Chapter 31

Victor returned home and headed to his study. The expression on Keesha's face, when he mentioned Evangeline's name did not escape him nor did he believer her explanation.

As he thought back to the night Keesha was shot, he remembered the look of shock on John and Evangeline's face. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he recalled how overly concerned Evangeline seem to be. Anyone else would chalk it up as a normal human reaction to tragic news. But Victor's instincts told him there was something more going on.

He pulled up his private directory and dialed the top number. "Yeah, it's me. I want you to pull up everything there is about attorney Evangeline Williamson and have it to me with in the hour."

Exactly on hour later Victor received the e-mail. He read through Evangeline's biography and was impressed by her accomplishments. Editor of the Law Review and Clerk for the Supreme Court Justice at the tender age of twenty-six. He continued reading the information with interest, when Evangeline and Malcolm's names appeared together.

Victor clicked on the article and was stunned by the photo of Evangeline and Malcolm at their engagement party. He clicked on another article regarding their sudden breakup.

"How interesting that Ms. Williamson and John McBain have become lovey dovey," he said aloud. "What's also interesting is the timing of her breakup with Malcolm and his affair with Lorraine."

There was no doubt in Victor's mind that Keesha knew Evangeline. "First thing in the morning, Keesha and I will have a little talk."


"Yess," Keesha moaned as Jason showered her with intimate kisses of love.

"Your nectar is sweeter that I remember," he whispered in between kisses.

"Jasonnn," Keesha screamed gripping the sheets as her body trembled from the incredible release.

Jason smiled, as the pure satisfaction on Keesha's beautiful face was enough to sustain him, until they could actually make love again. Because of her surgery, the doctors recommended they wait at least four weeks. Jason had been marking the calendar and noticed the night of the Crowning was THE NIGHT. He didn't know what was in store during that momentous occasion. All he knew is that once they returned home, he was going to rock Mrs. Quartermane's world.

Jason was about to join Keesha in hot bubble bath, when their butler Randolph knocked at the door.

"Excuse me Mr. Quartermane."

"I told you we didn't want to be interrupted," Jason replied annoyed.

"I know sir," Randolph replied hesitantly. "But Mr. Mansfield is downstairs and wants to speak to Mrs. Quartermane right away."

Jason didn't appreciate Victor showing up at their home making demands and he had every intention of letting him know that.

"Tell Mr. Mansfield that I'll be down in a few minutes," Jason instructed.

"Baby, I'm waiting," Keesha cooed from the bathroom. "What's taking you so long?"

"I'll be there in a minute," he said. "I have to take care of something downstairs."

Jason entered the livingroom, as Victor poured himself a cup of herbal tea. "Good morning Victor."

"Good morning Jason," he replied. " I apologize for showing up unannounced, but it's important that I speak with Keesha."

"Keesha's taking a bath right now and I prefer she not be disturbed," he said letting his protective nature show. "I'm sure whatever you need to discuss with her can wait until another time?"

Victor respected Jason's need to protect Keesha, therefore, he decided not to make a scene and use another approach. But he would only be willing to put up with so much. No one was going to come between this father and daughter.

"Under normal circumstances, I would agree," Victor replied sincerely. "But I've found a connection between Evangeline Williamson and Malcolm."

"You mean the fact that they were once engaged?" Keesha said from the doorway.

Victor was surprised as he looked from Keesha to Jason. "You knew?" he asked.

"We found out last night," Keesha said taking comfort in Jason's embrace. "She befriended me around the same time Malcolm and I got together."

"Well, my gut instinct tells me, that Evangeline and John set things in motion, the night you were shot," Victor said angrily.

"I guess she really hated me," Keesha said still hurt by Evangeline's betrayal.

"I don't think so," Victor said. "I don't think they intended for you to get hurt physically. I have a feeling; she just wanted you to catch Lorraine and Malcolm together. She probably thought you'd break off your engagement and go back to Jason. Then she would step in and get Malcolm back."

"You may or may not be right," Jason interrupted. "The bottom line is Keesha almost died and all the parties involved need to suffer the consequences."

"I like your theory daddy," Keesha replied. "But Jason is right. It's time for Evangeline, John, Lorraine and Malcolm to pay the piper."

"I agree," Victor replied. "But whatever we decide, nothing must interfere with The Crowning."

"I promise you daddy," Keesha smiled. "Nothing will interfere with my night. In the meantime, I say the three of us put out heads together and come up with a full proof plan."

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