Chapter 34

The past few weeks had been nerve wrecking for John and Evangeline, as they waited for some type of retaliation from Victor. When nothing happened, they made plans to head to Mexico for a few weeks.

"I still don't believe that we're out of the woods," John called from the bedroom as he packed for their trip. "But a few weeks on a tropical island with you is just what I need right now."

"I'm glad to hear that," Evangeline replied from the livingroom, as she finalized their travel plans on her laptop. "Our flight leaves at 12:30 am. I'm all packed, but I have to run back to my office and sign of few papers. I'll meet you back here in half an hour, then we can leave."

"Sounds like a plan," he said pulling Evangeline into his arms. "Hurry back to me, love. The sooner we leave town, the better I'll feel."

"I'll be back in a flash," she winked before kissing him good-bye. "Don't worry, everything is going to be fine."

John felt a chill up his spine as Evangeline left the suite. "Hurry back to me!" he whispered.

Evangeline signed off on two pending cases and left final instructions for her assistant before heading back to the hotel. "Everything's going to be fine," she kept repeating to herself. "In a few hours, John and I will be on a flight to Mexico with no worries for a while."

Evangeline felt an eerie silence as she entered the dimly lit suite. "John, I'm back," she called out turning on the lights. The room had been cleaned and their luggage was gone.

"He must be waiting for me in downstairs," she said nervously heading down to the lobby, but John was no where in sight. She headed to the front desk, in hopes that the concierge had seen him.

"Excuse me."

"How may I help you, Ms. Williamson?" the concierge asked looking up from his computer.

"I'm looking for one of your guest, Mr. John McBain. Have you seen him?" she asked trying to remain composed. "We were supposed to meet for a late dinner."

"Let me check," he said punching John's room number into the computer. "I'm sorry, Mr. McBain has checked out."

"Checked out!" Evangeline shouted panic stricken. "There must be some mistake."

The concierge looked at the information on the computer. "I'm sorry, but Mr. McBain checked out about twenty minutes ago. However, he did leave this package for you," he said pulling the small envelope out of the mailbox.

Evangeline ran back to her suite gripping the envelope for dear life, trying not to think the worse. She stared at the it for what seemed like an eternity. With shaking hands, she ripped it opened and put the video on the bed, before finally reading the note.

If you ever want to see your sweet John again, come alone to the address on the back of this note.


PS: Enjoy the video!

Evangeline put the tape in the VCR. "Oh my God!" she cried. John was bound and gagged in a dark room. From the bruises on his face, he had managed to put up a good fight.

Then two words flashed across the screen, before it went black.


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