Web of Deception by Nene

Chapter 29

Lorraine entered the house in a rage of fury. Since Victor told her about the history of the Wards, Mansfield & DuVauls, Lorraine had kept her distance from him.


"Your family's name was DuVaul. They were a prominent Creole family in the Marchauex Colony of New Orleans. Yvette DuVaul, your great-great-great-grandmother was engaged to marry my great-great-great-grandfather Ivan Mansfield on December 31, 1804, the Eve of the two moons. Their marriage would have created a powerful dynasty," Victor said.

"How?" She asked curiously.

"You see, Ivan was a powerful warlock and Yvette was a High Voodoo Priestess. The child they would've conceived that night would inherit the power of both mother and father and rule those in the here and after. Unfortunately, Yvette betrayed Ivan and ran off with Delroy Ward. Ivan was heartbroken and humiliated. During his despair, he became careless and was eventually burned at the stake by his enemies."

"You've got to be kidding?" Lorraine said in total disbelief. "You sound like something from Bewitched."

Victor disregarded Lorraine's comment. "The news of Ivan's murder enraged his father and caused him to place a curse on the DuVaul and Ward families. The DuVaul women would continue to be blessed with great beauty. But they would suffer financially and in the matters of the heart. The Ward men would all die tragic deaths. This curse would continue, until the wrong was made right."

Lorraine shivered, when she thought about David's death. He was burned beyond recognition, when he had a head on collision with a drunken driver. David's father broke his neck falling down the stairs. Still, she couldn't believe Victor's story.

"Until that happened, the true identity of the heir would have to remain secret until the Crowning. The first step in righting the wrong was Keesha's conception on December 31, 1979, the night of the two moons. Second, you and I were married. The final step to make things complete is for Keesha to take her rightful place as heir," he said smiling with pride.

"I don't believe any of this nonsense," she exclaimed.

"I don't expect you to," Victor replied, lighting a cigar. "But after New Year's Eve, you'll become a believer."

"I'm not going to let you hurt my daughter," Lorraine threatened.

"You've already accomplished that," Victor shot back. "Our daughter almost died because of your sick lust for Malcolm Winters."

"Malcolm was a mistake, that I truly regret," Lorraine shouted.

Victor pulled Lorraine into his harms and gently stroked her cheeks. "Oh my sweet Lorraine. Trust me, when I say that you will deeply regret the day Malcolm Winters entered our lives," he said kissing her long and hard.

Lorraine pulled from his embrace. "I'm no longer afraid of you Victor. You don't have that power over me anymore," she said confidently. "If you want a divorce, trust me, I'll survive."

Victor stood in momentary silence, before bursting into laughter. "Damn woman, I love your spunk."

Lorraine stood confused, as his robust expression turned deadly serious.

"I have no intentions of ever divorcing you, my love. Remember our vow, until death do us part. No, I'll have my revenge and it will be very, very sweet, he laughed heading out the door.

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