Chapter 30

"Dinner was delicious!" Victor exclaimed, wiping his mouth with the napkin. "Where did you learn to cook like that?"

"Thank you," Jason said. "I've always enjoyed dabbling in the kitchen. I find it very relaxing. Besides, I love cooking for Keesha."

"Well, that's good, because we both know Keesha's not the best cook."

"Excuse me, " Keesha interjected feigning hurt feelings. "I did make the salad."

"And it was delicious, baby," Jason said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Don't try to be nice to me now," Keesha said playfully punching Jason in the arm.

"Why don't we have coffee in the livingroom," Jason suggested.

They gathered around the fireplace as Keesha poured the coffee. "Daddy, I hate to bringing up unpleasant circumstances. But, I've been curious about something."

"What's that baby?"

"How did you know about Ma.. I mean Lorraine's affair with Malcolm?" Keesha asked hesitantly. "I'm sorry, it's really none of my business. Forget I asked."

"Keesha, it's alright," Victor replied, setting his cup on the table. "I've always been able to read your mother. When you arrived with Malcolm, I could tell from her body language and certain looks that something was going on."


"Yes, in addition, there was no logical reason why she wouldn't approve of Malcolm. He was everything she wanted for you, no offense Jason," Victor said.

"None taken," Jason replied, unfazed by Victor's comment.

"As I was saying, things weren't adding up. So, I hired a private detective by the name of John McBain. He's done excellent work for me in the past, so I knew he would be the right man for the job. As a matter of fact, I was having drinks with him and his lovely lady friend the night you were shot," Victor said.

"How pretty was she?" Jason teased.

"Let's just say, if I wasn't married, I would've definitely made a move on Ms. Evangeline Williamson."

Keesha froze at the sound of Evangeline's name. "Who did you say he was with?"

"Evangeline Williamson," Victor repeated. "From what I hear, if she plays her cards right, she'll have a very promising career in politics. Why, do you know her?"

"Her name sounds familiar," Keesha lied, as her mind started connecting the dots. "Our paths may have crossed at some point."

As Victor continued his conversation, Keesha's mind drifted to the beginning of her friendship with Evangeline. They had met at the African American Women in Business Conference, in New York. Keesha remembered how Evangeline initiated their friendship. She also remembered that it was around the time she and Malcolm started dating.

"What's going on in that pretty head," Jason wondered as he noticed the distant look on Keesha's face.

Jason busied himself cleaning up the kitchen, while Keesha did some research on the Internet. After viewing several websites, she finally found a biography of Evangeline. Still not satisfied, she looked through various magazines and then she saw a picture of Malcolm and Evangeline in an old issue of Jet Magazine.

Keesha glanced at the photo of the smiling couple and read the caption. 'Malcolm Winters, vice-president of Winters Communication smiles with prominent attorney, Evangeline Williamson, as they toast their engagement at the Crystal Palace Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles.'

Keesha looked from the picture to the word engagement as rage coursed through her body.

Jason's heart stopped, when he heard the crashing sound and Keesha's cry from the bedroom. Bounding the stairs two at a time, Jason called out in a panic. "Keesha! Keesha!" He entered the bedroom and saw Keesha standing in front of the shattered bathroom mirror.

"What the hell happened? Jason asked, carefully approaching his wife.

"They made a fool of me, Jason," she cried, holding herself. "They made a fool of me!"

"Who are you talking about? Baby, you're scaring me," he said taking a step closer.

"My mother, Malcolm and Evangeline!" She yelled.

"I'm confuse," he said. "What does Evangeline have to do with this? I thought you didn't know her."

"I lied," she said. "She and I have been friends since last year or so I thought. I confided in her, told her all my secrets. But she was just using me."

"How?" Jason asked, gently pulling her into his arms.

"Evangeline was once engaged to Malcolm," she cried. "It all makes sense now. She was just using me to get to him. They all used me."

"Hush baby," he whispered, gently stroking her hair. "We're going to clean up this mess and get a good night sleep. Then first thing tomorrow, we'll start planning our revenge. After we're finished, they'll regret ever hurting you. I promise."

"Yes, they will," she smiled, looking into loving crystal blue orbs. "Hell is coming and her name is Keesha!"

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