Life After Dark
Chapter 46

"Would you like dessert?"

Jason smiled as he saw the look in Keesha's eyes. She wanted to say yes. He could tell. If memory served him correctly, and he knew it did, she loved cheesecake. Any kind. It didn't matter. He also knew that Cafe Matisse had the best cheesecake in town which was one of his reasons for choosing the restaurant in the first place. The other being it would remind them of their time together in Paris.

"I really shouldn't...," Keesha hedged. But, oh how I want to, she said to herself. She glanced at the dessert cart longingly and then turned her eyes to Jason. She frowned playfully at the amusement she saw dancing in his blue eyes. "What's so funny?"

"You," he laughed softly. "Don't deny yourself, Keesha."

"I'm not denying myself," she said, swallowing the lump in her throat.

"Okay, if you say so." Jason dragged his eyes away from Keesha and looked at the waiter. Trying to keep a straight face, he said, "I'd like the strawberry cheesecake, please."

"And the young lady?" the waiter said, turning back to face Keesha again.

"She doesn't want anything," Jason said his eyes daring Keesha to say differently.

Keesha's eyes flashed at Jason's reply and without a second thought, she said, "I'd like the strawberry cheesecake, too, please. Thank you."

"Very well then," the waiter said. He noted their orders and then pushed the dessert cart away.

As Keesha continued to shoot daggers at him with her eyes, Jason found he couldn't contain himself any longer. He began to shake as the laughter threatened to escape him. Within seconds, he laughed out loud. He laughed even more when Keesha folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at him.

"You tricked me!"

"No!" he said, still laughing and still shaking from the laughter.

"Oh, yes, you did! I can't believe I fell for that," she said, shaking her head. "That was low, Jason. Very low."

"I told you not to deny yourself, and with my subtle prodding, you didn't. You should thank me," he said, his laughing having died down to a soft chuckle.

"Oh, I'll thank you all right," she muttered. Her eyes smiled at him, belying her tone of voice.

"Would you?" he asked, his voice suddenly husky. All sorts of images of how she could thank him came into his mind, as well as, how he could show his gratitude...just because.

"Jason..." she said, willing herself not to respond to the suggestiveness she heard in his voice and screamed at her from his eyes.

"That's my name," he said as he leaned across the table. "Would you?" he repeated the question.

"Jason, I thought we were gonna take this slowly," Keesha said, as her eyes moved from his to rest on the centerpiece.

"I'd like to take you slowly."

"Jason!" Keesha's eyes flew back to his. She saw the longing in his eyes and the merriment. He was teasing her again. So many personalities, she thought. Getting to know him again would be like riding a roller coaster with her eyes covered. So many loops and drops. A thrill a minute. Funny thing was, she loved riding roller coasters, but she wondered how she would fare with the ride Jason offered.


"I think I just gained ten pounds," Eve said with small frown, watching the waiter roll the dessert cart away.

"Really? Where?" AJ asked, laughing.

"Oh, hush, you! Don't you worry about 'where.'"

"If you say so. Their desserts are delicious. You shouldn't deny yourself if that's what you want," AJ suggested.

"Thank you for the advice, but I'll pass. No dessert for me. Besides, I have to get back to the hospital," she said, dropping her napkin onto the table for emphasis.

"Oh, was that a hint?" AJ laughed. "Tired of my company all ready?"

"Yes, to the hint, but no, I like your company," Eve said with a small smile.

"Well, so do I. I hate to repeat myself, but maybe we could do this again sometime," AJ suggested, signaling for the waiter to bring them their check.

"Am I being used?" Eve asked with a laugh. "So, am I your distraction while you wait for your lady love to come back? Or maybe you want me to make her jealous?"

"No. On all counts," AJ said seriously. "I like your company, but I love her."

"I was teasing, AJ. I know you're serious about her," Eve said quietly. "She's lucky to have you. I hope she doesn't take too long."

"She can take as long as she likes..." AJ began. The sound of soft laughter caused his eyes to wander to the front door. He saw Jason with Michael in his arms. His eyes then drifted to Keesha. Her fingers ruffled Michael's hair, but her eyes were on Jason as she laughed at something he said. AJ blocked out everything else as he watched her.

Eve saw the change come across AJ. Her eyes followed his and she saw the reason for his distraction. Softly, she asked, "Is that her?"

"Yeah," AJ said hoarsely.

"She's beautiful."

"Very," AJ said quietly. His eyes remained on Keesha until she, Michael and Jason left. He took a deep breath and turned his gaze back to Eve, whose eyes had been glued to him.

"That guy she was with...wasn't that Jason Morgan?" Eve asked with a frown.

"Yep," AJ said, as the waiter came to their table. AJ handed him his credit card and the waiter left to process the payment.

"He runs Port Charles' mob, doesn't he?" Eve asked quietly.


"And he was her date?"

"Yes, Eve! Why all the questions? Want me to set you up?" AJ asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Hell no! I think you should be careful. He may not like the idea of you going after the woman he's seeing. You can never be too cautious with his type."

AJ laughed softly. "Thanks, Eve."

"I'm serious! You're laughing now, but he could put a hit on you just like that." She snapped her fingers for emphasis.

"Eve, I appreciate your concern. Really, I do. Jason and I know each other. I have nothing to fear from him. Besides, he knows all about my relationship with Keesha."

"Why are you so confident? He's a *gangster*! They don't have a reputation for fighting fair."

"He's also my brother. I know him better than he knows himself. Trust me. I have nothing to fear from him."

Eve contemplated AJ's words as she watched him sign the receipt and place his credit card back into his wallet. She silently hoped he knew what he was talking about as they left the restaurant. She liked having him as a friend, and she'd hate to see something happen to him. Love was great, but it wasn't worth risking your life for. The past had taught her that. She'd rather AJ not learn that lesson the hard way.

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