Web of Deception by Nene

Chapter 24

Jason and Malcolm sat at opposite ends of the waiting room. Since neither man was a family member, Victor refused to let them see Keesha.

Malcolm stood in the far corner of the room glaring at Jason. "He has no right to be here and I intend on setting him straight once and for all." Malcolm headed in Jason's direction, until he saw Victor and Lorraine enter the room. Rushing to their side, both men asked in the same breath. "How's Keesha?

"She's awake," Victor stated calmly observing both men.

"I need to see her," Jason replied with a sense of desperation.

"The doctor's are examining her now," Lorraine said avoiding everyone's gaze.

"If anyone is going to see Keesha it's me," Malcolm insisted. "I guess I should make myself presentable. I promise you Mr. Mansfield, I'm going to spend the rest my life taking good care of her."

"Well, Malcolm you're out of luck. You see, Keesha only wants to see Jason," Victor replied with an icy stare.

"Jason! I don't understand."

"Actually, I find it very interesting that Keesha wants to see her ex-boyfriend and not her fiance. Why do you think that is, Malcolm?"

"Oh shit! He knows!" Jason thought. "I'm going to see Keesha.

"I wouldn't know, Mr. Mansfield," Malcolm replied refusing to be intimidated. "Maybe she wants to make it clear to him once and for all, that her future is with me."

The fire in Victor's eyes told Lorraine it was time to intervene. "Victor, let's go check on Keesha," she pleaded trying to lead him towards Keesha's room.

"Keesha will be fine. I suggest we go home, get some sleep and come back tomorrow."

"But you can't leave Jason alone with our daughter!"

"I agree with Mrs. Mansfield," Malcolm interjected. "What if he tries something?"

"Try something like what, Malcolm?" Victor asked suspiciously.

"II don't know. I just don't think he should be left alone with Keesha."

"As I said, Keesha will be fine. Besides, I have a security guard posted outside her door."

"But darling, we really shouldn't leave her alone," Lorraine pleaded to no avail.

"We're going home, now!" Victor insisted guiding Lorraine towards the exit. "I suggest you come back in the morning, Malcolm. Maybe she will have a change of heart by then."

"I think I'll stick around," Malcolm said refusing to back down.

"I've informed the guard and hospital staff not to let you see her," Victor replied harshly. "So, I suggest you come back tomorrow or don't come back at all."

Malcolm didn't like being ordered around, but Lorraine's eyes begged him to back off. "I guess you're right. I'll come back tomorrow."


Jason sat beside Keesha's bed lightly kissing her forehead. "I love you, Sunshine," he whispered.

"I love you too, Jason," Keesha softly cried pulling him close. "Do you remember, what you asked me five years ago?"

"Of course I remember," he laughed softly. "You said no."

"Well, now my answer is yes!"


"Victor, we should've stayed at the hospital. How could you let that Quartermane boy near our daughter?" Lorraine asked furious at her husband's decision.

"Why would you want the man you've been fucking, to marry our daughter, Lorraine. Or should I say, Vera?"

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