Chapter 35

Lorraine descended the staircase with her mink in tow. Spectacular was an understatement, when she took one final look at herself in the foyer mirror. Although she wasn't looking forward to Keesha's big night, she was determined to present a united front for the sake of her family.

Under normal circumstances, she would never make an entrance to any major social event without Victor. But they both agreed it would be best, if Victor went ahead to oversee any last minute details. It also helped Lorraine because he was driving her crazy, by second guessing her wardrobe decision.

She picked up the keys to the Jaguar, which was parked in the driveway. Taking one last look around the mansion, she turned off the lights, set the alarm and opened the door to face the stranger from her past.


Evangeline pulled into the parking lot of the West Lake Condominiums and walked to apartment number two. The place where Keesha was shot. She knocked on the door for a minute with no reply. Evangeline slowly opened the door. "Hello," she called out, unsure if anyone would answer.

"Come in Evangeline. I'm so glad you could make it."

Evangeline was stunned at the sight of Keesha standing in the dimly lit livingroom dressed to the nines. "What are you doing here?" she asked confused. "What's going on?"

"I knew you'd be surprised to find me here," Keesha smiled. "Surely you remember this place Vangie, fmy friend, my sister! This is where you sent me to discover the ugly truth about Lorraine and Malcolm! This is where I almost died! Don't tell me you've forgotten already!"

"I never meant for you to get shot," Evangeline replied with pure sincerity. "I just wanted...

"You just wanted Malcolm," Keesha responded with contempt. "You didn't mean for me to get shot, but you didn't give a damn, if I my heart was broken. You didn't care how it would devastate me to find out about Lorraine and Malcolm."

"I knew it would hurt you to find out the truth. But I also knew, Jason would be there to pick up the pieces," Evangeline replied confidently. "Your sudden marriage, proved me right."

"So because I'm married to Jason, that's supposed to excuse what you've done?" Keesha shouted.

"I didn't say that," Evangeline replied wearily. "I understand you're anger towards me. But that's no reason for your father to kidnap John. He didn't do anything."

Keesha stood looking at Evangeline void of sympathy. "John's a big boy. He knew exactly what he was doing. His motives may have been for lust or love. Either way he's guilty by association."

"What's it going to take to persuade Victor to release John?" Evangeline pleaded. "He can punish me. Just let John go!"

Keesha stepped back and smiled at Evangeline. "You never told me what you think of my dress?" she asked twirling around. " It's beautiful isn't it? I specifically had it made in honor of my special night."

"What special night?" Evangeline asked confused.

"You could say, it's my official coming out party," Keesha smiled. "Tonight will mark the beginning of my reign."

"What the hell are you talking about. What did Victor do with John?" Evangeline demanded. "I don't have time for your delusional games."

"Tsk, tsk tsk," Keesha calmly replied shaking her head. "Vangie, you still haven't figured it out yet!

"I guess not, so why don't you enlighten me," she said feeling her anger and desperation growing.

"Victor doesn't have John," Keesha said in a menacing tone as she closed the distance between them.

"Then who does?" Evangeline asked, feeling the walls closing in on her.

"I do!" Keesha replied, as hatred flickered from her brown eyes. "But don't worry he's fine, at least for now."

"What does that mean?" she asked angrily, fighting the urge to punch Keesha.

"It means from this point on, his fate is in your hands."

"Where is he!" Evangeline shouted, feeling her composure slipping. "I swear you'll pay, if anything has happened to him."

"I have to be going," Keesha said unmoved by Evangeline's threat. "I suggest you listen very carefully. In the bedroom at the top of the stairs, where the scene of the crime happened, is another set of instructions. Follow them to the letter and you'll find John. Contact the police or anyone else and he'll meet an unpleasant end."

"I don't know who you are anymore," Evangeline whispered, as she backed away from Keesha.

"I'm a force to be reckoned with," Keesha replied in a steely tone, walking out the door. "You'd better hurry. John doesn't have much time."

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