Chapter 32

"You remember what to do?" Malcolm asked the man as they stood in an isolated section of the park.

"Yeah, I remember," he replied. "Now, what about my money?"

Malcolm pulled an envelope from the inside pocket of his denim jacket. "Here's seventy-five hundred dollars. You'll get the rest, when I see Lorraine's life destroyed. That'll teach her to fuck with me."

The stranger shook his head as he counted the money. "Man, she must have really done a number on you!"

"She's the ultimate bitch!" Malcolm said with total contempt. "I intend on settling the score with her entire family and Jason Quartermane too."

"It's always fun to settle old scores," the man chuckled. "I don't know how you found me Mal, but I'm glad you did."

"That's Malcolm!"

"Okay, okay, Malcolm," the man laughed. "Don't be so sensitive. This is going to be fun."

Malcolm felt a little uneasy about the man's zest for completing the job. But that feeling quickly subsided at the thought of bringing Lorraine to her knees.

"Remember our agreement," Malcolm replied. "Be discreet and no violence."

"From you're history with Lorraine, it seems like she might need a good slapping around. I've heard she can be a handful."

"Let me make this perfectly clear," Malcolm emphasized standing nose to nose with the man. "If you lay one hand on her, the cops and her husband will be all over your ass!"

"Fine! No violence," he replied disappointed. "She just better remember her place."

"Call me tonight on this disposable cell phone, when you've completed phase one," Malcolm said placing the phone in man's hand.

"Are you sure she's going to be alone?" the man asked. "Afterall, it is New Year's Eve."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Malcolm smiled. " I found out that the Mansfield's butler likes to frequent male prostitutes. Fortunately, I happen to have a video of said butler in action. In exchange for my silence, he was more than willing to plant tiny listening devices in their home."

"No shit!" said the man impressed. "So what did you find out?"

"It seems that Lorraine and her hubby are on the outs," Malcolm replied. "Apparently, there's some major event going on tonight for Keesha, but Lorraine refuses to go because Keesha has disowned her. Knowing Lorraine the way I do, she wouldn't dare show up at some New Year's Eve party by herself. No, she'll be home all by her lonesome."

"Damn, Malcolm you're one cold brotha," the man smiled. "You and I are going to get along just fine."

"You should get going," Malcolm insisted. "And remember don't fuck up."

"Don't worry, everything's going to work out fine."

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