer, but he knew that the decision was not his to make. He looked at Dawn and saw that she was looking at him. She nodded her head. She decided to stay.

"You will see that you made the appropriate decision. The cabin is well stocked. You shouldn’t want for anything," Stefan said, as moved to open the door.

Upon opening the door, he found that the clouds were moving away.

"The storm has passed," he said. "Nikolas, we should return to Wyndemere and give Miss Jensen her privacy."

"You can go without me, Uncle," Nikolas replied. "I'm staying here."

"Nikolas, you and Miss Jensen here without a chaperone would hardly be appropriate."

Nikolas tried with all his might, but he couldn't control the heat from flushing his face. He hoped the light from the fireplace wasn’t bright enough for them to see.

"Uncle, please. I don't feel it's proper to leave her here alone."

"Maybe we should ask her how she feels. Miss Jensen?" Stefan inquired.

"I feel safe with Nickie. I would prefer that he stayed," she answered quietly.

"Good-bye, Uncle."


After his meeting with Justus, Tommy was filled with anger. He knew that Justus wouldn't be of any use, but his mother had insisted. She said that Justus was a good man and that he would help him…that he would help. Period. Fat chance of that, he thought. He tried to deny it to himself, but he was also saddened by Justus' reaction. The small ray of hope he had that he wouldn't have to act alone had been squashed. Think positive, he told himself. He escaped and he would see that his mother escaped, as well.

As he walked the streets of Port Charles to form another plan, he found that so much had changed since he had been away, but somehow, he didn’t feel lost. Simone had told him that this was home and that he would feel safe here. He hadn't believed her, but maybe she was right.

He soon found himself walking down a street filled with brownstones. The area felt strangely familiar to him and then, he realized why. He used to live on this very street. He vaguely remembered playing with two little blonde girls. One of them was his age and they had been close friends. He couldn’t remember her name. He wondered if she would remember his. Probably not, he thought to himself and for the first time, in ages, he laughed. Out loud.

Now, that he'd thought of it, part of him was curious. He wondered if they still lived there and if they would remember him. He came so close to ringing the bell, but decided against it. He had a mission and it didn’t involve reacquainting himself with former playmates. He continued out of the neighborhood, unaware that he had caught the eye of someone.


Simone huddled quietly on her makeshift bed. She had spent the better part of the afternoon coughing and so she had been relieved of her duties earlier than usual. She hoped that what she felt was nothing more than the common cold, but her medical training wouldn't let her settle for that. She prayed that her boy would return soon before it got worse.

She barely jumped when she heard the shouting and the screams coming from down the hall. She was accustomed to the reaction of newcomers. They fought, yelled and screamed until they realized that there was no use. Then, in order to survive, they went inside themselves to forget about what they had become.

As the shouting continued and grew stronger, Simone became curious. She rose from her reclining position and moved closer. But not too close. She didn't want to bring any undo attention to herself. She felt bad enough.

The newcomer was definitely a fighter, Simone chuckled to herself. The slaps and blows hadn't silenced him. Or was that a her? Simone wasn't sure. Sometimes, the walls played tricks with the acoustics.


The outcry was closely followed by a severe blow which silenced any subsequent comments. Simone felt the ground vibrate as the body hit the floor. Oh my God, she thought, I remember that voice. Oh my God.

Chapter Seventeen